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Innovative technology and exotic materials: a combination needed for unique and extraordinary timepieces. While many has come to master such technique in haute horlogerie, there is one name that that evokes admiration for limited edition mechanical art: Louis Moinet.

A standout watchmaking brand

At the core of every Louis Moinet is the brand’s creativity, impeccable design and exclusive features, starting from the motif, to the “Gouttes de rosée” hands, “Côtes du Jura” guilloche dials and gorgeous cases featuring screwed bezels. No wonder it is a brand loved by known celebrities and prominent figures, including the King of Malaysia.

The company’s Creative Director and CEO, Jean-Marie Schaller, is a man passionate about watchmaking. He founded Les Ateliers Louis Moinet SA driven by his deep interest in horology and his decades long of experience managing and leading brands in the watchmaking industry, including Lacoste Watches.

He proudly revived the spirit and essence of the works of one of the best most outstanding watchmaker in the history of horology, as he leads the Louis Moinet brand towards continued homage to the Master of Art.

Louis Moinet: the watchmaking genius

French Louis Moinet was born in 1768 and got interested in watchmaking early, when he was still a student. His dedication to learning the craft led him to spend his free time observing and learning from a master watchmaker, until he went to Rome to study architecture, painting, and sculpture. Later on, he went to Florence and learned fine stone engraving art, and done several paintings. He was undoubtedly a man of art.

But it was during his teaching days in Paris as Académie des Beaux-Arts professor that he indulged himself in study of practical and theoretical horology. He fully committed to watchmaking, staying in Switzerland for extended period of time to meet with master watchmakers and acquire more tools for horology.

He became the advisor of Abraham-Louis Breguet at the peak of Breguet’s watchmaking status in the industry, until the demise of Breguet in 1823. Louis Moinet then continued to created timepieces, including a clock for Napoleon Bonaparte and other eminent clients, including: Marshal Murat, King of Naples; King George IV of England; Tsar Alexander I; and Presidents James Moore and Thomas Jefferson.

Louis Moinet then cemented his name in the history of horology when he invented the first chronograph. It was a sensational invention that had the biggest accuracy edge among other time measurement tools back then. It was among the many achievements of Moinet as a master watchmaker, yet it was the most monumental of all.

Louis Moinet 'Deep Blue' 20-Second Tempograph
Louis Moinet ‘Deep Blue’ 20-Second Tempograph

Continuing the legacy of the extraordinary watchmaker

The Louis Moinet brand continues to preserve the historical heritage of the man the brand was named from, a man that is brilliant both in horology and art. Hence, the brand’s collections nothing short of awesome, as all of its timepieces are limited editions and exclusive pieces, including the Louis Moinet “meteoris”.

Rare materials are used to design the brand’s pieces, including palm wood and dinosaur bone that were fossilized, as well as meteorites that fall from Mars or the moon. This is a trademark of the brand that is widely-known and respected by many in the horology industry. Some of the extraordinary materials they use are meteorites, like the Sahara 955. The dial of Astralis contain a fragment of the meteorite, the oldest rock in the Solar System that is known by man.

Louis Moinet memoris red eclipse
Louis Moinet memoris red eclipse

Prestige and acknowledgements

The name of the brand doesn’t only stay prominent in the watchmaking business because of its namesake, but the innovative designs and creative applications of the brand that earned them global accolades.

The coveted Red Dot Award for design was won by Louis Moinet two times for Tempograph and Jules Verne Instrument. Journey Through Time awards by Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia also awarded ‘The Most Innovative Design Watch’ to the Louis Moinet’s Jules Verne Instrument.

It was like history was rebooted when the Louis Monet brand was started, a proper tribute and continuation of the great works of the Louis Monet.  Jean-Marie Schaller reintroduced the Louis Moinet Chronograph in the modern world of horology, acknowledging the excellent construction and the outstanding skills of its original maker. More importantly, he upheld the good name and image of the man, by producing only the best pieces that bears the same name, worthy of being tagged with the name “Louis Monet”.

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