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Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm Watch Review

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Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm Watch Review
As with other Khaki Field watches, this military-like watch is made to look a little rugged but the appearance only brings about a sense of adventure for the wearer. This is most suitable to young men whose lifestyle is dominated by travel and active hobbies and who are not picky and just in the process of getting into mechanical watches.
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Since becoming part of the Swatch Group, Hamilton has since moved its operations and headquarters in Switzerland, but its roots will always be planted in the United States, specifically Pennsylvania. It’s not easily forgettable that Hamilton was once the most famous watch brand in the US, at least that’s what’s etched in history, based on their excellent contributions on pocket watches and as a supplier of field watches for the military. In the new Khaki Field 38mm, the brand tries to emulate what it’s done in the past with a military-inspired timepiece.

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Release Date: January 2018

Khaki Field can be equated to a signature among Hamilton’s lineup of products and the new 38mm iteration of the military-style watch is no different than the earlier versions in the catalog.

The logo on the dial is the most noticeable change on the new Khaki Field. Where there was none before, Hamilton’s name is printed where you’d usually find the branding on a watch dial. The rest of the composition is adapted from an old model made for the military in the middle of the 20thcentury, as it was the inspiration for this timepiece.

Spanning the round shape of the dial are three layers of indices: the first one are minute markers, followed by the 12-hour numerals, and then the 24-hour numerals that quickly indicates military time.


  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Height: 11.5mm
  • Movement: ETA 2801-2
  • Water Resistance: 20mm
  • Power Reserve: 42 hours
  • Features: Stainless steel case, drilled lugs, hand-wound movement, green NATO strap, 12- and 24-hour scales


This Khaki Field watch merges the military-influenced design with a more modern appeal. As any military man would want, this watch is not lacking on the basic requirements that make timekeeping easy to deal with, especially with the clean, uncrowded, and dateless dial and large, easy-to-maneuver crown. At the same time, it’s perfectly made for the modern man who requires an outdoorsy type of watch for the weekends and whenever he can get away from the serious business that is work. The interchangeable NATO and textile straps encourage the active lifestyle and makes you want to move around and explore a new place, even in your own city.


Apart from the military-related features, which only amount to the outer appearance of the watch, there’s nothing new that this version of the Khaki Field can contribute to the larger industry. Old technology powers up basic functions and familiar mechanisms; nothing any of us haven’t seen before.

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