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A Complete Guide to Buying and Styling Your Baby Boy With Expensive Designer Clothes

Top 7 Fashion Designer Jackets for Your Baby Boy in 2018

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Having a little bundle of joy at home can be very exciting and overwhelming especially to first time parents. Parents always want to make sure that their babies have everything they need for them to feel comfortable and relaxed. For some parents they want to dress their baby with expensive clothing! It is an endless quest to choose the best clothes for their little ones. Therefore we had created this guide to some of the parents who might be interested in dressing up their baby boy with designer clothes.

Hope you garner some inspiration out of this post. Anyway, this is a VERY LONG post, if this post is too long to your liking and you would like to proceed straight to the vendor sites, check out the best online places to shop kids’ designer clothes.

Designer Tops

  1. Thom Browne Kids V-neck Pullover

Thom Browne Kids V-neck Pullover

Price: US$620.00
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Who wouldnt want this V-neck Pullover by Thom Browne Kids for their little ones to wear? Your baby boy will be all cute and trendy while making him warm and comfy during the cold days. You and him will both love the texture of the knitted fabric against your skin, for sure.

  1. Gucci Kids Tropical-print Shirt

Gucci Kids Tropical-print Shirt

Price: US$393.00
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If you want your baby to be ready this summer, this tropical kid shirt by Gucci Kids will be your best pick. This polo made of pristine white cotton blend is lighweight to make your baby feel comfortable during warm days.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids Multi Patch Top

Dolce and Gabbana Kids Multi Patch Top

Price: US$370.00
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Be fun and playful for your baby polo choices by having this Dolce & Gabbana Kids top. Your kid will look cuddly and soft while wearing this multi patch top in luscious green hue. He’ll surely be entertained with the tiger patch. Meanwhile, the crown one will match his real role in your life as his little prince.

  1. Philipp Plein Junior Skull Print T-shirt

Philipp Plein Junior Skull Print Shirt

Price: US$318.00
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Be more experimental with your kid’s top with this Philipp Plein skull print t-shirt. Created with pure pristine white cotton to make your baby feel more relaxed and stylish. Just a pair of denim jeans and sneaker will complete the hip look of your kid.

  1. Fendi Kids Printed Polo Shirt

Fendi Kids Printed Polo Shirt

Price: US$300.00
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Your kid will look more pure with this Fendi Kids Polo Shirt. This white cotton printed polo shirt will accentuate your baby’s innocent spirit while wearing this piece. It proves that you only need a simple clothing to let your little boy’s charm shine through.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids DG Jungle Print T-shirt

Dolce & Gabbana Kids DG Jungle Print T-shirt

Price: US$256.00
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This Dolce & Gabbana Kids‘ jungle print t-shirt is perfect if you want to add more color and interesting prints to your baby’s wardrobe. Your child will look bright and colorful with this cute top, perfect for his daily adventures in the playground or the zoo.

  1. Gucci Kids Baby Polo with Symbols Embroidery

Price: US$250.00
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Your baby will look chic and stylish when he wears this white stretch cotton piquet. The colorful patches added fun and excitement to your kid’s playful spirit – truly a signature style by Gucci.

  1. Young Versace Teddy Logo T-shirt

Young Versace Teddy Logo T-shirt

Price: US$191.00
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Teddy bears are for babies! Young Versace knows this too well when it launched this white cotton teddy logo t-shirt in its line. This logo t-shirt can be paired with a jogger pants for a cute vibe.

  1. Young Versace Baroque Print Shirt

Price: US$271.00
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A short polo for babies is a fashion forward move. But with this Young Versace baroque print shirt, your baby’s OOTD will surely be elevated into a regal look. Not only the print is captivating, but also the small details that make the piece unique such as the cuffed sleeves and asymmetric hem.

  1. Burberry Kids House Check Shirt

Burberry Kids House Check Shirt

Price: US$106.00
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Who wouldn’t want to have this signature plaid for their babies? Burberry Kids house check shirt is a good choice if you want your babies to look classy and funky. This is lightweight and easy to wear, making dress up time with your baby hassle-free.

Designer Tracksuits

  1. Cashmirino Knitted two piece tracksuit

Cashmirino Knitted two piece tracksuit

Price: US$647.00
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This knitted two piece tracksuit would make you cuddle your little man all day long with its utterly soft texture. Created with the highest quality of materials, Cashmirino guarantees that your baby will only get the best comfort from this tracksuit.

  1. Young Versace printed tracksuit

Young Versace Printed Tracksuit

Price: US$612.00
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In terms of baby care, Young Versace always has the best interests of your baby covered. This printed tracksuit will make your baby all so-comfy while keeping him warm and toasty. On another note, how cute are those little Medusa heads printed in these pieces?

