For People Claiming They Don’t Need Hair Mousse: We’ll Prove You Wrong


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We totally understand if you’re daily hair regime can only accommodate the time you need for blow-drying. But if you’re not one of the very few people who seem to always have just the perfect hair every single day, then you should make time for another step. And no, we’re not talking about gels, waxes, or even hairsprays. We’re talking about mousse.

“But I don’t need mousse!” is exactly the statement you might say. So we’re here to prove that wrong today. First, if you’re worrying that it’ll give you a rock hard hair, you’re thinking of the old-time mousse formulas. Second, if you think your hair will end up looking dry, that’s the opposite of what moisturizing mousses can give your hair. And lastly, if you think it would make your hair look flat, we’ll introduce you to the root-lifting ones that will volumize your hair.


Didn’t imagine mousse can be this complex nowadays? Well, get to know more about them and what they can do for different hair needs below.

Boring and Flat?


Okay, so you’re bored with that fine hair of yours that falls limp and looks lifeless. A mousse can easily solve that! A golf-ball size of volumizing mousse can give volume to your hair—just put that on your damp hair right before blow-drying it into whatever style you please. Make sure to cover the roots properly, for an all-day voluminous locks.


Hair mousse formulas for boring, straight hair:

Puffy and Unruly?

We’ve seen this often in shorter locks, like bob or lob cuts, and it’s a real issue. Especially when it’s a bit windy outside, your hair can look like it’s been walked over by 10 hyenas. Our solution in mind? Well, an addition of a defining mousse can keep those frizz tamed and lock that in without looking unnatural. Complete the styling step with a blow dry or a hot iron.


Hair mousse formulas for puffy hair:

Limp Curls?


There’s nothing more frustrating than having so much potential in a hair and not being able to maximize that. That’s exactly the case for curls that tend to fall limp—but here’s the thing, you can give them the lift they need with a mousse! Special curl-enhancing mouse that are lightweight is the best option for such hair, easily applied from roots to tips, styled through your fingertips and left to dry as is.


Hair mousse formulas to lift flat curls:

Dry Kinky Coils?


We’ve seem gorgeous voluminous curls that we can’t help but love, but a common issue with such curly hair is that they tend to get dry easily. The best way to counter that is using a mousse after washing—get into those tight coils and cover them properly with a conditioning mousse or foam to keep them hydrated. This way, after styling, you won’t have to worry about dry and flaky kinky coils.


Hair mousse formulas to moisturize curls:

Frizzy Waves?


Wavy hair can be a dreamy look for many, but if it frizzes extremely, they can be a pain in the ass. Don’t make frizzy waves ruin your gorgeous look with mousse. And we’re not actually talking about using mousse to really control every frizz in it—but defining the waves so that the frizz would not look so bad as they seem. With your wide-tooth comb, apply two to three pumps of a mousse along the length of your hair. For tighter waves, make sure to twist some groups of strands in your fingertips.


Hair mousse formulas for wavy hair:

So, did we actually convince you that you need mousse? We think we did! So use any of these mousses for any type of hair to always have a great hair day!



Image credits: Unsplash and Luxury Hair Blog.

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