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Description is a high-end online retail store that caters to the luxury fashion needs of both men and women, wherever they may be around the world. They offer fast and safe shipping to their customers, supplying them of the trendiest premier pieces from the important brands of today, including Christian Louboutin, Ermenegildo Zegna, Jimmy Choo, and many others. They have pieces for kids and home, as well, completing their wide variety of highly sought collections.
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The website takes a long time to load sometimes, probably because of the extensive collections it carries

The Italian online fashion store,, has many boutiques in Italy,  yet they wanted to connect to a larger audience through their online website. The website showcases the huge selections of pieces from the most iconic labels, some of which are Valentino, Roger Vivier, Bottega Veneta, Moncler, Gucci, and Saint Laurent. Such a mix of designer brands lets customers know right away that the website is all about the luxe and quality of fashion items.

Every customer is promised with  a soothing and relaxing experience of retail therapy within the website, with their categories well-arranged and stocked with more subcategories that make it easy to find the exact item the customer needs. Aside from well-categorized pieces in their website, they also offer editorials that contains the latest fashion news and scoops, plus a lot of recommended pieces and styles to inspire their audience.

Giglio’s promises of free, safe, and fast shopping aren’t just words, as their customers attest to the great delivery experience they have encountered through the website. Many laud them for the authenticity of their pieces as well, making them a must-see fashion destination online that delivers excellent service to their customers.

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Introduction to

Tourists flock to Italy for a myriad of reasons. People from all over the world may be drawn to the beautiful surroundings that are comparable to idyllic paintings, the plentiful architectural marvels that can be seen just by walking around, as well the chance to eat their hearts out with staples such as pizza, pasta, gelato and a sip of Italian coffee. But Italy is also known for other things—style and fashion., with four generations of history, is right at the world’s fashion center and is worth stopping by should you be in Sicily.

Growing for four generations 3

The boutique cannot just claim to be the focal point of style and luxurious clothing in Sicily if it weren’t for its long history of handling sartorial masterpieces.

Like many great things, Giglio had a humble beginning, originating as a small fabric shop in the early half of the century, after the First World War and before the Second World War. In the 1960s, however, Michele Giglio’s company started being on an upward trajectory. It was during this time that Giglio gained indispensable knowledge on the industry, adding to his years of experience in the family textile and haberdashery shop. He developed an eye for details as well as a real passion to establish good relationships among clients. The next decade, Giglio turned his business into a fashion store instead of just dealing with fabrics and small articles. After another move of registering his business as a limited company, he explored exhibition spaces and began to develop his store and those that followed to become ultimate destinations for those with money to spend on style.

Not much information is available on what happened in between the 1970s and today, but if we’re judging from its current standing, then we can assume had it pretty well. It is still managed by the family which has turned it into a joint-stock business, and are working on expansion while continually improving existing ones, which are all situated in Palermo. The company has also developed technologically by installing state of the art equipment and programs to run both locally and internationally. It maintains a website that shoppers can turn to if they need a piece of luxury delivered at their doorstep.

Working with fashion heavyweights
Photo: @Gigliocom

Also legitimizing the assertion that Giglio is your top stop, whether online or offline, is the fact that the designers we know today actually gave their stamp of approval through collaborations with the store.

The great Gianni Versace had Giglio as among the first stores he worked for. Since the beginning, Giglio saw a potential in the designer he thought could lead to success, and he was not wrong. Versace is featured in the store collection sincethe 1970s up to this day, with the luxury company now managed by the Italian designer’s sister DonatellaThe likes of Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin have also graced the store. Since the 1970s, the former has worked with Giglio, selling exclusive Dior apparel and accessories. Its Giglio Boutique Donna in particular houses some Dior goodness unseen anywhere else.

The store was also host to Italian label Fiorucci in the 1970s up until the 1980s, and has been among the first to showcase Mary Quant, Kenzo and Biba. Today, the number has grown into more Italian and European luxury brands, with names like Gucci, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Saint Laurent, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta displayed at Giglio stores and its online dwelling.

Customer-friendly online and offline 2
Photo: @Gigliocom

Giglio may be dealing with fashion heavyweights, but the respect the company has is not limited to its featured designers. That is also extended to customers, as Giglio abides by the one rule that has been passed for generations: the customer is always right.

Giglio has respect for customers’ tastes, which is why it anticipates what they may like, getting the best from its partner designers, as well as vouching for their authenticity. Online, it tries to optimize the page so one can be provided with the most accurate description and appearance of an item.

Besides delivering the best the industry has to offer on its shelves or its website, it has a designated team that provides top customer service while a client is on the way to finishing a buy.  Whether it’s assisting them with a choice that would fit them best or secure payment, the company works side by side with its patrons. The website also offers worldwide shipping so that you would not have to go elsewhere if you’re nowhere near Palermo. Free shipping is offered everywhere but some are subject to certain conditions. has been in the beautiful city of Palermo for decades. Owing to its history, it is known for being a seat for high fashion and elegance among Sicilians and travelers. Top designers in Europe have graced the store with their presence, as well as sold their items on it. But is not one to lag behind technology. The domain name com right after its name is a symbol of the company embracing the changing shopping behavior of in the know clients around the world. catalog page screenshot on April 4, 2019 product page screenshot on April 4, 2019

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