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Here’s The Sparkly $4,000 Balenciaga Boots Michelle Obama Wore That Had Us Talking


Michelle Obama is no longer the FLOTUS, but she still occupies a special place in fashion. Her wardrobe inspires conversations even two years later, especially now that she is free to have more daring sartorial choices. This December, she made a holiday-appropriate pick and went all sparkly; hard as we may try, those Balenciaga thigh-high sock boots are just so difficult to ignore!

We first saw sight of the shimmery boots earlier this month, when the former first lady went to New York for the last leg of her book tour. Obama recently released an intimate memoir called “Becoming” which details her childhood, career, and her time at the White House as she lived it. In the Big Apple’s Barclays Center, she was scheduled to be interviewed by another fashion icon, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who herself was sparkling in a sequin dress. Obama stole the show though, as she should in her own tour, appearing in a stunning yellow wrap dress and with an even more mesmerizing pair of Balenciaga boots.


The Balenciaga boots, specifically the fashion house’s sequin knife thigh-high boots, packs a lot of attitude with its pointed toes and killer stiletto heels. Made in Italy, the pair that comes with a sequin finish uses stretch jersey for that sock-like wear. The shoes that go all the way up to the thighs and seem to be a toss between leggings and boots can be a hit or miss among wearers, but in the former FLOTUS’ case, it works wonderfully.

Check out the availability of this boot at Matches Fashion.

Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-2 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-3 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-4 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-5 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-6

Although her New York ensemble may be the most memorable outfit out of the book tour, previous destinations like her hometown Chicago were also privy to lookbook-worthy getups. The Balmain suit she had working was broadcast to a wider audience, courtesy of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Just like her time at the White House, Obama had the assistance of stylist Meredith Koop. In the past weeks, she has donned Pyer Moss, Balmain, Safiyaa, Sally LaPointe and Diane von Furstenberg.

Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-7 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-8 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-9

The Fashion Icon

Michelle Obama’s memoir is full of interesting, even intriguing stories—her feelings on current POTUS Donald Trump was just one piece. But she also spoke of a topic close to heart: Obama talked about what fashion thought her in her eight long years at the White House.

The former first lady expressed awareness that what she wore will always be subject to public scrutiny, and that her being black would be also affect the opinion on her sartorial choices. She had to tread lightly so that her attires would fall on that sweet spot between casual and high-end. With the help of Koop, she mixed up her wardrobe with clothes that fall on different parts of the spectrum, price-wise. Target was not out of the question, but she’d shake it up the next time with Michael Kors or Diane von Furstenberg. She also made a point to showcase works by young, lesser known American designers, which was not always received well by the fashion elite.

It was not an easy task, although loads and loads of fashionable clothes coming in may be a dream for many of us. Obama and Koop had to be calculating, ensuring comfort—which was done through a test of squats, lunges and even pinwheels—and style during public appearances. It had to be done, lest the former FLOTUS be under fire for inappropriate or ill-fitting choices, something that her successor Melania Trump has went through. But now that she is a civilian, she has the freedom to just go where her heart tells her to.

Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-10 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-11 Here’s-The-Sparkly-Balenciaga-Boots-Michelle-Obama-Wore-That-Had-Us-Talking-12

There was no rationale behind the thigh-high boots, except that Obama found them extremely cute. The pair, which sell for $3,900, is available at some of our favorite online retailers. Decide quickly—Obama has a fashion influence that is akin to that of the British royalty’s famous members. If you’re looking to grab the bright yellow wrap dress, you may have to wait some more weeks. The frock, part of the maison’s Spring 2019 collection, is still not up for sale.

Image credits: Getty Images, Dia Dipasupil, Paul Marotta, Scott Olson, Pyer Moss, Chuck Kennedy / The White House, MyTheresa

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