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The Future of Faux Fur: We Need to Embrace Letting Go of the Real Fur

The Future of Faux Fur - We Need to Let Go of the Real Fur - Featured Image

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Is fur on its way out? Many fashion maisons, Gucci, Versace, and most recently Burberry have committed themselves to using more sustainable options. The recent London Fashion Week has vowed to go fur-free, and counterparts from other fashion capitals are being encouraged to do the same. Los Angeles, along with three other municipalities in California, have voted to prohibit the manufacture and sale of fur clothing and accessories. So, yes, we’d like to think it’s on its way out. The unethical treatment of animals as well as the toxic materials used in the creation of fur do not help its case either.

Many people have benefited from the warmth and the style that fur pieces, including fur coats, provide. But when fur isn’t a good option, what would be the best alternative? More designers are embracing the faux fur, and we’re seeing it more frequently on the runway. If you want to be in on what’s cool (and preferable, environmentally) this season, stay with us as we list down some of the best new faux fur coats available from the designers we love.

1. Acne Studios Faux fur coat

Acne Studios Faux fur coat

Price: US$3,000.00
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Acne Studios’ version of a faux fur coat this season is not one to be ignored. The saffron hue of the fabric creates a retro mood and the luxurious texture invites you to try it on and feel its softness. Fresh from the brand’s Fall/Winter collection, the coat can be matched with flared pants for some extra measure of vintage. The epaulets, notch lapels as well as the straps by the cuffs give the garment more character.

2. Stine Goya Concord faux fur coat

Stine Goya Concord faux fur coat

Price: US$580.00
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You don’t have to cut down other colors in favor of earthy tones if you don’t want to. As far as we’re concerned, pastel pink—or rosette—is an interesting pick for a faux fur coat. Called the Concord, the fluffy outerwear will look fun and chill with denim. It is lined with satin for that rich feeling and is thick enough to keep you warm in this season’s temperature dips.

3. Johanna Ortiz Fabula faux fur jacket

Johanna Ortiz Fabula faux fur jacket

Price: US$1,550.00
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We know that the very minute you lay your eyes upon this Johanna Ortiz Fabula faux fur jacket, the word that will come to mind is luxurious. And we’re not contesting that, no—we just think that the coat is at its most glamorous when in motion. The subtle movement of the fibers will level up your ensemble day or night. Maximize its allure while you have it over an equally fetching dress.

4. Stella McCartney Oversized patchwork faux fur coat

Stella McCartney Oversized patchwork faux fur coat

Price: US$1,925.00
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Stella McCartney has long sworn off fur and promised to use only sustainable materials in the creation of its pieces. That can mean that it has found ways to perfect the faux fur earlier than other brands, among many other things. One can certainly assume that upon seeing this beautiful patchwork coat from the brand. The oversized outerwear with large lapels will also look wonderfully chic with feminine pieces underneath.

5. Theory short faux fur jacket

Theory short faux fur jacket

Price: US$695.00
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Need some edge in your fall ensemble? Take on this Theory jacket that comes with luxurious fibers. The all-black outerwear has an open collar but will keep you warm regardless. It is also the choice coat when you love minimalist takes on wardrobe staples, which can be pretty much said for the rest of the brand’s offerings.

6. Givenchy Faux fur coat

Givenchy Faux fur coat

Price: US$3,490.00
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Here’s a faux fur coat that seems to have time traveled from the 1980s right into today’s Givenchy runway, but is actually among the freshest pieces the brand has to offer this season. Made in France, the silhouette takes on familiar characteristics from the era such as structured shoulders as well as the way the animal print is executed. Wearing it over your sleekest suits will create the same impression that shoulder pads did back in the day.

7. R13 Oversized shearling-lined leopard-print faux fur coat

R13 Oversized shearling-lined leopard-print faux fur coat

Price: US$895.00
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Endangered leopards don’t have to be harmed for you to have a sweet-looking faux fur coat with the coveted print. Besides having the coolest animal print around this season, the coat has a generous lining of cream shearling and wool so that you have a cozy time in the office or while taking a walk home.

Even though they’re ‘fake’, faux fur does not have to be the less appealing version, not when you know where to look for pieces worth investing in. With more and more companies joining the ranks of fur-free fashion houses, it is highly likely that we’d soon have plenty of modern and fashionable takes on the coat to choose from. The pieces from our list are already as glamorous as their less preferable counterparts; just goes to show that you can feel grand without having to harm animals.

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