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Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Our Predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

You may wonder why we are talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday this early when we have at least a month to go before the annual shopping tradition. When sales that go as high as 50% off designer items are at stake, it does not hurt to think ahead. Even though the discounts last throughout the day, some even starting a week ahead before Thanksgiving, diving in a little late may leave you with lesser deals and unwanted items. And these days, or a week even, only come once a year—do you really want to wait that long before updating your wardrobe, even when you can already grab the item you’ve been eyeing for so long at just a fraction of the original cost with enough patience and luck?


Have a jumpstart by planning early, even singling out the items you want to have, to make the shopping experience more fulfilling. Sales are everywhere especially with retailers bringing out discounted items from seasonal selections. Shopping for clothes to wear in the months to come is even a wise thing to do, considering the difference in cost when buying in-season clothes. Don’t dive in on the shopping blindly—have a read at our predictions this year for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, based on the trends we’ve seen in the previous years.

Women’s clothing


Generally, it’s better to shop in advance when preparing for seasonal clothes. This time around though, fall favorites are projected to have a drop in prices too. Some of these items include knee-high boots, which are both practical for their coverage and trendy as we’ve seen on the runway, and midi dresses that are great when the temperature fluctuates, making it hard to predict just how much you have to layer for the day. Speaking of layers, outerwear such as designer cardigans and blazers will probably see a drop in price too this coming month.

If you’ve been eyeing a certain designer handbag long enough but have been putting off purchasing in the hope of getting it at a lower price, the November sale is generally a great time to check as they go even as low as half of the original price point. Just get on the store or the site soon enough because the branded accessories tend to sell quickly, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on something that can be close to an investment piece. Hoping to make a healthier year out of 2019? Athleisure and performance sneakers will probably fall into a more desirable price range just like they did last year.

Top 3 Places to Shop for Designer Women’s Clothing

  1. Net-a-PorterDiscount Codes
  2. MytheresaDiscount Codes
  3. ShopbopDiscount Codes

Men’s clothing


This will be a good time to update your workwear wardrobe, and even the section reserved for black tie-appropriate clothes. Just like their more commercial counterparts, designer pieces ranging from dress shirts and pants will have their prices slashed off significantly, and if you’re lucky enough you may just grab them at half the price. Be on the lookout for codes from high end retailers too to grab suits at better prices.

Just like with women’s clothing, gym and sportswear will also be filled with great deals. For sneakerheads, the competition to grab the freshest kicks might be fierce, but once you luck out, it will be worth it. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will also be great in shopping for other shoes too, and yes, even dressier kinds.

Top 3 Places to Shop for Designer Men’s Clothing

  1. Mr Porter – Discount Codes
  2. SSENSE Discount Codes
  3. END Discount Codes

Children’s clothing



Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays are great in that they cover fashion choices even for the young-uns. Everything, from outerwear to shoes, will be available, although it may be harder to score discounted designer items compared to women or men’s clothing. For shoes, it may be worth your to time to check on coupons; certain sporting companies have given slashes off sneakers last year through them.

Top 3 Places to Shop for Designer Children’s Clothing

  1. Neiman Marcus – Discount Codes
  2. Bloomingdale’s Discount Codes
  3. Children Salon


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