Here Are 3 Gorgeous Makeup Looks You Could Pull Off This Holiday Season

Here Are 3 Gorgeous Looks You Could Pull Off This Holiday Season - Featured Image

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Looking forward to the holidays consists of mix of excitement that overwhelms the heart. We know how excited you are to gather with family and friends, eat special holiday food, drink your heart out, and open presents. And as you look forward to such an incredible day, you just know you have to look your best.

Dressing up during the holidays is a given, especially when there are so much amazing things happening at once. And what goes hand in hand with a great get up? A gorgeous makeup look that will complete the beauty of the wonderful season. Unsure of what makeup you’ll go for this holiday season? We’ve got some selections of the best holiday looks anyone can pull off in the most stunning way possible.


Chic Brown Makeup

Let the dark smokey eye look rest until the next hardcore party you’ll attend. In a chilly season during the holidays, we’re looking for warmer drinks, clothing, and yes—makeup. Achieving the warm and chic brown makeup look isn’t that hard.

Here-Are-3-Gorgeous-Holiday-Looks-You-Could-Totally-Pull-Off-4 Here-Are-3-Gorgeous-Holiday-Looks-You-Could-Totally-Pull-Off

Basic makeup items you’ll need for this look:

Lay down a nice neutral base eye shadow before laying a copper shade across the lids. Pick a bronze shade and pack that color into the outer corners of your eyes, bringing it in along the creases. Make sure the look is carried over to the bottom lash line, so sweep a bit of product under there as well. Finish the eye look with a few coats of black mascara. Pair the eye look with a soft peach blush and wear a simple shimmer on the lips to make the eyes stand out.

Double Sided Cat Eye

If you want a standout moment, you can be extra with your eyes without using vivid colors. The secret to having an extra eye look without all the shimmer and glitter is trying out an adventurous eyeliner look. No, we’re not talking about just an overextended cat-eye. We’re talking about a cool, graphic, and artistic eyeliner twist on a classic look.

Here-Are-3-Gorgeous-Holiday-Looks-You-Could-Totally-Pull-Off-2 Here-Are-3-Gorgeous-Holiday-Looks-You-Could-Totally-Pull-Off-1

Basic makeup items you’ll need for this look:

If you’re a beginner in the eyeliner game, you might want to pick out a maker-like eyeliner for this one, but if you’re a pro, use whatever you’re comfortable with. Make sure that you start with a steady hand as this would need a bit of a calligraphy style drawing. Try dotting along your lids, just above the lash lines until you reach past the corner of the eyes. Retrace that line to achieve a medium thick liner. Move the eyeliner’s position onto the bridge of your nose, drawing a line upwards until almost the middle of the lower lash line. Then complete the look by connecting the upper line to the lower line by drawing a V-shape along your tear ducts. This would not look perfect at first, so you have to bring in a Q-tip or an eyeliner brush to help you clean it up and draw again for a perfect graphic eyeliner look.

Old Hollywood Glam

We’re taking a more sophisticated direction with this glam look—a perfect stunner at any holiday party. Try this out and pair it with your nicest dress, and surely you’ll be the center of attention.


For this look, make sure to prepare your face with a great base and conceal imperfections to look flawless and spotless. When starting with the eye look, use a dark brown eye shadow and apply across the lids. Blend in a hint of a peach eye shadow to add warmth to the look. Add a thin eyeliner and wear a gorgeous eyelashes for a more glamorous effect. Finish off with a subtle contour, a slight blush, and vibrant red lips.

Ready to show off any of these looks this holiday? Just pair any of this with your favorite dress, your confidence and a sweet, sweet smile, and you’re off to have a wonderful holiday celebration!


Image credits: Beauty & Le Chic, Gurby, David Slijper, Angela Lanter/Youtube, Vivian Makeup Artist, Marie’s Bazaar.

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