  1. Roberto Cavalli Kids printed tracksuit

Roberto Cavalli Kids printed tracksuit

Price: US$375.00
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Your child will look extra playful with this Roberto Cavalli Kids printed tracksuit. It comes with animal printed design to add fun in your baby’s OOTD. A collection of paw prints, zebra, stars, balls and many other stuff makes this pair a representation of what goes inside your baby’s head. Interesting, huh?

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids bow tie applique tracksuit

Dolce & Gabbana Kids bow tie applique tracksuit

Price: US$365.00
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Are you planning to bring your baby to a formal event? This Dolce & Gabbana bow tie appliqué tracksuit is perfect for him. Your baby will look elegantly cute in this signature piece – best to wear during a formal dinner or a Sunday family gathering.

  1. Gucci Kids Baby Gucci pets print gift set

Gucci Kids Baby Gucci pets print gift set

Price: US$340.00
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Elevate your baby’s cuteness by dressing him up with this Gucci Kids pets print tracksuit. The colorful design with adorable cats will turn your little one bubbly and cute in an instant!

  1. Moschino Kids bear print tracksuit set

Moschino Kids bear print tracksuit set

Price: US$248.00
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If you’re looking for everyday dressing for your little boy during the cold days, this Moschino Kids bear print tracksuit is a top choice. Simple but well-tailored, this will definitely provide enough warmth and comfort to your baby.

  1. Moncler Kids color block tracksuit set

Moncler Kids color block tracksuit set

Price: US$235.00
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Your baby will look ultra sporty and posh with this Moncler Kids color black tracksuit set. Dress up your little one with this piece for a morning walk or a simple stroll in the park even during cold days!

  1. Simonetta long sleeve suit set

Simonetta long sleeve suit set

Price: US$343.00
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Kit out your little boy with this super-cute Simonetta long sleeve suit set. We bet you an imagine your son looking like a baby boss with these pieces. Your baby will look be extra cuddly when you pair this with a bonnet and a pair of booties.

Designer Pants

Hip, trendy and stylish are comments about fashion that your baby boy wouldn’t even care about. However, you as a parent, would definitely appreciate it upon hearing from a friend or even a stranger.

“Your baby boy looks so fashionably awesome!” 

Can you hear the numerous bells ringing joyously in your head? Yup, we thought so too!

Get on board the ‘stage parent’ train and start early as you cover your little golden boy with breathtaking elegant pieces that will earn him endless positive comments and praises. (Ehem, you too, of course!)  We’ve got the perfect 9 pants to level up your classy styling game with your innocent prince.

  1. Burberry Five-Pocket Denim Trousers

Burberry Five-Pocket Denim Trousers

Price: US$110.00
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Starting off with a London dapper style pillar, Burberry, we have these denim jeans that mix in together casual and formal looks in one piece. The straight cut creates a perfect silhouette for your boy’s little legs, while the rolled cuffs with the label’s iconic check will give him the gentleman vibe.

  1. ARMANI JUNIOR straight leg chinos

ARMANI JUNIOR straight leg chinos

Price: US$127.00
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A simple, straighforward piece is key to everyone’s closet, even the young ones! Is your baby boy missing such piece in his wardrobe? Armani Junior got your back in this specific dilemma: these straight leg chinos are just about how classic a basic piece can ever get. Now you’re at a liberty to match these with anything. And we mean, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

  1. Gucci Kids Jersey 475767X5U56

Gucci Kids Jersey 475767X5U56

Price: US$155.00
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While baby boys’ exercise is limited to crawling, walking and playing, and even if they seem to never get tired of doing all of these all day, we know that letting them wear constrictive and uncomfortable clothes can wear them down easily. And you don’t want your boy to miss out on all the fun and rowdy stuff little boys usually do, right? Nodding yes? Good. Then this sophisticated Gucci piece is what your kid needs.  

  1. BOSS KIDS chino trousers

BOSS KIDS chino trousers

Price: US$117.00
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Another classic-looking pants is provided by a powerhouse brand for men, women and kid’s apparel, Hugo Boss. These chino trousers has a very versatile navy blue hue and an elasticated waistband that will serve as a parent’s bestfriend. No room for discomfort for your baby!

  1. GUCCI KIDS Baby gabardine pant with Web

GUCCI KIDS Baby gabardine pant with Web

Price: US$310.00
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 Of course, Gucci has a shocker piece to give to your little baby prince. These brightly colored red pants will make the simplest shirt and plain shoes pop like the coolest ensemble ever, just paired with this stunning piece. A surprise Sylvie web detail can be found when you cuff the pants’ hem.

  1. Burberry Kids Mini Phill Trousers

Burberry Kids Mini Phill Trousers

Price: US$62.99
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Another comfort-achiever is Burberry Kids’ blue trousers, which are obviously so soft and cozy that even adults would love to have. Ribbed detailing at the cuffs and waist, plus functional and stylish seams complete this sporty but classy item.

