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Hourglass Cosmetics Unreal™ High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss Review

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Hourglass Cosmetics Unreal™ High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss Review
Product Description
In many respects, the Unreal™ High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss from Hourglass Cosmetics wears as a liquid lipstick would, but what really sold this product for us was that it did retain the best qualities of a lip gloss as well. It's opaquely colored, moisturizing without being sticky, and gives a great amount of shine in its finish. We only wish that it could've really stuck to its claim to be able to "volumize" lips because that would've put it over the top. But honestly, we really enjoyed this product, and we will definitely be reaching for it every now and then.
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Opaque color coverage
Not sticky
Very high-shine
Doesn't do any "volumizing"

Hourglass Cosmetics generally has a very stable line of products that, in the past, we’ve shown plenty of love for, but the Unreal™ High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss is our first foray into their lip products. The product is a relatively recent release, but it has already received plenty of love from people in all corners of the internet, so just how good is this product really?

Our first observation about this product is that it’s probably one of the most opaque lip glosses we’ve ever gotten our hands on. You know what you’re putting on your lips is, in facta lip gloss, but the coverage could easily lead you to believe you’ve stumbled upon a high-coverage lacquer-finish liquid lipstick. But despite looking as strong and bold as a lipstick, it does still feel like a lip gloss on the lips. Without being sticky, it feels nice and moisturizing on the lips, and the finish does provide plenty of shine. The wear time is also notable because it goes to about three to four hours if you’re careful enough with the product.

Love for this product aside, there were a few things about it that legitimately disappointed us. Chief of these disappointments is the product’s claim to volumize and plump the lips. While there is a small tingle felt upon initial application (that disappears briefly afterwards), we don’t believe it actually provides any visible volume to the lips. We know beauty products are branded and marketed for maximum attention, but a claim as visible as this one (it’s in the name) has got to be delivered on.

All in all, despite this brief moment of disappointment, we fell in love with this lip gloss. We’re honestly more lipstick people, but the way this lip gloss performs is, to put it in the brand’s words, “unreal.”

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Hourglass Cosmetics Unreal™ High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss is available in 18 beautifully luminous shades, including a clear gloss flecked with the most minuscule golden sparkles, which works perfectly as a lipstick topper.

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