Have Your Bid at Agent 007’s Last Rolex

Have Your Bid at Agent 007’s Last Rolex 1

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James Bond is arguably the most iconic of spies, or at least among fictional ones, that we know. So much so that his choice of gadgets and accessories are elevated the same way, leaving a strong impression and desire to own among moviegoers wanting to have a piece of the Bond lifestyle. This time around, Fellows takes us back to when 007 donned on a Rolex instead of the now commonly associated Omega Seamaster. It seems so far away now, but it was a piece of film relic that is about to be auctioned by the end of the month.

Yes, you read that right. For many of us, we might not even know or barely remember that it was not always the Omega Bond swung with in many of his missions. Right before Pierce Brosnan took over the iconic role, Timothy Dalton played the agent in The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill. The latter was not only the last time the actor was James Bond, but it also marked the final appearance for Rolex on the series.

Licence to Kill, which premiered in 1989, saw Bond wearing a Rolex Submariner while in a war against Franz Sanchez and the Mexican drug cartel. The timepiece, with reference number 5513, came with an Oyster bracelet. Last produced in 1990, the watch (although of different production dates) is also remembered to be worn by two other Bonds, George Lazenby and Roger Moore, the latter’s largely modified when used during the filming of Live and Let Live. Today, the model is among the most coveted of the Submariner collection, and is also one of the most affordable, although that obviously does not apply to this James Bond version. The design appeals to those who like their dials classic and uncluttered, and the watch is known to sit comfortably on the wrist.

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Here’s a trivia though, which may or may not affect your interest on the historical watch: it was actually a film trick that led us to believe that Dalton wore the timepiece. What we actually saw was the wrist of Dalton’s stunt double. The 5513 that will soon be up for auction comes with action scratches on the sapphire crystal that the watch sustained, which might be of significance for fans.

The Submariner in question is owned by Rodney Pincott, who was the film’s stand-by propman. Instead of having the Submariner 16610 Dalton wore, it was the 5513 that bore some similarities in appearance save for the date that was lent instead. As expected of any timepiece subjected to fight scenes, this one was damaged heavily but was serviced by Rolex afterwards.

Expected to sell anywhere between US$80,000 up to US$120,000, the watch will come with more treats for James Bond fans. Besides the service paperwork, replaced parts and certificate of authenticity, the Submariner will also include photos of the set and a book about the film. It will be available for viewing in England on four separate dates. The official bidding starts on October 30.

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Image credit: Fellows, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc

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