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Top 15 Best Fashion Designer Belt Bags for Women

Top 15 Best Fashion Designer Belt Bags for Women

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

It seems like midway through this decade, everyone decided every ‘90s trend needs to come back in the mainstream. It was a ripple effect that we can’t figure out how or where it started. All levels of the fashion industry from high fashion designers to fast fashion brands to cheap market dupes just seemed to have an infinite supply of high-waisted everything, mom jeans, track pants, denim dungarees, plaid skirt suits, and round glasses, among so many others that we can’t keep count of.

One thing we never knew would come back is the controversial belt bag or fanny pack, whichever name you fancy. People are either for it or against it, and right now, it seems like opinions are leaning towards the former. We thought it was going to be kept in the past like its fellow, the shoulder pad, which no one will ever let back into the trends, but obviously, we thought wrong.

We’d been confused about what to feel with these bags, but if you’re still skeptical, keep scrolling to see a demonstration of its glamour incorporated into current 2018-approved looks.

  1. GUCCI VINTAGE GG Supreme belt bag

GUCCI VINTAGE GG Supreme belt bag

Price: US$1,047.00
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Canvas bags can never look as good without Gucci’s double G pattern logo emblazoned on them. The GG Supreme belt bag is made of the sturdy and stiff fabric in beige and finished off with brown leather trims, canvas strap, and silver buckle fastening. This vintage Gucci bag will bring you closer to the ‘90s than any other bag you could ever buy in this era, but expect some wear and tear that carry a story from its adventures before you.

  1. MIU MIU Convertible matelassé velvet belt bag

MIU MIU Convertible matelassé velvet belt bag

Price: US$1,120.00
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Leather isn’t the only textile you’ll find with the best quality in Italy. By the feel of this matelassé velvet bag, you’ll discover the country also goes above and beyond on this luxury fabric that is made into a reliable belt bag by Miu Miu. It has a crescent shape that opens in a similar way with a zipper on top, and imprinted with a gold logo in front. Swap the belt for the chain strap, so you can also wear it as a shoulder bag.

  1. VALENTINO Valentino Garavani Free Rockstud belt bag

VALENTINO Valentino Garavani Free Rockstud belt bag

Price: US$1,375.00
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For girls whose love for pink never went away, this pink Free Rockstud belt bag by Valentino is the one to fulfill your bag fantasies. It’s made with quilted leather from Italy and rockstud embellishments, hence the name. A two-way zipper opens to a wide and deep compartment and another zipped pocket. At the back, another zipped pocket keeps other essentials harder to reach for wandering hands.

  1. OFF-WHITE Leather-trimmed canvas belt bag

OFF-WHITE Leather-trimmed canvas belt bag

Price: US$715.00
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We’ve got an eye on Off-White for their androgynous pieces that help us along in channeling our sporty fashion pegs. This canvas bag is nothing but edge with its all-black composition held by their signature orange labeled strap and its oversized zippers that are meant to look tough. For a head-turning look, wear it over your shoulder and across your chest against an all-black outfit.

  1. PRADA Black Cahier Leather belt bag

PRADA Black Cahier Leather belt bag

Price: US$1,820.00
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“It’s not just a bag, it’s Prada!” That infamous White Chicks quote will be yours when you wear this Cahier belt bag, but without the intense chase scene with a thief. This bag is set on your waist through the belt loops on your jeans, but still, it exemplifies the sophistication Prada is so well-known for through the smooth black leather and gold-tone hardware. Contrast its refined appearance by wearing a slightly oversized graphic tee like so.

  1. SAINT LAURENT belt bag


Price: US$850.00
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Saint Laurent never had trouble being at the forefront of fashion. Their founding principles focused on youth and freedom, which is always relevant. In this pink belt bag, we can see how the brand continues to live on with those concepts. It enables you to go hands-free, which every woman can be grateful for because obviously, we’ve lived with only handbags for far too long. Also, it has the light pink color that follows the current pastel craze among the young ones today.

  1. CHLOÉ Pixie mini suede and textured-leather belt bag

CHLOÉ Pixie mini suede and textured-leather belt bag

Price: US$990.00
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We’ve seen Chloe’s Pixie bag take multiple fashion week events by storm throughout this past year, and we continue to catch a glimpse of it on our favorite fashion bloggers’ Instagram feeds. For a good twist on this old-news bag, this jewelry-inspired chain belt bag gives you a new It factor. It’s mini-sized so as to dangle more lightly on your waist, or if you’re more for the common style, over your shoulder.

