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Gucci Ace “GG Monogram” Review

Gucci Ace “GG Monogram” 7


Gucci Ace “GG Monogram” Review
We’ve seen Gucci play around with different styles and designs for its signature Ace silhouette, yet none of them are like this version of the “GG Monogram”. The shoe was crafted with silver leather, which instantly launches it as one luxurious-looking shoe. Added to the tame shine of the silver is the signature print of the brand in blue that reaches up to the sole, to add a playful element into the mix.
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Release Date: January 23, 2019

The Gucci Ace “GG Monogram” follows a long line of Ace sneakers that many fans of the brand enjoyed. And although it retains the original silhouette, it tweaks the print in a refreshing way. The GG Monogram print with a silver background was accented with tonal stitching, silver eyelets and plush leather as lining.  

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Image credits: Gucci, Hypebeast, The Webster, Lux Second Chance.

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