  1. THOM BROWNE KIDS 4 bar stripe joggers

THOM BROWNE KIDS 4 bar stripe joggers

Price: US$389.00
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Athletic look is the hype today, and your baby boy should follow the lead! Put these tasteful joggers on him and let him wear a cool shirt and sneakers and bam! You got yourself a little fashion model in the making.

  1. IL GUFO checked trousers

IL GUFO checked trousers

Price: US$99.00
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Il Gufo adds variety into this list with these smart-but-comfy-looking trousers that reminds us of Old England fashion. Just add some blazer over his outfit, plus a cute little pair of baby brogues and he’ll look perfect for any social event.

  1. Burberry Kids Ricky Pants

Burberry Kids Ricky Pants

Price: US$110.00
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Ending with another Burberry piece, we give you this option to dress up your baby as a little gentleman. The belt loops are perfect for colorful belts, a good contrast to the tamed taupe color of the pants. Show off the signature check of the brand by cuffing the hem.

Designer Coats

  1. MONCLER KIDS hooded padded coat

MONCLER KIDS hooded padded coat

Price: US$555.00
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Starting off from a gorgeous piece, Moncler Kids‘ hooded padded coat will sure look good worn by your lovely little boy. It is well padded with comfortable and durable materials, ensuring you that your baby won’t get chilled even during the coldest winter night. Another comfort factor is added by the authentic rabbit fur and wool trim at the hood, which will frame your baby chubby cheeks and give him an even cuter aura.

  1. GUCCI KIDS hooded duffle coat

GUCCI KIDS hooded duffle coat

Price: US$820.00
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Gucci never hides its glamorous and elegant style in every piece its comes out with. Even just for a baby, the classiness of this duffle coat gives off a powerful and regal feel, a good complement to how you treat your baby like a real prince. This piece was made from cashmere and was added with a hood, perfect for the comfort and warmth of your boy.

  1. Burberry Kids Benson Coat

Burberry Kids Benson Coat

Price: US$255.99
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Fashionably cool, this Benson coat from Burberry Kids is a piece you can put on your baby throughout varying weather moods. It is padded and well insulated, ensuring that no cold will bother you baby even when you go outside. yet on days and night when the coldness is bearable, you can take off the detachable arms of this piece to keep your baby getting too hot inside of it. The blue color of this piece makes it easy to style with, too, and of course it it lined with the iconic check design of the brand.

  1. Moncler K2 Hooded Fur-Trim Puffer Coat

Moncler K2 Hooded Fur-Trim Puffer Coat

Price: US$495.00
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This white puffer coat from Moncler is a truly well-constructed piece designed for the ultimate coziness it can give to your kid, plus an adorable look that makes people appreciate the effort you do for your son’s OOTD. The optional fur-edged hood elevates this piece into a more luxe look while adding extra protection around the head of your little man. However, at times when it is too bulky and not needed, it can be easily removed to not add a weight to the already bulky piece.

  1. MOSCHINO KIDS bear print padded coat

MOSCHINO KIDS bear print padded coat

Price: US$565.00
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In what world does anybody dislikes a teddy bear? Nowhere. Teddy bears are everyone’s favorite, especially kids. Although practicality and style are our priorities in determining the best pieces out there, we give additional point to this Moschino Kids piece for its entertaining factor. We’ll sure your little boy will have fun looking at his own hands and arms to see the bright red color and the multiple teddy bears imprinted on it.

  1. BOSS KIDS hooded puffer coat

BOSS KIDS hooded puffer coat

Price: US$236.00
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We end this list with a classic puffer coat that has a cool teal tone into it. Despite the classic design, the hue gives this piece a modern look and a perfect style that will make your prince standout everywhere.

Designer Shorts

  1. FENDI KIDS printed casual shorts

FENDI KIDS printed casual shorts

Price: US$200.00
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These bright orange Fendi shorts looks like it belongs to an actual cartoon character. The cotton-blend material is so soft and smooth, it’s like it’s been drawn by an animator. Pair it with a shirt in white or any other contrasting color, so he could fully embody his own character.

  1.  YOUNG VERSACE printed shorts

YOUNG VERSACE printed shorts

Price: US$231.00
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One would think boxer shorts are only for boys a little bit older than 2 years old, but this Young Versace shorts in navy with white playful prints prove us wrong. He’ll perfectly fit in these and look like a proper boy in it too.

  1. FENDI KIDS striped shorts

FENDI KIDS striped shorts

Price: US$250.00
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Fendi‘s choice of colors for the stripes in this pair of shorts will remind you of summer even if your streets are still covered in snow. Hopefully, a family vacation is right around the corner because your baby would be the perfect image of what summer is with only these shorts on.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids Mid Swim Boxer (Infant)

Dolce & Gabbana Kids Mid Swim Boxer (Infant)

Price: US$175.00
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If you’re gonna get something that he would outgrow in a year, if not months, get something with a dual purpose. This boxers can be used as swim trunks for those summer getaways, or just a lightweight bottoms for daily use in the scorching hot summer days.

