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Glossier High-Shine Plumping Clear Lip Gloss Review

Glossier High-Shine Plumping Clear Lip Gloss Review
Product Description
The Clear Lip Gloss from social media-savvy brand Glossier is a lip gloss that… doesn’t really do all that much. Yes, it has an edge with its shiny glitter-less formula and how plump this makes your lips look, but honestly, it’s not all that worth it. The packaging gave us red flags because of how cheap it looks, and the general weak wear time of the product is too big a hurdle to jump through. There are so many clear lip glosses out there that do about the same (or more) for much, much less. Go look for them.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Absolutely transparent
Plumping effect
Comfortable but glossy dry-down
Expensive for clear gloss
Cheap-feeling packaging
Little bit sticky
Wears out consistently

Glossier is one of those beauty brands whose main capital is on social media, using platforms like Instagram, and amassing a fan base of influencers who are more than willing to spread the word about any and all of their products. In our opinion, this is the only reason that the Clear Lip Gloss from the brand has become as popular as it has.

To be clear, we don’t hate Glossier, but sometimes, we are baffled by the sheer popularity of the products they put out. While they have some great products in their range, there are times when we feel that the hype behind a certain product doesn’t quite match what we see when we actually use the product.

There are some good things about this formula. First of all, the product is absolutely clear, without any glitters, unlike some “clear” lip glosses out there that rely on glitters to get maximum reflectiveness in the product. To Glossier, “clear” means “clear,” and is thus what it delivers. This gloss also shines lips in such a way that they look much plumper. Finally, once this product has set and dried down, it still retains its luminosity without feeling uncomfortable.

But truthfully, this is very expensive for a clear lip gloss, which is part of where the disappointment comes from. At that price point, it just doesn’t do anything particularly unique or groundbreaking. Even the plastic tube packaging looks extremely cheap. Also, the formula of the product is prone to feeling sticky, even after it’s dried down. The gloss also requires consistent reapplication (almost every hour!) just to retain the way it looks, so in just one day, you end up using a significant amount of product—much more than you’d be expecting to use any lip gloss.

To us, the hype behind this product placed it on a pedestal, but let it fall to. Even if the brand is all about the minimalist lifestyle, in our opinion, they do not get a pass for creating such a minimal-effect product, and selling it for maximum price.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

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