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Glashütte Original Sixties with Green Dial Watch Review

Glashütte Original Sixties with Green Dial Watch Review

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Glashütte Original Sixties with Green Dial Watch Review
Glashütte Original Sixties with Green Dial Watch Review
Timepieces tend to lean classic than exciting on the style scale, but the new Glashütte Original Sixties with Green Dial model crushes that all the way. They take new and exciting on a different level when it comes to watches, offering a unique and vivid hue for the more fashionably daring clients. Retaining the classic functions the brand has been known for since 1964, this new model is expected to make as big a splash as possible on the luxury horology market.
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Timepieces, while often classic, rarely pop out in terms of eye-catching impact. The usual neutral tones that have governed watches over the years display more of a sense of timelessness than a show-stopping design. Only once in a blue moon do luxury brands go for the unexpected and release a vividly-hued timepiece to capture the imagination. This year, Glashütte Original did just that with their green-colored dial item from their Sixties collection.

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Release Date: March 2018
Price When Reviewed: US$7,500.00 (US$9,300.00 for the Panorama version)

This watch was one of the standouts of Baselworld 2018 last March, simply because of its effervescent dial. Watch aficionados fawned over it, even to this day on their online platforms, because of its modern aesthetics but vintage style. Each piece costs $7,500 but the Panorama version is priced as high as $9,300.


  • Diameter: 39mm
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Special Functions: Hacking Seconds
  • Water Resistant:
  • Power Reserve: 40 hours


The best thing about this new model is simply its color. Not only is it green, but it boasts a deep shade of ocean green that makes for a seductive and mysterious dial. Even within dim lighting, it’s hue draws the eye in a subtle yet uncontrollable way, until one will just have to see it up close. The watch also features the classic Glashütte Original Sixties designs, from the retro numerals, thin and sleek hands, and fine leather straps.


The dial also boasts a sort of watery ripple design that makes it look like the watch is somehow an ocean in of itself. But with the decorative features of the watch, practicality has seemingly been compromised. While an interesting design feature, it makes looking at the watch a tad difficult, especially since the numerals are already quite cursive and almost illegible. And with its gradient bronze hands, it makes finding out the time all the more difficult, whether you’re simply strolling around or running late for work.

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