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Thank God it’s Friday! An all-time favorite phrase of our folks out there who can’t stop wishing for this day to come so that we can get a little crazy and take a break from a week’s full of work and  serious matters. Friday is the most awaited day of people like us who knows how to have fun. It is a day to get crazy and loosen up a little to recharge and get ready for another week’s time. Friday is a time to celebrate and a time to make things happen.

And when we say Friday, we often dress up as we are. We take much of our time figuring it out what to wear for this special day because after a day’s work, we never know what’s gonna happen next. Maybe a night’s out with pals, hours being spent in the pub or at the bar. The time is uncertain, it would be long hours of having fun and it might be complimentary if you are wearing a timepiece to keep track of your time—something that will provide you accurate time and of course, a fun Friday vibe—SevenFriday.

SevenFriday Reviews

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Carpe diem with SevenFriday

Daniel Niederer founded SevenFriday in 2012 under the philosophy “carpe diem”—or in other words, to simply seize the day. It is a branding strategy that truly hit the market because it is different and an out-of-the-box idea in watchmaking. The concept is to break the monotonous trend in watchmaking wherein luxury watchmaking companies create conventional pieces highlighting the iconice Swiss heritage of every timepiece.

SevenFriday is based in Zurich. The brand may be new in the watchmaking business as it was only establised in 2012, but the founder himself has been working in the industry for about 15 years. Thus, it is not surprising that he is well-acquainted on the ‘ins and outs’ of watchmaking and has observed that the industry is somehow becoming monotonous. In order to break the statue quo and provide a fresher approach to watchmaking, Niederer came up with an idea to produce unique and interesting timepieces in affordable price tag. SevenFriday watch will truly stand out and will keep you on time because it usually comes with brightly colored bracelets, eyecatching design and impressive mechanical showmanship of visual complications.

Unique, interesting, and unconventional timepieces

Sevenfriday watch

The brand’s timepieces become so interesting that they get a lot of attention from the social media and the internet. Many would love to own their square designed timepieces filled with interesting features. Coupled with impressive engines and mechanical movements, the watched will complement your every outfit, a true cherry on top of a sleek and formal look.

Every SevenFriday piece is an attention-getter, too. It is indeed different from your usual round timepieces, and you can truly see a fun open balance along with its twenty four hours and seconds wheels. The design can be used as an accessory to your everyday casual look or a formal wear, as the watch is created to be worn on all occasions. Definitely, the timepieces are unique, interesting, and unconventional as demonstrated from its first collection of P series up to its funky V series.

Forward thinking to haute horlogerie

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Indeed, for the first five years since its establishment, SevenFriday created a brand identity in watchmaking through a series of its collection where it featured its exclusive designs, unconventional open balance, and classic square piece. The brand truly has an innovative way to take horology into greater heights while ensuring its accessibility to a wider market at a reasonable price point. As of today, the brand continue to let consumers enjoy their SevenFriday watches, by ensuring that all of them carry an array of colorful bracelets and bold watch accessories. With what the label has reached in the past years, there’s no doubt that it can climb more steps up as it persists on excellently seizing the day in the world of haute horlogerie.

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