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The rise of minimalism gave the fashion industry a whole design revolution that brought it neat line and simple geometric shapes. While the clean and minimalist look is a classy fashion choice, it doesn’t mean that there is no place for intricate detailings, soft and winding curls, and assortment of colors and elements. Such designs are must-have as well, as they evoke a different feeling—the romantic, loving, and heart-warming kind. Luckily, in the midst of a sea of minimalist jewelry designs, a young and lovely brand called Of Rare Origin was born, captivating the industry with their outstandingly beautiful pieces.

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OF RARE ORIGIN Hedera gold vermeil, pearl and diamond clip earrings
Hedera gold vermeil, pearl and diamond clip earrings


OF RARE ORIGIN Bee My Honey gold multi-stone necklace
Bee My Honey gold multi-stone necklace


OF RARE ORIGIN Pagoda gold vermeil multi-stone earrings
Pagoda gold vermeil multi-stone earrings


OF RARE ORIGIN Lovebirds gold vermeil multi-stone earrings
Lovebirds gold vermeil multi-stone earrings


OF RARE ORIGIN Aviary gold vermeil multi-stone earrings
Aviary gold vermeil multi-stone earrings


OF RARE ORIGIN Inseparable gold vermeil multi-stone earrings
Inseparable gold vermeil multi-stone earrings


OF RARE ORIGIN Lovebirds gold vermeil multi-stone earrings - Red
Lovebirds gold vermeil multi-stone earrings – Red


OF RARE ORIGIN Nesters white vermeil multi-stone earrings
Nesters white vermeil multi-stone earrings


OF RARE ORIGIN Aviary gold vermeil multi-stone earrings - Bird
Aviary gold vermeil multi-stone earrings – Bird


OF RARE ORIGIN Nesters gold vermeil multi-stone earrings
Nesters gold vermeil multi-stone earrings


A mother and two daughters

Of Rare Origin is owned by a mother and her two daughters, Leslie Tcheyan, and Octavia and Thea Giovannini-Torelli. But before the business became a trio-affair, mom Leslie was the first one to begin the lovable jewelry brand using her background and experience in the jewelry industry. For 30 years, she has worked for different brands, including Harry Winston, Fred Leighton, Sotheby and Vedura. While she was employed in these businesses, Leslie still has her gigs on-the-side for private clients, which grew her skills in gem-sourcing and jewelry design. It was only in 2016 that she was able to create her own brand, together with her daughter Octavia.

Octavia might not have a previous direct experience in jewelry-making, yet she was willing to invest her time and effort to learn the craft, even quitting her past job at an impressive architectural firm and switching to becoming a consultant. It was at the first project, now known as the Aviary Collection, which she officially partnered with her mother and together worked on perfecting the pieces in the collection. A year later, Thea joined them to complete the trio and since then collaborated together to produce lovely pieces for Of Rare Origin.

Harmonious collaboration

Of Rare Origin

An ideal setup can only be imagined when two daughters and their mom work together in one business. And although it’s not always butterflies and rainbows, the three have learned to handle each argument or obstacle harmoniously, just like how they smoothly combined their thoughts and ideas into forming the bold visions of the brand. And the collaboration doesn’t stop there—turning such ideas into real jewelry pieces packaged in a themed collection requires their united decision and actions as well.

Good thing each one of them knows exactly the strengths of each other and they know exactly how to play their professional roles in the business. Octavia calls her mother “the jewelry hustler,” a term she meant to describe the skills of her mom. Playfulness is a huge factor in the business as well, even reflected in their business cards pertaining to Leslie as “Boss”, Octavia as “Bossier”, and Thea as “Babe” who was earlier called as “Ghost CEO”. This disposition spills over to the artistic side of their business: their jewelry pieces that carry a surprising and amusing spirit in them.

Avian theme and antique-modern vibe

Of Rare Origin Jewelry

Of Rare Origin is all about ‘wearable poetry’—pieces that are intriguingly elegant and attention-catching. Such idealism is what the brand wants to convey through their pieces, and it was apparent from the moment they released their avian-themed collection.

The idea of the bird-inspired collection roots all the way back to the childhood of both Octavia and Thea. Both can vividly recollect the times they spent with their grandmother who would always bring out some leftover breakfast to feed the birds. Although the collection wasn’t exactly made as a dedication for the grandmother, it was crafted with the knowledge of their grandmother (and mother for Leslie) supporting them all the way. Hence, the owners believe that the collection was such a success because it was made with love and sentiment that comes on a personal level.

But the label is not all just about the birds. Other pieces have been added to the range of the brand, all conveying a whimsical and sophisticated feel through their design. The label targets to release pieces that contain the classy look of an antique, but also balanced with modern elements to keep them up to date.

Aviary, Adornments, Forget-Me-Not

The main selling-point of the brand doesn’t rely much on gimmicks—their hand-carved details and all-over precious appearance are all it takes for people to fall in love with Of Rare Origin’s pieces. While there are just three collections made available by the young brand, there are a lot of magnetic pieces that manifests the sublime artistry of the designers and their label.

The first ever collection of the brand was named Aviary collection for the romantic pieces accentuated with avian details. It has 18k gold pieces that highlights bird cages with beautiful birds inside them, oftentimes featuring captivating gemstones like pearls, coral, ebony and turquoise. It was the collection that has set the aesthetic of the brand, allowing them to boom as a business.

The next collection of the brand named Adornments Collection veered away from the “animal theme”, yet it still carried the playfulness that is signature to the brand. In this collection, pearls with quirky charms were paired to achieve the true spirit of collaboration and celebrate the beauty and luster of the pearl. Like the first collection, notable in the jewelry under the adornments collection is the intricate handiwork in each of the pieces, making them more precious and perfect.

The last of the three current collections of the brand is the Forget-Me-Not Collection, with the core goal of providing pieces for gift-giving during special occasions and celebration. This collection contains timeless pieces that evokes memories of Victorian era. It includes 18k gold vermeil earrings and choker, featuring floral details.

The brand has put a lot of hope in each of the collections, seeing them as a deep notion of generosity and spirit. While the appearance of the pieces are important, the brand owners themselves love to think of the unique story behind each of them as they go into their respective owners.

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