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Fila 96 Review

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Fila 96 Review
Known before as the Fila Grant Hill 2, the renames Fila 96 comes back this 2019 carrying all the OG elements we’ve loved. The nostalgia that the silhouette carries gives us flashbacks of Hill’s days with the Pistons, but aside from that, the appeal of the clean, chunky, and old-school shoe. It now comes in two renditions and two color options as well: original cut/low cut and white/black.
Value for Money
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Nostalgic silhouette and design
Comes in two sleek colorways
Both available in high cut or low cut version
Non-fans of retro styles would not easily appreciate its beauty

Release Date: 1996 (Original Release) | 2008 (Start of Retro Runs) | 2019 (Latest Retro Release)

Fila 96 is made with a tumbled leather, which covers its upper and accented by Fila’s branding. The legacy of Fila 96 isn’t only all about its easily recognized form, but the well-incorporated elements that make it better, including the rolled edged in the quarter and toe area, the leather linings, and the full grain leather. With this shoe, we’ll welcome any retro release from the brand, any time, any day.

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Image credits: Fila, Sneaker News, Finish Line, Kicks Deals.

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