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How to use Victoria’s Secret Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with Victoria’s Secret
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, proceed to Checkout
  5. Fill in the necessary details for each page.
  6. When you get “Offers & Payments”, click ‘Use Offer Codes’.
  7. Add the promo code on the space/s provided.
  8. Click ‘APPLY OFFERS’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Victoria's Secret

Introduction to Victoria’s Secret

Imagine yourself walking into a lingerie store or an intimate apparel section of a department store. You’re looking for a perfect pair of undergarments or a lovely silk robe, for yourself or for someone else as a gift, and you know eyes are watching you and following you around in whichever corner of the store you go. Uncomfortable, isn’t it? Lingerie-shopping is a bit difficult for women, and even more challenging for their male counterparts.

If there is one brand that transformed the way people shop for intimate apparel, it’s no other than Victoria’s Secret. We owe it to Victoria’s Secret for making the experience of buying intimate apparel a little less awkward and instead more comfortable than before—especially for the male shoppers. To date, no lingerie brand compares to the success of Victoria’s Secret. While some women splurge on their Victoria’s Secret lingerie, countless young girls dream of becoming VS Angels. Let’s delve in and unravel the secrets on how the world’s leading specialty retailer of intimate apparel captured the hearts of many women and men across the globe.

Articles on Victoria’s Secret

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Who is Victoria?

Adriana Lima, a Brazilian model and actress, a Victoria's Secret Angel

Adriana Lima, a Brazilian model and actress, a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Madame Tussauds NY wax museum. Photo: Anton_Ivanov 

It is no secret that men have difficulty buying women’s lingerie in department stores for their significant other, fearing that they may look awkward, weird, or worse, pervy. This is a predicament experienced by every man ever since (trust us), so it is completely normal to not feel comfortable about going to a lingerie shop to find that perfect babydoll nightdress or sexy bustiers. In fact, the same thing happened to Roy Raymond, Victoria’s Secret’s founder, in 1977 when he wanted to surprise his wife, Gaye, with a sexy lingerie without wanting to look suspicious while buying women’s undergarments. Thanks to this agitating feeling, Raymond has the ingenious idea of making shopping for underwear a sexy and exciting experience for men. And so, Raymond and his wife founded the first ever Victoria’s Secret shop in a mall in Palo Alto, California.

Draped with skin-smooth silk and fully replete with dark wood, the first Victoria’s Secret shop was patterned after the imagery of a Victorian boudoir, where a respectable lady hides all her “secrets.” The name Victoria was selected by Raymond to capture the refinement, respectability and decency that are commonly associated with the Victorian era. However, upon much closer inspection, the shop, complete with red velvet sofas, more likely evoke a Victorian brothel rather than a respectable Victorian woman’s private room. Its catalog of products, as a matter of fact, featured women in provocative poses and very sexy lingeries to attract men.

This marketing strategy employed by Roy, unfortunately, failed to reach greater market, although it already expanded to five stores and a 40-page catalog in 1982. Soon enough, the store reportedly faced bankruptcy. Then enter Leslie Wexner, founder of Limited Brands, and bought the company for $1 million.

Making sexy mainstream

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, 2016. Photo: Sky Cinema

When Wexner came in to the picture, a new era for Victoria’s Secret that is geared towards women started. This move saved the brand, and helped women from all over to feel empowered about buying alluring pairs of thongs and bras.

Wexner noted a wide gap in the fashion industry wherein women cannot purchase a variety of sexy pieces of lingeries at competitive price points. Through this, he managed to make “sexy” mainstream as women from across the globe from all ages clamor for a piece of Victoria’s secret.

Now, after forty years since its inception, and with more than a thousand of stores around the world, Victoria’s Secrets offers a selection of different styles from a myriad of collections including sports bras, t-shirt bras, very sexy lingerie, nightgowns, bikinis and briefs, and things and v-strings.

Victoria’s Secret Angels

As a part of its smart marketing campaigns, the world-famous lingerie brand made history when it created one of the most highly anticipated fashion shows of the year—the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Unlike typical fashion shows, the event has a celebratory, festive atmosphere that brings together the biggest musical influences in the industry along with stunningly beautiful models donning million-dollar bras.

Major part of the show and the brand’s image are models referred to as Victoria’s Secret Angels. The brand chooses on-the-rise models instead of renowned celebrities and launches their career to international fame. Victoria’s Secret considered picking rising top models who are relatable to most women to parade the runway in extravagant lingerie. Some of the international models today whose stardom skyrocketed through Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are Gisele Bündchen, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Kate Upton, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Behati Prinsloo.

Ask little girls what they want to become in the future and we tell you, to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel is one of those dreams. And to be entirely honest, even women who are not so little anymore share the same aspiration.

The leading lingerie brand

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at Lexington Avenue Armory. Photo: 

Relatable brand ambassadors, highly anticipated fashion event, luxurious and rewarding in-store experience, and trend-forward and consistent new product introductions are behind the lingerie brand’s continued success. Plus, through its website,, that offers discounts and promotions every now and then, the brand is sure to stay as one of the largest and leading undergarment stores in the face of the earth where men and women alike can shop with the all the comfort they need.

Victoria’s Secret retail store in Singapore. Photo: haireena

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