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HYT Skull Pocket Watch Review

HYT Skull Pocket Watch 10

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)


We know the rich history of pocket watches and what they meant in the olden times. Wealth, social status, and even fashion expertise can be measured by what pocket watch a man carried, who usually takes every chance to check the time, even when it’s totally unnecessary, just to show off his luxurious watch. We don’t blame them—pocket watches were considered beautiful accessories and ornaments back in the day.

The pocket watch production may have waned down after the rise of wristwatches, but centuries later, their design and look are still missed by many. We see top luxury brands release pocket watches from time to time, keeping the tradition of the watch alive. Even relatively new brands, such as HYT, have ventured into making their own pocket watch and has recently released the HYT Skull Pocket Watch.

Release Date & Price

Release Date: 2017
Price: $115,00.00

Five years after the launching of the HYT brand, it has showcased its first ever pocket watch. It was a courageous attempt of the modern watchmaker to combine the design of the past, to the technology of tomorrow, even integrating technology to the otherwise plain and simple pocket watch that most of us are used to.


  • Case: Titanium with leather
  • Case dimensions: Diameter: 59 mm; Height: 20.6 mm
  • Functions: Green fluid retrograde hours indicator
  • Movement: Mechanical (wound manually)
  • Dial : Unstructured
  • Strap: Chain strap with swivel clasps
  • Power reserve: 65h


It’s easy to show-off with the HYT Skull Pocket Watch, mainly because of its striking titanium case and the fluid-based time-keeping technology of the brand. The hunter’s case where all of the coolness is contained have a sturdy and very masculine look to it, a perfect front to the technological surprise on the inside. A mechanical light that is self-powered is also included in the watch’s features, along with the awesome way of telling the time. The vein along the outline of the skull, which is the central detail on this timepiece, contains a green fluid that indicates the time through the large numbers printed around it. Isn’t that the coolest way to see what time it is?


While HYT successfully incorporated both the past and the future in the design of the HYT Skull Pocket Watch, we can’t entirely say that it is an innovative piece as other HYT wristwatches mostly contains the skull design and some features of this watch. Also, not everyone are delighted to have just the hour-indicator on their timepieces, many of whom would surprisingly forgo the style just to get the accurate time down to the seconds.

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HYT Skull Pocket Watch 10
HYT Skull Pocket Watch Review
We’ve seen HYT been bold in their watch designs, yet this one proves to be the boldest move yet. The advanced technology added to the rather traditional look of the pocket watch will totally transform how people view the old gentleman’s watch. Such technology isn’t just a practical feature, but a cool aspect of the design as well. If you’re into forward-looking pieces that are awesomely designed, this pocket watch might be a good fit for you.
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