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Glossier Boy Brow Eyebrow Filler & Shaper Review

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Glossier Boy Brow Eyebrow Filler & Shaper Review
Product Description
It’s not everyday we find ourselves absolutely stunned by a beauty product, but Glossier’s Boy Brow Eyebrow Filler & Shaper definitely did that for us. It’s not a perfect product by any means—the pigmentation leaves a lot to be desired, and it gets a little less effective as the day goes by—but we were happy to be using it nonetheless. This is how an “easy” makeup product is done: simple, no fuss, and effective.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Comfortably-sized applicator
Keeps eyebrows neat
Great staying power
Tinted shades lack pigmentation
Gets waxy after a while
Begins to transfer as it fades

It’s such a shame that to us, the products of Glossier haven’t had the best track record. Despite their massive popularity on social media platforms, based on what we’ve been able to see from the brand, their products aren’t quite as polished as we’d like. Or maybe we’re just not quite as sold on the seemingly “bare” nature of their products. It took us a little bit by surprise, then, that we actually really appreciated the brand’s Boy Brow Eyebrow Filler & Shaper for what it’s able to deliver on.

Encased in a white tube that adheres to the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic, the product seems unassuming, but it does end up packing quite a punch. One of the best things about the rise of eyebrow gels in the beauty world is how easy they’ve made filling in and shaping the brows. In the case of Boy Brow, its contribution is creating a shorter applicator spoolie that better suits the size of most eyebrows, and makes application effortless with a few strokes. In terms of formula, this product does shine as well. It’s quite lightweight, and its pomade-like consistency is great for keeping eyebrows neat the whole day.

Unfortunately, despite how much we love this product, it does have its shortcomings. The tinted shades lack the pigmentation for full, voluminous eyebrows, especially the lighter shades. If you’re going for heavier eyebrows, we recommend trying to go a shade darker. The formula also tends to get a little bit waxy near the end of its wear time, as the color is fading away, so that might also be something for you to take a look at. And finally, as the product does begin to get waxy, it also becomes more prone to transferring onto other surfaces, so it definitely needs a little bit of vigilance as your days grow longer.

It’s satisfying to finally find a Glossier product that we found ourselves happy to be using. The way the Boy Brow performs totally gives other brow products out there a run for their money. If you’re in the market for a brow gel, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • Unfortunately, the Glossier Boy Brow Eyebrow Filler & Shaper is only available in three tinted shades (Brown, Black, and Blonde), but it also does come in a clear formulation, if you like using a pencil for your eyebrows, but need a little bit of help in the grooming department.

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