The Future of UV Protection is Here: Introducing My Skin Track/UV Wearable


The dangers of UV rays have become very real for us throughout the years. Hence, we’ve exhausted all the means to make sure we are given the utmost protection from the sun, not only when we’re about to spend a lot of time out and about, but even when we are doing the most mundane things of our everyday routine. We’ve seen different types and formulas of sunscreens, often from leading brands who spend years of research just to come up with the perfect product to offer the best care for our skin. And one of them is La Roche-Posay.

La Roche-Posay is a brand committed to its goal of providing the top options when it comes to sun protection. From con-comedogenic and non-irritating sunscreens, the brand also introduced us to various innovative products for UV ray safety. Who could forget the launching of My UV Patch back in 2016, the color-changing patch that captivated the world of sunscreen lovers?

Now the brand continues to bring their A-game by making sure they are ahead on the tech department. Partnering with Apple, La Roche-Posay has launched its My Skin Track/UV wearable, a high-tech electronic UV sensor. Get this—it’s a clip-on gadget with a cute and minimal design. Let’s take a good look at this gadget, pretty much the future of UV protection.


My Skin Track/UV device

Retailing for $59.95 on and select Apple stores, the My Skin Track/UV device is a tiny sculptural device that’s wearable and totally battery-free. Its main mission is to measure the owner’s UV exposure—whether it’s worn on the sleeve, the collar, a blazer’s lapel, as a necklace, or even clipped-on to your tote bag. Being the first of its kind in the beauty world, the device is by far the most personalized way of taking care of the skin, of course with the use of the latest technology.


My Skin Track/UV device tracks the data of its owner’s personal environment while also giving info on sun protection. It’s a useful tool to determine one’s levels of sun exposure, but it also collects info about the surrounding’s humidity, pollution and pollen levels. And like many of other gadgets nowadays, it connects to an app in your phone to make the data tracking more convenient and readily available.

How It Works

Upon purchasing My Skin Track/UV device, you should immediately download the My Skin Track/UV app on your smartphone. When it’s all set, you’re ready to clip on the device to your clothing or accessory right before you walk out the doorstep. As needed (or even just as you please), get the tracker and lightly tap it against your phone to update the app with all the data tracked by the device. For everyday use, you won’t have to delete the data up until 3 months of use—as it comes with a data storage enough for you to look at a few weeks’ worth of tracking.


No worries about ever running out of charge and the hassle of keeping it on full-battery, My Skin Track/UV device is collar-powered, so it charges by itself during the day, whether you’re wearing it or not. Don’t fret about the rain, too, because it is certified waterproof! And here’s a bonus for iPhone users: this tracking device will sync with your iPhone’s HealthKit feature!


The Future In Mind


Designed not only to showcase the latest technological development in terms of skincare, My Skin Track/UV device is a skincare gadget that’s meant to blend into your daily life and routines from season to season, year by year. It’s a constant reminder of the need to pay attention to skincare, no matter what time of the year it is—because one can never be too cautious, especially when we’re talking about the harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause cancer. My Skin Track/UV device will make you more careful and mindful of how you protect and care for your skin.

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Image credits: L’Oreal USA and Unsplash.

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