  1. GUCCI KIDS Baby stretch denim bermuda with bee

GUCCI KIDS Baby stretch denim bermuda with bee

Price: US$265.00
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It’s important to let him wear something he’ll be comfortable in all day long, or else you’re going to hear that high-pitched cry and for what about, you’d be guessing for at least 10 minutes. This stretch shorts won’t hinder or limit any movement, so you can enjoy a day out with him stress-free.

  1.  Burberry Sean Cotton Check Shorts

Burberry Sean Cotton Check Shorts, Sand, Size 6M-3Y

Price: US$110.00
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Burberry‘s Sean check shorts keep the boyish vibe alive with the print and color combo. It’s a print that might be the same as one of his older brother or dad’s clothes and it would be the cutest to pair with them.

  1. MONCLER KIDS contrast-trim shorts

MONCLER KIDS contrast-trim shorts

Price: US$110.00
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For your baby’s first clothes ever, go for the luxurious colors in the most comfy fabrics. He’ll only be a baby once and you wouldn’t want to miss seeing him in this Boss Kids shorts that goes all-out in all aspects: style, comfort, color, and striped trim design.

Designer Jackets

  1.  STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Josh hooded jacket

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Josh hooded jacket

Price: US$125.00
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Even though he doesn’t understand it yet, it’s generally good to start him young on things that he might be interested in in the future, like comics. This Stella McCartney printed jacket features some amazing illustrations that he might also find to be an interesting visual.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS hooded bear jacket

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS hooded bear jacket

Price: US$108.00
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He’s your little one and as long as he can’t agree or disagree with you yet, he’ll be whoever or whatever you want him to be. Since he’s a good cuddle buddy, it’s just right for him to dress up as your own teddy. This bear jacket will get him in character.

  1.  MONCLER KIDS stripe detail padded jacket

MONCLER KIDS stripe detail padded jacket

Price: US$237.00
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You wouldn’t want to get caught in a traumatic cold or flu situation for the first time with your baby this early in his life. Cover him up with this Moncler Kids padded jacket until you’re sure the weather is okay enough for a sweater, so you can be sure that he’s protected and safe.

  1. Burberry Kids Colin Quilted Jacket

Burberry Kids Colin Quilted Jacket (Infant, Toddler)

Price: US$145.00
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Even with only months or a year, your boy can look extremely handsome as a man with the right clothes. This quilted jacket is a very tiny version of what could be an adult man’s jacket, and when he wears this Burberry piece, he’ll look properly prim like a very graceful gentleman.

  1. MOSCHINO KIDS reversible plaid down jacket

MOSCHINO KIDS reversible plaid down jacket

Price: US$323.00
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When your baby’s as small as he is for only a few months, it’s better to invest in something that he can use in more than one way. This Moschino Kids reversible down jacket offers two designs: one in colorful plaid and the other in plain bright red. It’s excellently crafted, so he can wear it in 2 days without anyone knowing that he wore the same jacket.

  1. GUCCI KIDS Baby jersey denim bomber jacket with Web

GUCCI KIDS Baby jersey denim bomber jacket with Web

Price: US$380.00
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When you join together the style of a bomber and the design of a baseball jacket and put it on your baby, you get one stylish jock who’s fashion sense is beyond his years, and he doesn’t even know it yet. Gucci‘s denim bomber jacket will help him achieve that with no fuss at all.

  1. CASHMIRINO Cashmere layered jacket

CASHMIRINO Cashmere layered jacket

Price: US$370.00
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Who’d have thought that a coat would look good atop a layer of hoodie? That’s what this Cashmirino layered jacket looks like, and it is the best combination for your baby boy. It takes into consideration his comfort and warmth with the hoodie, but also his style with the coat-like outer appearance.

Designer T-shirts

  1. Paul Smith Junior musical dinosaur T-shirt

Paul Smith Junior musical dinosaur T-shirt

Price: US$57.00
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Hmm, anthropomorphized dinosaurs playing instruments and having fun? We’re in! The large reptiles can capture the imagination of any youngster, especially of a baby boy, and music begins in one’s life usually early on so we’re sure your kid will not complain. Have fun singing in kiddie tunes with your baby boy in these, and we’re sure that it would be a sight to behold.

  1. Little Marc Jacobs Mister Marc Essentials Long-Sleeve Graphic Tee

Little Marc Jacobs Mister Marc Essentials Long-Sleeve Graphic Tee

Price: US$55.00
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Mister Marc always comes with interesting choices and it would be a squeal to have the quirky figure on your baby’s shirt. The guy with a face that could be ambiguously read dons a vest full of patches and a checkered shirt, and is all on a bright red shirt, so it would be hard to ignore. It’s a shirt within a shirt!

