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Hourglass Cosmetics Veil™ Fluid Makeup Oil Free Review


Hourglass Cosmetics Veil™ Fluid Makeup Oil Free Review
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We have our issues with the way the Hourglass Cosmetics Veil™ Fluid Makeup performs on some skin types, but on others, we do find it to be a pretty impressive foundation product. The brightening coverage of this product is unparalleled as far as foundations go, especially with this level of coverage, and the way it makes skin look flawlessly airbrushed. Even if we do wish this product offered a bit more leeway in terms of oil control, we’re generally really delighted at the way this performs.
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Value for Money
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Glowy medium coverage
Airbrushed effect
Hydrating ingredients
Needs to be set very well
Lacks oil control

The Veil™ Fluid Makeup is yet another product from Hourglass Cosmetics that promises an effortlessly healthy and bright glow. This liquid foundation is certainly one of the most beautiful liquid foundations we’ve seen, and it just performs so well for specific skin types, that we thought we’d talk about it at length.

The look of this foundation over the skin is to die for. This foundation isn’t the most coverage-heavy, but it covers up a good amount, and has the added advantage of imparting a light glow upon the skin. And the coverage is not mask-like, as some other foundations (even medium-coverage foundations) tend to be. Rather, this product opts to make the skin look beautifully airbrushed. We also like how it feels to wear this product. It’s so light that it’s easy to think you’re not wearing foundation at all! And moreover, this product is able to give skin a nice touch of hydration so it feels comfortable—almost soothing—to wear.

Performance-wise, we do have some things we need to air out about this foundation. First of all, this foundation needs to be set very, very well in order to last a good amount of time on the skin. Otherwise, it’s prone to breaking apart on the face. Related to this, but a separate issue on its own is oil control. Whether you have oily or dry skin, of course, the skin produces a certain amount of oil to keep skin supple and moisturized. This product doesn’t really have the strongest oil control so it does tend to get pretty shiny, especially on particularly oily skin.

But despite our issues with this product, in the bigger picture, we’re quite happy with it. Even with its pretty steep price tag, this product is worth it just to see your skin reach that level of airbrushed-looking glowiness, if that’s what you think your skin needs.

SUITABLE FOR: Normal to dry skin.

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