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Dooney and Bourke LogoFor the social media-savvy, accessories are crucial pieces that completely change the look of an outfit. With bags, shoes, and jewelry as perfect Instagram content next to selfies and OOTDs (outfit of the day), it goes without saying that accessories are much-needed statement pieces. Choosing the right accessories, indeed, is as crucial as choosing the right clothes. Good thing, Dooney and Bourke, an American designer of luxury bags and accessories, offers you a selection of the most coveted accessories and leather goods, from briefcases and satchel bags to designer wallets, all crafted for fashion and functionality.

The Birth of Dooney and Bourke

Thanks to the clear-cut creative vision of Peter Dooney and the exceptional business skills of Frederic Bourke, the duo were able to launch their namesake, Dooney and Bourke, in 1975 in South Norwalk, Connecticut. Inspired with America’s long and timeless heritage in making quality leather goods, the brand started off with two remarkable products: the surcingle belt, a belt with a striped web body and leather fittings on both ends and is clasped with a metal buckle; and the classic suspenders. These products made waves during its release due to its impeccable style, making Dooney and Bourke a leading leather brand.

Not long after, just after six years to be specific, the brand branched out and decided to dabble in the cut-throat handbag business. In 1981, Dooney and Bourke successfully released the Tack Case and the Equestrian Bag. Soon enough, an array of bags including mail pouches and saddle bags were being manufactured by the slowly growing company. One of its trademark offerings, the All-Weather Leather bag which was developed and launched in 1983, helped the brand stamp its name in the fashion industry, which features a duck logo with a russet leather trim.

Virtual Platform

Just like any other fashion companies today, Dooney & Bourke intends to widen its reach to cater to its customers from more than 40 countries through its virtual platform. The site was established to expand their fashion empire, serving not just as a retail store, but also as a social commerce space that will undoubtedly reach a highly enthusiastic and loyal core customer service. In fact, it would not hurt if its e-commerce fashion hub becomes the flagship for the brand through its rich online undertakings. features a bright and clean look with detailed information on each product and Lookbook-inspired lifestyle imagery. Visually-pleasing, easy to navigate, and equipped with shopper-friendly check-out features, the site comes close to its goal of providing an enhanced shopping experience to its clientele.

Wide Range of Selections

Dooney and Bourke became a fashion authority through making expensive leather handbags for women. Initially targeting an older market, it resorted to promoting its leather goods with the help of Lindsay Lohan and Emma Roberts, teen actresses at the time, purposely to attract a younger market. Long dedicated to offering leather goods to the market, Dooney and Bourke has expanded its merchandise in the recent years and explored the apparel line with additional items such as quilted jackets, cashmere sweaters, hats, and gloves. Dooney and Bourke continues to offer a wider range of products, including embellishments such as bracelets, watches, wallets and belts and miscellaneous items such as keychains, wristlets, and coin purses.

Whether for travel, events, or work—Dooney and Bourke makes sure they it has everything its shopper would need. With a selection of duffle bags, messenger briefcases, and tote bags, to name a few, you’ll have quite a hard time choosing which Made-in-Italy Dooney item will make it to your closet and your Instagram. All of these products are available at Dooney and Bourke’s flagship store, retail outlets, and high-end department stores in the likes of Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, and Nordstrom, and of course, at as well.

The Dooney and Bourke Trademark

Throughout the years of offering exceptional leather products, the Dooney and Bourke became known for its timeless versatility, unparalleled craftsmanship, and uncompromising quality. In fact, the Dooney and Bourke trademark of using only the highest quality of materials and meticulous attention to detail precedes the brand. It is a heritage they live by each day.

Now, with more than 25 retail and outlet stores in the whole of the United States, over 150 shopping boutiques around the globe, and a well-managed online store,, the company’s world-renowned iconic design and chic products are all within an arm’s reach.

Needless to say, it is high time you head on to the nearest Dooney and Bourke retail store or log in to and you might just find what you are looking for—that one accessory lacking from your outfit. Go on, you know very well every Dooney and Bourke piece is worth the investment, as it offers a fashion combined with functionality and durability that can stand through the test of time and trends.

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