  1. Roberto Cavalli Kids printed T-shirt

Roberto Cavalli Kids printed T-shirt

Price: US$120.00
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Can you count how many tigers are on this shirt? Neither can we, or maybe we’re just not too eager to count, but does it even matter? All we care about is that the majestic creatures on your child’s shirt will pique the interest of fellow children, so if your baby boy is not completely averse to attention, then he may beg to have you clothe him in this one.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids logo print ringer T-shirt

Dolce & Gabbana Kids logo print ringer T-shirt

Price: US$107.00
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Give your little prince the shirt he deserves, simple and direct to the point, and with a designation indicated in front of what he truly is. This piece from Dolce & Gabbana’s collection efficiently gives off a grand vibe without being excessive. That doesn’t mean you spoil him to death… The king and queen still have authority over the prince who has years to go before becoming an adult on his own.

  1. Paul Smith Junior cat T-shirt

Paul Smith Junior cat T-shirt

Price: US$57.00
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Cute kids and cute kittens go well together, and your baby will be as adorable as a sight of the two side by side with a shirt that has a cartoonish version of our favorite domestic felines. Have a baby that likes to pretend likes he’s an animal, maybe even a cat? Take this shirt and have fun!

  1. Gucci Kids Web detail T-shirt

Gucci Kids Web detail T-shirt

Price: US$135.00
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If you’re toning down on fun prints but still wanting to dress your child in adorable garbs, Gucci has a a classic white shirt that has their signature colors on the ribbed cuffs. Who knew dressing casual can still be impressive? We’re kidding! We knew, Gucci knew, and now we’re sure that you have a more definite image of what a simple-but-still-wanting-to-impress outfit looks like.

  1. Stella Mccartney Kids Josh print T-shirt

Stella Mccartney Kids Josh print T-shirt

Price: US$62.00
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Stella Mccartney is well-known for its quirky prints as proven here where we have peculiar-looking creatures drawn like comics having fun with the water. Prepare to hear your kid joshing around with family and friends and echoing the words on this cotton shirt—Whoosh! ARGH! Surf! YIPPEEEE!

  1. Paul Smith Junior hot dog T-shirt

Paul Smith Junior hot dog T-shirt

Price: US$70.00
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We’ve all wondered why a hotdog is called a hotdog when it is actually not a “hot dog”. But do you know what’s more perplexing? A dog with a body of a hotdog on skates! Well, it isn’t actually a thing, but it makes for a whimsical print on this blue cotton shirt. Brace yourself for questions regarding the origin of the term hotdog though, as this shirt will most likely remind people of it or lead children to wonder themselves.

Designer Sneakers

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids Black Sneaker

Dolce & Gabbana Kids Black Sneaker

Price: US$295.00
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Make people notice your baby boy with these fashionable sneakers decorated in criss-cross brand-embellished straps by Dolce & Gabbana. Made with synthetic all over, and inserted with a lightly padded leather insole, this is a striking dot in an exclamation point of an outfit.

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Kids Airon Sneaker

Giuseppe Zanotti Kids Airon Sneaker

Price: US$350.00
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Opt for these standout shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti that will make walking for your kid incredibly light and enjoyable. The leather shoes in sky blue will tightly secure your child’s feet with its combination of high zips and hoop-and-loop closure.

  1. Burberry Kids Mini Westford

Burberry Kids Mini Westford

Price: US$135.99
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The all-white pair from Burberry is far from simple. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is exquisitely made, with the quilted leather and the croc-embossed leather accents for you and your child’s enjoyment. If you’re looking to invest on a good pair of slip-ons, then Burberry’s Mini Westford is a top suggestion.

  1. Gucci Kids New Ace Sneakers

Gucci Kids New Ace Sneakers

Price: US$310.00
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If preppy and athletic is what you’re looking for, luxury brand Gucci has these New Ace sneakers for your little man. Gucci employs the use of its signature colors green and red as stripes on the sides, and the brand name is emblazoned on the rear of the shoe, written in white against the metallic green accent.

  1. Paul Smith Junior High Top Sneakers

Paul Smith Junior High Top Sneakers
Price: US$89.10
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Establish your baby boy as a cool kid with these luxurious high-tops from Paul Smith Junior. The multi-colored side stripes complement the navy blue color, the brand name is written along the tongue. The shoelaces and the straps on the vamp are put specifically for the shoes to securely fit your kid’s feet. The rubber outsoles are durable, making this stylish pair good for extensive use.

  1. Little Marc Jacobs Mini Me Sneakers

Little Marc Jacobs Mini Me Sneakers

Price: US$71.50
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Your kid will rock in these Mini Me sneakers from Little Marc Jacobs. The combination of faux suede and polyester is sleek, the polyester lining and padded insole are comfortable. The solid colors are striking, as well as the black bolt design on the sides. You can adjust the fit of the shoes with its full lace-up closure.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids Blue Sneaker

Dolce & Gabbana Kids Blue Sneaker

Price: US$245.00
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We’re concluding the list with another D&G piece as stylish as the first entry. Get your kid’s fix of sports luxe with these slip-ons that come with a synthetic outsole and a leather insole. The label is written on the criss-cross black laces which gives a good contrast against the blue background.

