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A brand’s legacy is usually represented by its longevity. Some of the most beloved luxury labels to date have been around for many decades, and are still the most popular in their respective markets. This is most common among haute couture houses, who have since become luxury brands who specialize in ready-to-wear, accessories, and other lines. Such are the likes of Dior, Balmain, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Lanvin, and many others. These names have been around in the fashion pantheon for ages, and they still are the biggest brands in fashion today. However, there is a luxury brand that has been around since the 17th century, and never lost sight of what the business is—Graham Watch.

Graham Watch has been one of the premier clock and watchmakers since the 1600’s. To this day, they still offer the newest and most luxurious timepieces man can ever imagine. With a rich history behind them and an innovative company in front, the brand has survived the test of time. But while their products have evolved through the years, their principles and foundations have not. They continue their tradition of creating intricate and luxurious clocks and watches, inspiring generations upon generations to clamor for the very best of the craft.

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Legacy in watchmaking

George Graham watchmaker - Father of Chronograph

Historians refer to George Graham, the main inspiration of the Graham Watch, as the “father of the chronograph,” because he constructed the first mechanism of its kind and incorporated them into his clocks and watches.

A chronograph is a stopwatch-like mechanism with a more elegant face. It’s quite common now among watched, both traditional and digital, as well as among the many watch companies in the world operating today. The chronograph used to be one of the most bought and sought after types of timepieces in the world. With such a unique function (at the time) and a sophisticated aesthetic, people wanted a piece of the elegant contraption and use it for their everyday lives.

The brand lives on

Graham Timepieces

Born on the 7th of July, 1673, George Graham grew up to be one of the most famous and most brilliant watchmakers in Great Britain. In 1688, at age 15, he became an apprentice for a clockmaker in London, working there for seven years and gaining a wide reputation for his excellence in the craft. It also caught the eye of Thomas Tompion, the country’s finest watchmaker at the time. Graham eventually worked for Tompion as an apprentice and when the latter died in 1731, he inherited the business from him. With his own excellent touch on watches and other timepieces, he became a toast of British Royal Society, with his products becoming a favorite among the elite.

Even though Graham passed away in 1751, his brand and his legacy lived on. He’s known in the field of horology for his expertise and excellence in his craft, as well as one of the nicest gentlemen in the business. However, through the years, while his label still operated, it wasn’t as famous as it was during his heyday. Only people in Great Britain knew of Graham watches, as other luxury and jewelry brands offered their own line of watches.

However, this all changed in the 1990’s when two Swiss businessmen, Eric Loth and Pierre-André Finazzi, discovered the brand and transferred it to the town of La Chaux-de-Fonds, known as the capital of watchmaking. With their business-savvy ways, Graham Watch was able to rise up the ranks again and became one of the premier watchmaking companies, this time in the whole world.

Best-selling pieces

Graham Chronofighter Prodive Professional
Graham Chronofighter Prodive Professional

Throughout its centuries-long period as a watchmaking business, various items and products have become iconic in the field of retail luxury. One of their most famous timepieces is the Graham Chronofighter. With its combination of strong and durable material, such as metal, ceramic, and carbon, the watch can withstand any environment and works like a charm even in the harshest conditions.

They also have the Silverstone timepieces, inspired by race car driving. For this watch, they incorporated some of the most advanced functions in watches, such as GMT, big date, tachymeter, and flyback, among others. They also offer them with tire-tread rubber straps for that rugged, modern, yet still refined look.

Conquering the world

Graham Chronofighter

Today, Graham watches are no longer sold exclusively in the UK, but in the entire world. Their retail presence expanded tenfold when Loth and Finazzi acquired the brand and made into a global luxury company. Graham timepieces are now available across all continents and in various countries. One can buy a Graham watch in the US, Panama, Mexico Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, France, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, Bahrain, and Lebanon, among many others. Additionally, they also have service centers in certain countries, like Italy, Canada, Ireland, and Japan, to name a few. Now, almost everyone can acquire a Graham watch for themselves.

Graham watches may have been around for centuries, but their items are still as relevant and modern as ever. Not only do they put emphasis on a timepiece classic style, but also rely heavily on the modern innovations for watches. This is what helped them survive the watchmaking business for all these years and more.

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