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A lot of luxury watch aficionados would never compromise aesthetics, mechanical, excellent craftsmanship and top tier quality luxury timepieces. They are always on the lookout for top brands when vying for their next watch piece to add up to their collection.  They wanted to make sure that their next timepiece will follow standard and will be able to provide reliable time for decades or even a lifetime. Thus, they rely on luxury brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. It just that these luxury watches consistently provide them with everything they are looking for a perfect timepiece even if it will cost them a huge amount of money – after all, they are luxury pieces and they are lifetime investments corresponding to a great deal of money.

But to those who are eyeing for quality timepieces without having to pay for a Patek Philippe price tag, Nomos Glashütte may be the one for you. The brand has a collection of watches offering luxurious styles in an uncompromising quality and mechanicals. They are famous for appealing styles, top level designs and outstanding mechanical movements in a reasonable price.

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Glashütte, home to Nomos

Roland Schwertner of Nomos

Nomos was founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990. It is based in Glashütte, Saxony which is regarded as the birthplace of German watchmaking industry.  The town is surrounded by wooded hills and valleys and has all the topographical characteristics similar to Swiss towns and villages. Through the years, Glashütte has developed watchmakers who have excellent craftsmanship and produce quality fine watches.

It is not surprising that in 1990, Schwertner would be able to employ top notched watchmakers and build a watchmaking company from this humble town. It was ideal for the company to employ locals who have the craftsmanship and technical skills to produce high quality timepieces. At present, the company is now producing the largest number of mechanical watches in Germany and going global in terms of market and consumers.

The Nomos timepiece

What makes a Nomos timepiece so uniquely charming? Aside from reliable mechanicals, the brand incorporates simplicity, elegance and minimalism to its designs. The brand’s fresh ideas and non-traditional stand in watchmaking made it so distinctively different from most of the watch manufacturing companies in Saxony. A Nomos timepiece is characterized by plain, non-superfluous frills, and sophisticated design which is usually inspired by Bauhaus purist styles. Even though the timepieces look just and simple, the brand is consistently improving its mechanical and complications by employing watchmakers with excellent expertise and artisanship.

Swing system: uniquelly Nomos Glashütte

Nomos Glashütte Swing System

Escapement, one of the most important devices in a timepiece which integrates the balance wheel, spring, escape wheel and pallet, is being assembled and monopolized by the Swiss. The device is the heart of every mechanical timepiece because it determines the accuracy and the precision of time of a watch. Swatch, a single Swiss producer of escapement has monopolized the device for a long period of time. And Nomos was able to change the game by introducing its very own escapement called Swing System. The Swing System made headlines worldwide as it broke the escapement manufacturing status quo. The introduction of Nomos Metro, the first ever timepiece made by Nomos incorporated the new Swing System.

It is undeniably true that Nomos Glashütte has proven that it can push boundaries and break status quo with its very own in-house escapement, Swing System. The brand wanted to take full control of its watch manufacturing process with its in-house escapement. It will continue to bring wider innovations to watchmaking industry because of its reasonable price in high quality and excellent timepieces.

Nomos Metro Datum Gangsreserve
Nomos Metro Datum Gangsreserve. Photo: Hodinkee

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