Designer Scarves

  1. Burberry Kids Branded Bus Jaqcuard Scarf

Burberry Kids Branded Bus Jaqcuard Scarf

Price: US$129.99
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An attention-grabbing and fun scarf is what you’ll get from this Burberry piece. The British luxury house usually uses national icons in its design, and you’ll find that the fun print on this scarf is a double-decker bus often associated with the country’s capital, in bright, loud red-orange. The print is very noticeable against the gray background of this woven wool scarf. The brand name is also emblazoned across it and the ends are adorned with fringes.

  1. Versace Kids Greca Hat & Scarf Set

Versace Kids Greca Hat & Scarf Set

Price: US$125.50
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Our Versace on the list is a set. Not only is your child’s neck warm, Versace thought to add a hat so as not to leave the head exposed. The hat and scarf are predominantly red, with the gray color reserved for the greca print. The former is adorned with a soft pom-pom, the latter unlined. The duo are both made out of 100% wool and have a logo plaque in front.

  1. Burberry Kids The Fringe Giant Exploded Check Scarf

Burberry Kids The Fringe Giant Exploded Check Scarf

Price: US$244.99
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A scarf in Burberry’s signature plaid will not be absent from its collection of ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. This check scarf has full fringe on both sides. Spoil your baby boy in the heavenly textures of wool and cashmere.

  1. Gucci Kids Scarf

Gucci Kids Scarf

Price: US$235.00
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We’ve included this square scarf in the list not only for variety but for the elegance it exudes. Logos of the Italian fashion house are printed throughout the color block edge, and the hemline is frayed. The scarf in this list is in yellow and navy blue, but if you prefer a more casual, youthful color combination, a Gucci scarf in royal blue and orange is also available. You’re kid’s comfort is assured by its wool, cotton and silk composition.

  1. Burberry Kids Super Exploded Skinny Fashion Fringe Scarf

Burberry Kids Super Exploded Skinny Fashion Fringe Scarf

Price: US$122.99
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We’ve already featured a fringe scarf earlier, but Burberry completes the list with a skinny fringed scarf that may be a bolder choice. The plush wool scarf has fringes all over the sides that will match an edgier outfit. The handsome accessory employs the signature plaid design but in a richer color of black.

Burberry Long-sleeve Shirts

  1. Burberry Kids long sleeve polo shirt

Burberry Kids long sleeve polo shirt

Price: US$52.00
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Burberry has a line of clothes dedicated to producing garments with military detailing. Among those is this red cotton polo shirt that you can choose this for your tiny soldier. It features a classic polo collar, a front button placket and an embroidered logo on the left part of the chest.

  1. Burberry Kids Camber Shirt

Burberry Kids Camber Shirt

Price: US$84.99
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A crisp camber shirt is a worthy addition in your child’s dresser. Checkered shirts have never gone out of style, and this bright navy blue top beautifully designed with a point collar and a shirttail hem makes for an excellent casual look. Dual pockets decorate the chest and the cuffs can be folded and fastened by button tabs.

  1. Burberry Kids London Icons motif T-shirt

Burberry Kids London Icons motif T-shirt

Price: US$107.00
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Burberry often pays homage to its British heritage by incorporating designs that are considered national emblems. This white cotton shirt has a embroidered chenille lion, striped sleeves akin to a candy cane, shoulder buttons, and ribbed cuffs.

  1. Burberry Kids Thomas Bear New Bear Print Tee

Burberry Kids Thomas Bear New Bear Print Tee

Price: US$85.00
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Aside from the plaid design it is known for, Burberry also has another signature symbol in Thomas the Bear. In this shirt, Thomas is a guard, illustrated as if it is in the middle of marching. The long-sleeved cotton shirt is charming and also comfortable to wear. It comes with a round sleeve, shoulders fastened by buttons and a straight hemline.

  1. Burberry Kids classic Oxford button down shirt

Burberry Kids classic Oxford button down shirt

Price: US$101.00
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An Oxford shirt which is truly British is a must-have for your son’s repertoire. It is easy to wear and match, and wherever you may be, the shirt doesn’t seem to be out of place. If you’re buying your kid his first Oxford shirt, might as well go for a white one from Burberry that spells class. This one has a curved hem, pleat detail on the back, buttoned cuffs, and an embroidered logo on the chest.

  1. Burberry Kids Checked Pocket Callum Top

Burberry Kids Checked Pocket Callum Top

Price: US$55.99
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This red callum top can be easily identified as a Burberry top, thanks to the iconic check print pocket on the left part of the chest. The crew neck is made from lightweight cotton and has an expandable shoulder detail for easy wearing.