  1. GUCCI Brown Ophidia GG Supreme Small Leather Belt Bag

GUCCI Brown Ophidia GG Supreme Small Leather Belt Bag

Price: US$1,100.00
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Gucci’s brown or beige double G bags always remind us of the good side of vintage. They’ve nailed the perfect shades of those colors that doesn’t make them look less-appealing to youthful eyes that might prefer brighter ones. The Ophidia GG Supreme is emblazoned with all of Gucci’s signatures from the colors to the logos to the durable composition.

  1. NANCY GONZALEZ Crocodile belt bag

NANCY GONZALEZ Crocodile belt bag

Price: US$2,750.00
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Crocodile texture and style have always dominated bags. Everyone probably owns one with this look, but Nancy Gonzalez makes it even more special with her handcrafted expertise. A fringed zipper adds a feminine touch to the all-black item, but it opens to a suede lining in a lighter neutral color and a patch pocket with a leather trim. Change to a chain strap to wear it as a crossbody bag for a familiar style option.

  1. CELINE VINTAGE Macadam pattern denim belt bag

CÉLINE VINTAGE Macadam pattern denim belt bag

Price: US$945.00
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If only we could all have a vintage Celine bag, it would instantly become a closet essential. But as long as this belt bag is in stock, your wardrobe still has a chance to have a staple that doesn’t come often and in this slightly faded (or loved) signature Macadam pattern. It includes one zipped compartment on top of two flap-pocket compartments that ensures your things will be properly organized in their designated space.

  1. THEORY Suede belt bag

THEORY Suede belt bag

Price: US$165.00
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Because belt bags still have a confusing standing in fashion to this day, wearing one will already trigger second glances your way. If you’re a fashion girl who doesn’t need others’ validation for your eccentric outfits, it’s not important what people say, but it’s important to balance it out if you decide to wear such a striking bag. Made with camel suede, this bag will be a step down from your usual big totes, and if you ever get bored, lose the straps to carry it as a clutch.

  1. HAYWARD Benny belt bag

HAYWARD Benny belt bag

Price: US$950.00.00
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Hayward is a fairly new brand where several forms of art and cultures meet. Like all their other items, the Benny belt bag is a product of this vision. The blue-and-white striped suede bag is covered partially with a white leather flap with an H logo in front, a symbol that we’d likely see a lot more in the future fashion seasons.

  1. ELIZABETH AND JAMES Pen Pal textured-leather belt bag

ELIZABETH AND JAMES Pen Pal textured-leather belt bag

Price: US$125.00
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Just as much as you enjoyed writing and crafting your next letter to your pen pal, that’s how much you’d enjoy wearing this Pen Pal bag from our favorite twin fashion icons’ Ashley and Mary-Kate’s brand, Elizabeth and James. Structured like an envelope, this will remind you of the good old days when you’d get excited folding your papers a certain way to fit its rectangular shape, only this time, you’re fitting in your phone and wallet in this square bag. Take in your mood for the day then loop it through your waistband or wear it crossbody accordingly.

  1. PRADA VINTAGE logo belt bag

PRADA VINTAGE logo belt bag

Price: US$1,134.00
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Prada Vintage isn’t all feminine. Most of their logo bags today may convince you otherwise, but this vintage logo belt bag will show you a side to Prada that we don’t often see today. Steering away from their all-leather exteriors, this nylon and leather bag is enclosed with slightly oversized zippers, and enclosed still by a buckle fastening. The durability is unquestionable on this one, and if only for the rarity of this piece, it’s worth every cent.

  1. MOSCHINO teddy bear belt bag         

MOSCHINO teddy bear belt bag

Price: US$595.00
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Moschino and Playboy’s collaboration is one that the pop culture and fashion-obsessed won’t be able to forget for a long time. As part of that collection, this teddy bear belt bag is one of the items we expect to see showing up at random on the streets or on events where designer clothes and accessories can appropriately be paraded. Despite the innocent-looking print on the leather exterior, the gold accents and buckle-fastened strap won’t make it look out of place with a grungy all-black ensemble.

Women have a lot to tackle and conquer in this day and age. Between our careers and personal life lies our side hustles, hobbies, and interests that are all worthy of our full attention. We can’t afford to be held down by huge totes that take a lot of outfit planning to flaunt. Effortless, hands-free, and fashion forward, the belt bag is our next bet when it comes to ruling our own world without sacrificing looking good for ourselves.

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