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Perhaps it’s the far-reaching influence of the internet and social media or the lowering costs of plane tickets, but have you noticed how more and more people are traveling? What used to be a luxury for a few, going to a different country and exploring its culture (or just to take a break and relax) has now become very common.

Traveling is a great source of lessons you never really learn in school. It teaches you about how big the world really is and the existence of other people and their respective history and society. Ideally, traveling is a humbling experience that rejuvenates and inspires you. In fact, one jewelry brand was born as a result of a travel adventure—Aurélie Bidermann.

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AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Gold-plated, shell and enamel earrings
Gold-plated, shell and enamel earrings


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Gold-plated enameled shell hoop earrings
Gold-plated enameled shell hoop earrings


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Lace gold-plated cuff
Lace gold-plated cuff


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Dentelle gold-plated earrings
Dentelle gold-plated earrings


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Cheyne Walk gold-plated pearl earrings
Cheyne Walk gold-plated pearl earrings


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Elvira gold-plated clip earrings
Elvira gold-plated clip earrings


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Baby Chivor 18-karat gold topaz necklace
Baby Chivor 18-karat gold topaz necklace


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Tangerine gold-plated necklace
Tangerine gold-plated necklace


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Wheat gold-plated earrings
Wheat gold-plated earrings


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Francoise gold-plated pearl earrings
Francoise gold-plated pearl earrings


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Gold-plated, shell and enamel bracelet
Gold-plated, shell and enamel bracelet


AURÉLIE BIDERMANN Baby Chivor 18-karat gold sapphire necklace
Baby Chivor 18-karat gold sapphire necklace


Stimulating beginnings of art and travel

Aurelie Bidermann Jewelry Designer

French-born Aurélie Bidermann founded the eponymous brand in 2003 after her studies and trip in Jaipur, India, where she created a collection as a tribute to the country she fell in love with. But even before that, Aurélie was no longer stranger to great art, exquisite crafts, and creative works.

Growing up, the founder was surrounded by her parents’ collections of Art Nouveau, Symbolism, and Orientalist art. Aside from that, Aurélie traveled—a lot—and was inspired in the process. Combining Paris’ chic architecture with lush greens of South America, mixing Pacific isles’ sensuality with the endless mystery of the deep blue ocean, Aurélie was simply a recipient of the best, artistic elements life has to offer.

Formally, the jewelry brand founder studied Art History, worked at the Sotheby’s Department of Contemporary Art, and obtained her diploma in gemology at Antwerp HRD, which lead Aurélie to the space of jewelry design.

Bringing a melting pot of inspirations to life

Having spent time partaking in the diamond trade, and creating her first jewelries in Jaipur, Aurélie came back to Paris with a line of precious charms and jewelries—which was also the moment the Aurélie Bidermann brand came into existence.

While friends and families bought, it was Sarah Andelman from Colette, a prestigious boutique in Paris, who sold the initial products, that truly made the first collection a success. During the same year in 2004, the jewelry brand was also in collaboration with Bonpoint, a French children’s brand, and together, created a line of fine jewelry.

Extracting imaginative creations from a life full of colorful experiences, jewelries from Aurélie Bidermann are characterized by fun infusion of a variety of ideas and materials. From cotton braiding and colorful gems, to nature-inspired silhouettes to animal shapes, the brand’s stacked bracelets and rings excellently captivate and stir feelings of fun and femininity.

The same vibe of unusual pairings and playful mixes such as “apple cores [sparkling] with gems” and “four-leaf clovers and gingko [going] hand-in” can be seen and felt in the brand’s first boutique which was established in 2012.

Heading out to collaborate and create more

As every Aurélie Bidermann piece is made in either of the brands’ studios: Paris, Florence, or Lyon, every single piece is guaranteed to be created with high-luxe precision, curious imaginations, and bohemian stories.

More recently, the brand developed jewelry collections for the Jason Wu Winter 2010 show, as well the Summer 2011 show of Proenza Schouler. Aurélie Bidermann also designed its first handbag for Maison Balmain with Olivier Rousteing.

Catching the magazines’ attention such as that of W Magazine, The New York Times, Elle, In Style, Freng and US Vogue, and more, the jewelry is always the talk of Tinseltown having been worn by personalities like Hilary Duff, Naomi Watts, Beyonce, Marion Cotillard, Alicia Keys, Rita Ora, Eva Longoria, and many more.

Today, the jewelry brand can be bought at some of the world’s most sophisticated retailers such as Jeffrey and Barneys in New York, Dover Street Market in London, Abahouse in Tokyo, Luisa Via Roma in Florence, and, among others.

It is easy for anyone to take for granted the opportunities to see the world in a different light and intimate way. In the case of Aurélie Bidermann, every creation that comes out and goes to the market symbolizes not only high-quality technique and artistry, but also glimpses of other people and cultures through the vision and perspective of its designer. Pretty sure, any Aurélie Bidermann creation helps define you and your love for new discoveries and adventures.

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