Jennifer Lawrence for Dior’s Latest Fragrance – Joy

Jennifer Lawrence for Dior's Latest Fragrance - Joy

It’s as if Jennifer Lawrence has grown lovelier and lovelier before our eyes—from her breakthrough role in Hunger Games to her first Academy Award win, we’ve adored the Hollywood actress. But her acting prowess isn’t the only thing we love; her charm, wit and beauty are all equally captivating, too.

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So upon the release of the news that J.Law would be the face of Dior’s new fragrance, the whole world has been all eyes and ears for updates. Such anticipation have been met with a fabulous launching of the JOY perfume last September 1.

The face of beauty

From her stint as the muse of Dior’s fashion campaigns and the Dior Addict Lipstick campaign, Jennifer Lawrence isn’t new to this. Yet with her return to promote a beauty campaign with such significance (it’s the first fragrance launch of the brand since 1999), it has brought the actresses’ relationship with the luxury brand to another level.

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People have been dazzled by the smiling face of Jennifer Lawrence from the short film specifically directed for Joy by Dior. Her beautiful face was seen enjoying the pool at a Hollywood Hills villa, with her fun-loving personality freely shown as well. Added to that beautiful scene is the beautiful music by Rolling Stones—completing the beautiful video representation of the fragrance and its muse.

A gorgeous scent

Joy by Dior 3

Opening a new fragrance era for the high-end brand, Joy by Dior is the newest addition to the luxury fragrance collection after almost 20 years. The last iconic scent the label released was J’adore, with Charlize Theron as the muse. The jasmine and rose scent of J’adore has been well-loved and enjoyed by fans of the brand, yet we are all ready for the all-new fragrance of Joy.

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The sophisticated-looking bottle of Joy by Dior contains a pink effervescent parfum with an initial almost-grassy-scent which dries into a fresh floral scent. The lovely fragrance lingers, with the hint of woodsy and exotic whiff. It is a vibrant, complex, and youthful eau de parfum that’s easy to love and consider as an instant favorite. Ready to get your own bottle? We are, too!

Image credits: Monica Schipper/Getty Images, Dior. @JLdaily – Jennifer Lawrence (twitter)

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