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HOKA ONE ONE Bondi Leather Sneakers Review

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi Leather Sneakers Review

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HOKA ONE ONE Bondi Leather Sneakers Review
HOKA ONE ONE Bondi Leather Sneakers Review
Through the years, fashion has seen its fair share of hybrids take over the runway and the street. It’s always interesting to see how a combination of two, especially if both are completely different from each other, create such a unique and never-before-seen item. For Hoka One One and their Bondi leather sneakers, the hybrid is all about mixing upscale and casual—a marriage that is all the rage in fashion today.
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A hybrid is quite common in many industries. In the fashion and luxury retail business, in particular, a hybrid is a relatively rare yet very appreciated piece. It may come from a collaboration between two designers or labels, or simply a reflection between two signatures of a house. At times, even the most normal of pieces, when combined together to make one strong piece, is an astounding feat in of itself. A prominent example is Hoka One One’s Bondi leather sneakers.

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Release Year: January 2017
Retail Price: US$160.00

Hoka One One is a French shoe manufacturer that’s been gaining a lot of traction these past few years. Their products are starting to be the points of conversation for a lot in both sneaker culture and among the high fashion elite. For Fall 2017, one of their latest models, the Bondi leather sneaker, was even presented during London-based designer Kiko Kostadinov menswear fashion show.  Since then, the pair has become a prominent fixture among Hoka One One’s range, priced expertly at $160 a pair.


Hoka One One’s Bondi leather sneaker is a fascinating show because it’s a hybrid of two completely different types of footwear: sneakers and leather shoes. The former is usually made out of the likes of rubber, suede, and even neoprene, while the latter is more associated with business and evening style rather than the casual look of sneakers. The convergence of the two make for an interesting, albeit unusual, product that fits today’s mix-match world of high fashion. Since the lines of streetwear and haute couture are constantly blurring, the shoes are a manifestation of what the luxury business is nowadays. An added plus is that the sneakers are said to be very comfortable to wear, which makes its appeal to go beyond the standard fashion client and more into the mass consumer market.


Despite the unique idea of substantially incorporating leather into sneakers, the design of Hoka One One’s Bondi leather sneakers leaves a lot to be desired. The shoes are not as good looking as one might expect from such a fascinating idea, and it ultimately belongs to the “Ugly-Pretty” category of fashionable pieces. It’s both the brand’s and shoes’ luck that today’s industry is having an “ugly-pretty” moment itself wherein the shoes are now some of the hottest both on the catwalk and on the street. But will the shoes experience longevity and continue to entice customers even long after this trend is gone? Only time can tell.

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