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Fresh Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream Review

Fresh Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream

February 2021 (WHAT'S NEW?)

Fresh Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream Review
Fresh just keeps hitting high levels of expectations with its products, including the Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream that definitely does an excellent job. Among the things we love about this product are its scent, quick absorption into the skin, and its non-greasy feeling after use. Our hands felt moisturized and healthy throughout the day, making it worth every penny we spent. If we’re gonna point out something we don’t like though, it would be the packaging of this product, which seems too formal and flat, compared to the fragrant product inside.
Value for Money
Ease of Application
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Softening and moisturising effect
Great scent
Absorbs into the skin immediately upon application
Packaging isn’t enticing at all

The Fresh Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream has a buttery texture, but it doesn’t leave a heavy and greasy feeling on the hands. It’s formulated with seaberry oil, the main ingredient that makes it highly effective in softening and moisturizing the skin, even the drier areas and patches. It can also heal cracked skin as we have noticed, which got us very impressed with this product..

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