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Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops Cream Blush Review

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops Cream Blush Review
Product Description
The Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops have received praise for being a less expensive alternative to the Glossier Cloud Paint Blush, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t stand on its own as a product. The pigmentation of the product is rich and the formula is so easy to work with. On top of that, it lasts a good, long time on the skin, whatever the conditions. One thing definitely to watch out for is accidentally overapplying product—but that’s more a minor quibble. This product is just so fun to integrate into one’s makeup routine. We can wholeheartedly give this product two big thumbs up!
Ease of Application
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Value for Money
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Strong pigmentation
Great wear time
Easy to overapply

Most people who follow trends in the beauty world will recognize Glossier’s Cloud Paint Blush, which we’ve reviewed here on the site before. The product was massively hyped (justifiably, of course) because of how effortlessly it elevated beauty looks. But this review is not about the Cloud Paint, but rather its new, more affordable spiritual successor, the Blush Bomb Color Drops by actress Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty brand.

The Blush Bomb Color Drops borrows what made the Cloud Paint such a popular product and runs with it, even making it more affordable in the long run. The pigmentation of these products is absolutely gorgeous and applied right, these blushes give a perfect healthy flush to the skin. They’re also very easy to blend and work more naturally in the skin, whether you’re using a brush, a sponge or your fingers. The blush is also able to last all day, through whatever condition.

Perhaps the biggest downside to the product is that it’s quite easy to overapply the stuff. It’s not as awful as, say, overapplying a powder blush and looking like a clown. But since the color is just so buildable, you might end up with a much heavier blush than you’d like, so fair warning.

Overall, this product works on multiple levels. As an inexpensive dupe for the Glosier Cloud Paint, it’s successful, but even then, it stands on its own as an all-around great blush product.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops are available in six shades: Bitten (raspberry), Bubbly (cotton candy pink), Pinched (nudish pink), Nectar (yellowish nude), Melon (orangey pink), and Cinnamon (golden nude).

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