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The watches of Switzerland are known to everyone as the creme of the creme in the watchmaking industry. In fact, its reputation is like no other when it comes to quality and functionality. This includes an unmatched performance in accuracy, reliability and resistance to water and shock. Of course, the elegance of design, artistic quality, and originality of style is also part of the Swiss made package.

In truth, the Swiss are not the only watchmakers who excel in the quality and style department. Other manufacturers from different parts of the world have also managed to cultivate a legacy of fine watchmaking techniques. However, due to their uncompromising technological innovation, unparalleled craftsmanship and unique infrastructure, Swiss made brands maintain the lead in the watch market. One of these is Tudor, a Swiss watch brand that offers refinement, precision, reliability, and functionality at a more modest price.

Tudor Watch Reviews

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A counterpart to Rolex

Tudor Watch

Tudor watches has been around since 1946 when it was launched by Hans Wilsdorf, founder of world-famous watch-making giant Rolex, to provide an alternative to those who can only afford timekeeping devices of excellent quality at a much accessible price point.

Since the beginning, every Tudor watch was envisioned to possess the precise craftsmanship, durability, and reliability that is same as the watches being produced by Rolex. Wilsdorf wanted to maintain Rolex’s position as a luxury watch brand without its subsidiary brand compromising the credibility, heritage, and integrity, relied upon for Rolex watches. As such, the design and construction of many Tudor watches, even the production of the watch components, are very similar to watches produced by Rolex, giving the former a unique edge over its watch counterparts along its price range.

As a sister company of one of the most reputable high-end brands in the watch-making industry, watch enthusiasts can benefit from the full Rolex guarantee granted to every Tudor timepiece and enjoy the same quality servicing, maintenance, and repairs as Rolex watches.

More than just a sister company

Tudor + Rolex

Despite being considered as a bigger brand’s marketing strategy to address the gap in providing quality watches at the lower end of the market, Tudor has made a name for itself and built its individual reputation. Thanks to the successful innovative wristwatches that it has produced throughout the years, Tudor is now recognized as a highly-acclaimed brand respected internationally for its quality watches offered at a relatively lower price.

Among its long list of watch offerings, Tudor divers’ watches and chronographs are perhaps its most well-known models, taking an important spot in the history of the brand. In 1954, Tudor introduced its very own professional divers watch, the Oyster Prince Submariner. The Tudor Submariner has gained much popularity among professional divers and was even utilized by the US Navy and Marines in the 1960s. Twenty years later, Tudor has stopped its production of Tudor Submariner, but its iconic features can still be seen today with Tudor’s more recent vintage-inspired models, the Heritage Black Bay and Pelagos timepieces.

Tudor’s chronograph range is also among the most recognizable series of watches since its first launch in the 1970s. Today, the Heritage Chrono, a re-launch of its classic Oyster Date Chronograph, is popular among luxury watch enthusiasts for its distinct vintage style combined with modern watch-making technology.

Ingenious advertising

Baselworld 2017 watch and jewellery exhibition - Rolex + Tudor

Unlike other watch brands, Tudor has an acclaimed reputation for its durability and endurance, thanks in large part to its campaigns that focused on the watches’ high quality performance. In fact, instead of hiring celebrities and famous personalities to promote its watches, Tudor’s early advertisements feature people from considerably dangerous professions. This include a coal miner, stone cutter, mining engineer, rescue diver, and motorbike racer among others.

In a major brand relaunch in 2009, the communications department of Tudor lead a shift from the then durability-focused advertising to campaigns now based on the brand’s style and elegance. Today, helping the brand reach and influence more people with its “Born to Dare” ad campaign are personalities such as Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and the New Zealand Rugby team, All Blacks.

Going worldwide

Tudor Watch 2

An internationally known brand, there is no stopping Tudor watches in reaching more people worldwide. Today, you can find a Tudor store and servicing center near you as it is now located in many countries including the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and some parts across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Tudor Boutique in Hong Kong
Tudor Boutique in Hong Kong

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