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Hermès Carré H Watch Review

Hermès Carré H Watch Review

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

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A luxury timepiece is as precious as diamond jewelry or a sports car. They cost thousands of dollars and are prized possessions from some of the most prominent gentlemen. A common misconception for luxury watches, however, is that they always have to look as expensive as they sound. This is no longer the usual case, as designers have made even casual watches as precious in terms of subtle design and innovative functions. One such is Hermès’ Carré H model which just had a 2018 re-edition.

Release Date and Price

Release Date: To Be Announced
Price when reviewed: US$7,725.00

The new renditions come from the French luxury brand’s original 2010 collection designed by designer and architect Marc Berthier, who’s also been a frequent Hermès collaborator. While the 2018 versions are yet to be released for public purchase, they already announced that each piece is priced at $7,725, a hefty but worth price to pay for an exquisite timepiece.


  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water Resistant: 30 meters
  • Power Reserve: 50 hours
  • Frequency: 4 Hz
  • Strap: Calfskin
  • Buckle: Steel pin


The new Carré H watches are relatively bigger than their original counterparts, with 38mm x 38mm in dimensions compared to the previous 36.5mm x 36.5mm. The dial presents a vivid face with a stark contrast between the light-colored block numerals and hands against a gray or black background. With either a lime green or velvet plum second hand, it adds a touch of colorful personality into the pragmatically-designed piece. Another difference from the original edition is that the corners are rounded, making it more comfortable for the wearer than having sharp edges.


The design evokes a retro 1960’s/early 1970’s vibe which makes it a hit among nostalgic clients and aficionados but might not excited other enthusiasts as much. In terms of luxury horology, sleek and modern have become the names of the game, both of which the new Carré H do not necessarily exemplify. While rich with design ideas from the great Marc Berthier, for a lot of watch collectors and owners, the overall impact may leave a lot to be desired.

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Hermès Carré H Watch Review
Hermès Carré H Watch Review
Hermès may be known for silk scarves and Birkin bags, but their roster of timepieces are similarly standouts as their other accessories. Their new Carré H watch in particular displays the house’s signature of combining vintage design sensibilities with modern techniques and aesthetics. A collaboration with premier designer and architect Marc Berthier, the Carré H model is the work of first-class designers and experts in creating a magnificent new timepiece.
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