  1. Burberry Kids striped top

Burberry Kids striped top

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Have your kid wear this burgundy and grey melange cotton striped shirt that can go for either casual or sporty. The Burberry designer logo is prominent on the shirt which is designed with a round neck and buttoned shoulder tabs for easy wear.

Burberry Jackets

  1. Burberry Kids Arlie Jacket

Burberry Kids Arlie Jacket

Price: US$187.99
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Starting off our list is an impeccably designed bright lapis Arlie jacket. The jacket features full front buttons, a hooded collar with plaid lining, and side pockets secured with buttoned flaps. It’s lightweight, but the cozy hood and the quality material will amply protect your child from the cold. It is also appropriate for most of the seasons.

  1. Burberry Kids padded jacket

Burberry Kids padded jacket

Price: US$193.00
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A stuffed jacket need not be a dull outerwear. With the right choices, such as this padded jacket, you and your baby boy can feel and be posh. The waterproof material and the hood are more than enough to keep your child warm and pleased. The classic front zip fastening will leave your child snug in this jacket, and the pockets can also provide comfort aside from space.

  1. Burberry Kids Luke Quilted Jacket

Burberry Kids Luke Quilted Jacket

Price: US$129.99
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This fiery red quilted jacket is a hot and handsome design from the British luxury brand. It provides synthetic insulation which promises a warm and cozy feel. The classic diamond quilting also goes with the signature Burberry plaid that partially lines the jacket. The snaps located at the placket and cuffs are engraved with the brand logo.

  1. Burberry Kids lightweight bomber jacket

Burberry Kids lightweight bomber jacket

Price: US$197.00
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An ideal gift for your young jock in the making, this lightweight bomber jacket features a funnel neck, front zippers, knitted hem and cuffs, and zipped pockets. It complements almost any other piece of clothing and can be worn during multiple occasions. Aside from the ample cover from the weather it provides, the navy blue outerwear also seals your son with the designation of being the cool kid on the block.

  1. Burberry Kids Rilla Puffy Checked Hood Jacket

Burberry Kids Rilla Puffy Checked Hood Jacket

Price: US$174.99
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The weather will not hinder your son from being well-dressed, especially when donned with this hooded puff coat. There’s also no reason for your child to complain wearing this jacket–it is completely polyester on the outside and cotton on the inside. Mittens have been added to keep your child’s hands dry and toasty-warm.

  1. Burberry Kids padded hooded jacket

Burberry Kids padded hooded jacket

Price: US$193.00
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Whether you opt to zip your child in this or leave the zip fasteners open with a stylish and sensible top is inconsequential as the green feather down will look good either way. The iconic Burberry plaid line the inside and the hood of this classic-looking and versatile padded hooded jacket.

Designer Swimwears

  1. Burberry Kids Swim Shorts

Burberry Kids Swim Shorts

Price: US$60.00
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Simple, snug and movable in, you’ll never go wrong with these red parade swim shorts from Burberry. The pull-on shorts are made with a drawstring closure, definitely making slips on your kid an impossibility.

  1. Sunuva Under the Sea patchwork rash vest

Sunuva Under the Sea patchwork rash vest

Price: US$48.00
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Your baby boy must have seen the wondrous creatures of the deep sea, the octopuses, through books back at home. If he fancies to be one, or is just awed by them, then he might enjoy being in this Sunuva rash vest. It is long-sleeved, crew-necked, stretchable, and fastened by back buttons. The adorable graphic print in the middle and the baby blue color make it very easy to the eyes.

  1. Moncler Kids appliqué swim shorts

Moncler Kids appliqué swim shorts

Price: US$120.00
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Swimming can be difficult to enjoy in ill-fitting clothes. With Moncler Kids, you have shorts made of light and durable material, making movement and maintaining the quality easier even after many washes. The waistband is stretchable, and the fabric dries easily. The shorts are available in both navy blue and red.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids Mare Fish Swim Trunk

Dolce & Gabbana Kids Mare Fish Swim Trunk

Price: US$93.00
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Dress your baby boy like he is one with the sea. These blue drawstring swim trunks from Dolce & Gabbana has an elastic waistband, a back hook and a loop pocket. Should you choose to lounge at the pool, you can depend on this D&G Kids piece to bring the mood of being in a tropical paradise.

  1. Stella Mccartney Kids Sonny all-in-one swimsuit

Stella Mccartney Kids Sonny all-in-one swimsuit
Price: US$111.00
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Feeling queasy and wanting to let your child go in the water completely clothed? Stella McCartney has you covered. This all-in-one swimsuit not only has a fun print of an upright sea creature but also a high quality fabric ensuring the durability of the swimsuit. It is designed with a mock neck, short sleeves and a front zipper.

