How To Wow Every Party Crowd: Wear Unusual, Bold Lip Hues


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There’s nothing like the fun you experience on parties, right? It’s where you can be as bright and bold as you can be, look your best, and just have a ball for hours. And speaking of looking your best, we know how interesting it is to wear bold and gorgeous makeup looks at every party. After all, who doesn’t want to stand out and shine with the twinkling lights, loud music and sparkling disco balls?


We know how classic bold lips can be, especially when you’re all dressed up for an awesome party. But admit it—once in a while you’re looking for something new to have that umpfh factor to wow any party crowd. And our go-to action for that plan? Ditch the predictable red lipstick and find an unusual hue to bring in a standout factor to your look. We’ve got the best ones you could try out and play with so you could have the most fab look in any party place you show up to.

Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Color in Cardi ($36)

Tom-Ford-Boys-Girls-Lip-Color-in-Cardi Tom-Ford-Boys-Girls-Lip-Color-in-Cardi-1

Ooh, la la. Bring your A-game with Tom Ford’s Boys & Girls Lip Color. This Cardi B namesake shade is a gorgeous blue with a moisturizing effect on the lips. Pack it on layers or wear it on top of another dark lip hue and we’re sure you’ll be able to pull off such a fab look.

Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick in Tangerine ($38)


Just a few steps away from your usual bright red is the bold orange hue. But get this: the brightening and lifting aura that this liquid lipstick can give to you isn’t something often seen in the party crowd. Giorgio Armani guarantees you’ll stand out with this hue so get ready to slay the party scene because this one’s staying on your lips for HOURS.

NARS Spiked Audacious Lipstick In Nancy ($36)


We’ve raved about plum eye shadows, but we haven’t given plum lip colors the love they deserve. In the next party you’ll attend, make sure to wear the Spiked Audacious Lipstick from NARS, giving people a fresh take on a well-loved eye shadow hue that we think should be worn on the lips more.

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Fairytale ($15)


Green is in! The rich-looking hue of Tarte’s Tarteist Lipstick in “Fairytale” is one you would leave people swooning over you. The liquid formula of this product has such a gorgeous matter finish that is non-transferable, letting you get away with smooched here and there without smudging. *wink*

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Snow Nights Frosted Metal Lipstick 3-Pc Set ($36)


When talking about bold hues, it’s safe to expect that Rihanna’s Brand, Fenty Beauty will always be in it. The brand’s Snow Nights Frosted Lipstick Set is the trio that can supply you with gorgeous shades for many upcoming parties, be it night or day.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick in Smoke ($18)


Okay, you might think gray isn’t actually a bold shade to wear on the lips. But get this: Beyonce rocked a gray lipstick in one of her Instagram posts. And if Queen B is using such a shade—you better know that it is party worthy. Trust Anastasia Beverly to give you a dependable bullet to channel you inner Sasha Fierce.

Hi Wildflower Vanda Lipstick ($27)


Obviously, we’re stanning this shade so hard that we can’t resist adding another plum lip color in this list. Hi Wildflower’s Vanda Lipstick has a gorgeous deeper purple hue that brings in the drama that you exactly need to get people’s attention. Get ready for some serious stares, girlfriend!

Pat McGrath Labs Lust Gloss in Blitz Gold ($28)


Not only would you look bold in Lust Gloss in Blitz Gold lip product from Pat McGrath Labs, but you’ll look so boujee and luxurious, too! The brand isn’t one that jokes around about pigments, so get ready for the high shine and overly luscious gold color your lips will ever encounter. Our tip: put it on top of a gorgeous lipstick and achieve that high shimmer.

Lime Crime Matte Velvetines Shroom Matte Lipstick ($20)


Going the opposite side of bright hues doesn’t mean you’ll look boring. Lime Crime’s Shroom Matte Lipstick is a proof of that, with its nostalgic 90s vibes and fashionable look.

Can you already imagine jaws dropping as you arrive at every party scene wearing these unusual but gorgeous lipsticks? We sure can! Remember to bring in the best pizzazz of them all—your confidence, so you can completely project a fabulous look that would wow the crowd.


Image credits: Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani Beauty, NARS Cosmetics, The Happy Sloths, Fenty Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Hi WIldflower, Pat McGrath Labs, Lime Crime, Instagram (@aatypi), Marisa Barnes, Unsplash. 

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