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Gucci Rhyton GG Sneaker Review

Gucci Rhyton Sneaker Review

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Gucci Rhyton Sneaker Review
Gucci Rhyton GG Sneaker Review
With the Rhyton sneakers, Gucci came through and offered an exciting and worthy alternative to the shoes within the same, well-known dad-shoe designer trend. This is perfect for subtle fashionistas and sneakerheads who value muted patterns and designs but are elevated with straightforward branding that instantly upped the overall look. These kicks deliver a creative way to join the bandwagon without being over the top, and totally deserve a space in your wardrobe.
Value for Money

You may be overwhelmed by the many different brands of sneakers you see everywhere but in reality, the industry is a tight one with key leading brands all vouching for the same primary goal—your feet sporting their kicks. It is quite obvious that the sneakers trend lately brings you a few decades back to the ‘80s and ‘90s when chunky shoes, also known as the dad shoes, dominated fashion and sports.

Thanks to the vast reach of the internet and social media, many of you have been exposed to fashionistas, personalities, and influencers giving their own spin to the latest sneakers trend that has been stirring the flow of the industry. Fashion houses are probably the main instigator of the dad shoes, and Gucci is not going to be left behind without its own contribution—the Rhyton Sneakers.

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Release Year: Late 2017
Retail Price: US$820.00

A challenger to the earlier luxury brands who have released and were first to market their version of the bulky, nostalgic sneakers, the Gucci Rhyton sports the Italian brand’s own interpretation and unique flavor. First released online in 2017, it has proven to be a coveted pair of kicks to deserve an upgrade the following year. Like any high-end designer brand, it is already expected that the Gucci Rhyton retails at around 800 bucks. But is it worth it?


The Gucci Rhyton kicks are a pleasant addition to the ‘90s-motivated shoes in store isles and online shops today. While it indeed followed the chunky trend, the model gorgeously defines and set itself apart by sticking to clean style with a bold signature cherry on top. Made from ecru leather, these fresh kicks are constructed with a structured rubber midsole and generously adorned with attention-grabbing oversized print of the Italian brand’s logo in multicolor motif on the side.

Gucci did not skimp on the other elements of the shoes, using fine leather linings and dainty lace closure for that interesting twist. In other words, the Gucci Rhyton sneakers successfully combined the two forces of performance sports and artistic craftsmanship. Taking a quick glance, you immediately see and feel the vibe of luxury as the brand marvelously showcased minimal vibrancy with careful but iconic retro aesthetic.


As with most comments on the craze over the bulky shoes trend, the Gucci Rhyton falls into the trap of being too wide, too heavy, and too clunky to be used for a long time doing strenuous athletic activities. While it is visually appealing, comfort is relative and depends on your feet.

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