Get Even More Excited for Festivities with These 10 Holiday Makeup Palettes



Snow, twinkling lights, mistletoe, joyful songs, Christmas trees….hmm, what else are we missing? Oh wait, GIFTS! If you haven’t noticed already, we’re listing out the best things about the holiday season and we saved the best one for last. It’s such a wonderful time to go and express your love by getting your family, friends, and yourself some good gifts to celebrate the season and close the year on the right note.

Get-Even-More-Excited-for-Festivities-with-These-Holiday-Makeup-Palettes Get-Even-More-Excited-for-Festivities-with-These-Holiday-Makeup-Palettes-2

And for a fool-proof gift that can bring a smile to any female family, relative, or friend you have, you can always trust a makeup palette. Who can say no to a gorgeous palette with multiple colors, finishes and occasionally, sparkles? With high-end makeup brands knowing how magical this season would be for makeup lovers and people close to them are, they actually release palettes specifically dedicated for this season. Here are some of the best ones to get you more excited for the upcoming holiday festivities.

Bobbi Brown Infra-Red Eyeshadow Palette ($39)

Bobbi-Brown-Infra-Red-Eyeshadow-Palette Bobbi-Brown-Infra-Red-Eyeshadow-Palette-1

Buy: $39.00

Pigmented formulas and huge pans—Bobbi Brown Infra-Red Eyeshadow Palette is like a gift that just keeps on giving. This palette contains some ethereal golds that sparkle fabulously, plus burgundy hues that would certainly glam up anyone with any type of complexion or undertone.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette ($54)


Buy: $54.00

Remember how gorgeous Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Highlighters are? Well, Rihanna know how much beauty-lovers adored them that she made a kaleidoscopic version of the highlighters in a palette. The frosty colors of the highlighters look utterly wonderful on both the eyes and the cheeks—so you’ll find it great to play with.

Jouer Making Magic Ultra Foil Eyeshadow Palette ($52)


Buy: $52.00

The holidays are the best way to step out of your matte makeup comfort zone and sport some fabulous shine on the lids. The 12 different shades of the Making Magic Ultra Foil Eyeshadow Palette by Jouer give a mirror-like look with a multi-dimensional feel into them. Maximum shine for holidays? Yes, please!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Eyeshadow Palette ($45)


Buy: $45.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills is not one to hold back awesomeness, so when it launched the Sultry Eyeshadow Palette, we just knew it would be great. This palette contains smoky and cool-toned hues, a totally different approach compared to that of Modern Renaissance. But the greatest shocker of all? The tomato red Bloom, a gorgeous hue that is right on theme this season.

Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Eyeshadow Palette ($49)


Buy: $49.00

Who doesn’t get that warm feeling when getting a whiff of that gingerbread spice? Too Faced turned that into a palette, and it’s giving us all the classic holiday feels with our favorite cookie. This offers a good selection of warm tones with ‘Oh, Snap!’ as one of our favorites…and we’re sure we’ll like it too.

Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($65)


Buy: $65.00

A nude makeup look is such a sophisticated look, so a nude palette is a must for any makeup-lover. The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette by Huda Beauty is a great product to start off with that purpose, especially with the velvety mattes, marbled duo-chromes, and scarlet glitters it contains.

Kylie Cosmetics Chill Baby Kyshadow Palette ($44)


Buy: $44.00

Kylie Jenner never stopped surprising her millions of followers by launching collections after collections this year. She recently got everyone excited with Kylie Cosmetics’ holiday collection, and if we’re talking about gorgeous palettes, the Chill Baby Kyshadow Palette from that collection is true winner. Colors on its pans are plain gorgeous—they blend smoothly, too.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4 ($80)


Buy: $80.00

Hourglass always brings some gorgeous palettes, and the Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 4 is right up on that alley. The highlighters on this palette are some of the best-sellers of the high-end brand, featuring some gorgeous shades that add fabulous glow to your cheeks.

Kat Von D Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette ($43)

Kat-Von-D-Fetish-Blush-Highlighter-Palette Kat-Von-D-Fetish-Blush-Highlighter-Palette-1

Buy: $43.00

Kat Von D always brings in fresh combinations and shades on the market, and the Fetish Blush + Highlighter Palette is no different. The blush and highlighter duos added to this palette gives you the perfect hues to enhance your cheeks, and believe us, this season is the best time for that.

Nars Orgasm Infatuation Palette ($42)

Nars-Orgasm-Infatuation-Palette Nars-Orgasm-Infatuation-Palette-1

Buy: $42.00

First off, isn’t the packaging on this palette so gorgeous? The rose gold case of the Orgasm Infatuation Palette is just a preview of the awesomeness that it contains. It opens to Nars’ well-loved products, the Orgasm Blush and the Laguna Bronzing Powder. But what we’re excited about is the new blush added to the palette, which surely would make you holiday season on point, in the cheek sculpting department.


So, does this make you feel more and more excited about the holidays? Don’t be shy! We know you’re as excited as we are! There’s just a few more days left to prepare for a fabulous season, and we think your first step should be grabbing some of these gorgeous palettes.


Image credits: Andrea Matillano/Youtube, Woman’s Day, Bobbi Brown, Beauty Almanac, Beautylish, myWishBoard, Maria Proietti/Pinterest, Sephora, Kylie Cosmetics, Hourglass Cosmetics.

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