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Shopping for jewelry can be taxing. Besides the high price points, which are already a given, one can encounter a fatigue in seeing the same style over and over again, with jewelry becoming more about glamour rather than resonating with your personal style. Brooke Gregson is a breath of fresh air among the rest for her meticulously done and unique pieces that often has her heart and her soul, and is more than just luxury. The combination of colors and heavenly bodies-inspired creations are truly one of a kind that would give its wearer more personality than the opulent but often common pieces.

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Top 9 Best-selling Brooke Gregson Jewelry

BROOKE GREGSON Nefertiti Orbit 18-karat gold, diamond and ruby earrings
Nefertiti Orbit 18-karat gold, diamond and ruby earrings


BROOKE GREGSON Maya 18-karat gold, tourmaline and diamond ring
Maya 18-karat gold, tourmaline and diamond ring


BROOKE GREGSON 18-karat gold, emerald and diamond earrings
18-karat gold, emerald and diamond earrings


BROOKE GREGSON Rivera 18-karat gold, tourmaline and sapphire necklace
Rivera 18-karat gold, tourmaline and sapphire necklace


BROOKE GREGSON 14-karat rose gold, sterling silver and diamond bracelet
14-karat rose gold, sterling silver and diamond bracelet


BROOKE GREGSON Ziggurat 18-karat gold, emerald and opal cuff
Ziggurat 18-karat gold, emerald and opal cuff


BROOKE GREGSON Scorpio 14-karat gold diamond necklace
Scorpio 14-karat gold diamond necklace


BROOKE GREGSON Virgo 14-karat gold diamond necklace
Virgo 14-karat gold diamond necklace


BROOKE GREGSON Leo 14-karat gold diamond necklace
Leo 14-karat gold diamond necklace


Around stones as a youngster

Brooke Gregson Jewelry Designer
Brooke Gregson – Jewelry Designer

Growing up in a family like Gregson’s is sure encouraging of a love for the arts, and for the stones. Gregson thinks that the interest in geology must be hereditary; her grandfather was as fascinated in the discipline as she was. Her father also shared the passion for precious metals and stones, and so did her mother who often took trips to find stones and crystals. It was her father’s collection of fine jewelry that actually prodded her to explore this passion. She remembers holding a charm bracelet owned by her great grandmother too, but instead of merely being captivated by the sparkles its gemstones have created, she was also enthralled by intricate work in which the metals and the jewels were bound together.

She credits her family for her ability to meticulously inspect stone properties and the patience to look for just the right stone that will create the desired shine. Instead of pressuring her to pursue more common fields, her family supported her as she studied art history as well as geology. However, she did not work with jewelry to make a living immediately. In fact, according to her, it was not a conscious decision as she was a textile designer first and foremost. A short break changed everything, however, during which she took courses for jewelry making. The very first she designed was an 18k yellow gold necklace adorned with apatite and peridot. Soon enough she was experimenting with more techniques, and thus began her venture into jewelry. Brooke Gregson is currently at her 12th year in the business.

Inspired by the skies

Brooke Gregson Jewellery 2
Credit: White Bird

When Gregson was an art history major, her interest was piqued by modernists such as Andy Warhol and the Blue Reiter Group, as well as the Bauhaus movement, prompting her to be thorough in color combinations among her pieces. Due to her time as a textile designer, she is also very picky on getting the right texture and shine from her materials. They do not always have to be the rarest or the shiniest; Gregson respects the fact that people use jewelry for different reasons, and for her, the single difference in color or feel can help in making a person’s character and tastes show even more. The materials can be considered ordinary, but it can go a long way with the right polish and setting.

Combining these with her interest for astrology, Gregson has launched pieces with a feel of astronomic in them. The most notable is probably her Astrology and Planetary collections. The former was a product of chance, as she was reminded of the moon when she inspected the texture of an old coin. She then made jewelry that mimic constellations through white diamonds and textured gold, with the feel similar to that of the coin.

Handled with expert hands

Brooke Gregson Jewellery

Gregson takes extra time in finding the right stones. Instead of opting for flawless ones, she often finds beauty in the unusual and the imperfect, with a chance to be made into beautiful pieces you become fond of slowly but surely. Currently based in London, she goes out of her way to travel to different areas like Germany and Australia in order to have something that captures her vision. She has established strong relationships with dealers all over the world who came to know her preferred style and sometimes reserves stones they find especially for her, even members of the prestigious American Gem Trade Association who have high standards for their gems. These are in turn transported to either London or Los Angeles where she has trusted master craftsmen that turn gemstones to sophisticated beauties.

In the past years, Gregson has received considerable publicity and was considered a favorite by fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Her collections, with prices ranging from US$600 to $4000 can be found in retailers all over the world as well as with online retailer Net-A-Porter.

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