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It’s Never Too Late For Lists: Here Are Our Favorite Fashion Ads and Campaigns For 2018


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There are many ways to look back at the year that has passed: one can go through the top style news in the last months, perhaps list favorite trends for the year, or even be on the lookout for 2019-is-ticking shopping discounts to share. For us, we opted for the fashion ads and campaigns that stayed with us even beyond 2018, a year that has not been left wanting of memorable content. By memorable, we do not intend to include the controversial—that’s best saved for a completely different category. From the riveting to the inspirational, here are our 10 favorites from 2018, setting a standard which we hope we’ll see more of in the present year.

Moschino, Spring 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-1 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-2 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-3

Moschino’s campaign for spring captures the glam and the attitude brought by models right on the catwalk, and the result is a mesmerizing set of photos. Colors, ruffles, and tulle make models such as Adut Akech Bior, Liya Kebede, and Naomi Campbell stand out from the lensmen flooding them with flashes.

Sonia Rykiel, Spring 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-4 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-5 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-6

Sonia Rykiel’s fashion campaign is also a commemoration of the house’s 50th anniversary, which is why the label’s logo appears 50 times on each shot, with L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris as backdrop. The campaign is exquisitely done through photos that appear to be taken out of an art film, courtesy of photographer Zoë Ghertner, and the label’s chic pieces put together by stylist Francesca Burns.

Calvin Klein, Spring 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-7 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-8 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-9
This feels bittersweet now that Raf Simons has exited the brand, but the designer undoubtedly left unforgettable campaigns in his wake. One of these is Spring 2018’s star-studded “Our Family: #MyCalvins” version, where the brand is joined by Paris Jackson, Millie Bobby Brown, and Lulu Tenney (and those are just three), styled by Olivier Rizzo and shot by Willy Vanderperre. It emphasizes the importance of family and connections through Americana pieces, particularly through the American traditional quilt.

Missoni, Spring 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-10 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-11 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-12

Last year’s highest paid model Kendall Jenner appears on Missoni’s Spring campaign, which was one of most memorable, alongside model Filip Roseen, sporting knitted luxury against the never-ending desert (which is actually the White Sands National Monument) and the clear blue sky. The works of collaborator Rachel Hayes are made more poetic and enticing to look at despite the splash of shades and hues, thanks to the masterful shots of Harley Weir.

Versace, Spring 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-13 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-14 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-15

Versace has done as expected, following a riveting show with a riveting campaign. Only one supermodel, Naomi Campbell, from the earlier catwalk appears in the fashion ad, but it is still worthy of the buzz as it filled with other faces both from the Instagram generation and the one that came before. Donatella Versace pays respect to the house’s past, and finds a way to link it to present collection, showing just how in sync the designer was with her late brother Gianni’s vision.

Acne Studios, Fall 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-16 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-17 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-18

Kaia Gerber may be the model of the year, the title legitimized by her win during last month’s Fashion Awards, but her supermodel mom won’t be one to fade into oblivion—Cindy Crawford is still at it as she was in the ‘90s, proven by her modeling for Acne Studios’ Fall campaign. Photographed by fellow American Sam Abell, Crawford sports the iconic 1996 and 1997 jeans, which found their way back in 2018, while in the Texan desert.

Chloé, Fall 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-19 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-20 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-21

Steven Meisel captures the feminine appeal of French label Chloé in what was a continuation of his collaboration with Natacha Ramsay-Levi, the house’s creative director. Shot in New York City, the campaign features chic, graceful Chloé-dressed women, contrasting the busy views of the Big Apple.

JW Anderson, Fall 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-22 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-23 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-24

Instead of tapping already established fashion photographers, JW Anderson worked with three relative unknowns: Julie Greve, Yelena Beletskaya, and Simons Finnerty, winners of the British brand’s earlier contest for up and coming lensmen and women, for its Fall campaign. Every set is distinct, with each photographer applying individual styles, but it all comes together for their youthful yet wistful vibe, which is what JW Anderson was aiming for its collection.

Pyer Moss, Fall 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-25 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-26 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-27

Pyer Moss’ Spring presentation during the last New York Fashion Week was very well-received, and so is the label’s campaign for Fall 2018. Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond goes to Chicago, Baltimore, Brooklyn and Los Angeles to show another face of the American, people who also happen to be champions in their own communities.The accompanying film seeks answers for the question “Do You Feel American?” from each protagonist, which include Ameena Matthews, Good Kid Maad City, Precious Blood Ministries, Nadia Lopez, Valencia Clay, Cowgirls of Color, Angela Rye and the Compton Cowboys.

Loewe, Fall 2018

It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-28 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-29 It’s-Never-Too-Late-For-Lists-Here-Are-Our-Favorite-Fashion-Ads-and-Campaigns-For-2018-30

Loewe’s set of photos is sure to pique the interest of the literarily- and fashion-inclined. Taken by Steven Meisel, the campaign had models project while holding big hardbounds of classic novels, titles that were published by the Spanish brand in the last year. There were also cinematic, vivid overhead shots of Loewe-clad models inside an elevator as well as photos where the brand’s new leather-must haves take the spotlight.

Image credits: Calvin Klein, Willy Vanderperre, Moschino, Steven Meisel, Sonia Rykiel, Zoë Ghertner, JW Anderson, Julie Greve, Yelena Beletskaya, Chloé, Rubberband and Kerby Jean-Raymond, Pyer Moss, Missoni, Harley Weir, Versace, Loewe, Acne Studios

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