  1. Burberry Kids Mini Galvin Swim Shorts

Burberry Kids Mini Galvin Swim Shorts

Price: US$85.00
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Burberry’s got you if you’re going for classic designs, something we have already established with an earlier entry. These Burberry Kids Mini Galvin swim shorts are stretchable, 100% nylon, and come with drawstring ties and a welt pocket. Your child will be easy to spot with its vibrant red color.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids jungle print swim shorts

Dolce & Gabbana Kids jungle print swim shorts

Price: US$135.00
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Jungle prints aren’t the first thing on mind when conjuring designs for swimwear, but D&G makes it work nonetheless. Have your child bathing in these loud swim shorts that are designed with a simple cut, an elastic waistband, and a drawstring tie. It’s a great statement piece, too, for your kid’s wildlife lover side.


  1. Cashmirino hooded pyjamas

Cashmirino hooded pyjamas

Price: US$520.00
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Indulge your child with the luxurious feel of cashmere, courtesy of Cashmirino’s adorable hooded sleepwear. The gray pajamas appear cool and comfortable when combined with the livelier colors of the red and blue cuffs.

  1. Gucci Kids Web collar pyjamas

Gucci Kids Web collar pyjamas

Price: US$250.00
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Gucci‘s signature colors and the red web knitted collar may make this look casual, but no no no, it is sleepwear! The pajamas come with a front button placket and long sleeves to keep your baby looking dashing even in his crib. Don’t worry–popper fasteners between the legs were added, just in case you need to change your baby’s diaper in the middle of the night.

  1. Versace Kids Long Sleeve Footie with Hood & Barocco Detail

Versace Kids Long Sleeve Footie with Hood & Barocco Detail

Price: US$158.40
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If what you have in mind is a dreamy sleepwear, then you might want to check this footie from Versace Kids with drawings of planes that seem to fly over the elaborate Barocco design. The jumpsuit has kangaroo pockets, footed legs and long sleeves. There are also snaps in between the legs for easy dressing.

  1. Kenzo Kids appliqué pyjama

Kenzo Kids appliqué pyjama

Price: US$60.00
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Kenzo Kids keeps up with its reputation for trendy clothes, even with its jammies. Allow your child to travel back in time or to the fashion capital, in their dreams at least, with the gray cotton appliqué pajamas that has embroidered peace signs and Paris symbols. The sleepwear goes with snap button closures.

  1. Burberry Kids Red Bus Graphic Overall

Burberry Kids Red Bus Graphic Overall

Price: US$87.99
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We have another travel-themed footie, thanks to British brand Burberry. A red double-decker bus, commonly associated with the British capital, livens the otherwise plain white overall. Snap plackets secure the bottom part for your convenience.

  1. Stella Mccartney Kids backpack print pyjamas

Stella Mccartney Kids backpack print pyjamas

Price: US$56.00
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Dress your little explorer headed for a bedtime adventure with these Stella McCartney Kids pajamas that has rubber grips on the enclosed feet. Your Stella scout will also be equipped with a flashlight and a backpack complete with everything he needs… at least in print.

  1. Hatley Baby Boys’ Silhouette Dinos Footed Coverall

Hatley Baby Boys' Silhouette Dinos Footed Coverall

Price: US$123.76
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Let your little one drift off to dreamland with dinosaurs, the prehistoric creatures that seem to captivate the imagination of children and adults alike. The zip closure on these Hatley pajamas are designed for a cushy sleep, and the no-slip soles on are to lessen parents’ anxiety when babies begin to take their first steps.

  1. Amelia Milano Leo pyjamas

Amelia Milano Leo pyjamas

Price: US$59.00
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Stripes sound simple in definition, yet the horizontal lines remain and were reinvented time and again in fashion. Make your child look hip even while they are deep in slumber with Amelia Milano Leo pajamas, using the basic pattern universal in its appeal in grey and green.

Designer Jeans

  1. Little Marc Jacobs patched stretch jeans

Little Marc Jacobs patched stretch jeans

Price: US$86.00
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Envision a streetwise, independent man in your child? It may be too early for him, but you can dress him like he already is! These gray cotton jeans are not only hip with its patches in lieu of a logo, it is also comfortable and stretchable for easy movement.

  1. Burberry Kids Five-Pocket Jeans

Burberry Kids Five-Pocket Jeans

Price: US$77.99
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Well-made jeans are always a must-have as they go well with almost everything. Have a classy pair in black, such as this one made by the British luxury brand Burberry. Give your child a dependable choice in this classic cut, casual fit, five-pocket jeans.

  1. Diesel Baby Boys’ Plonchy Super Stretch Elastic Waist Ribbed Cuff

Diesel Baby Boys' Plonchy Super Stretch Elastic Waist Ribbed Cuff
Price: US$99.00
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Italian Diesel is among the most renowned brands for denim jeans. And you’re in great luck, they also make pairs for babies and children! The trousers shout quality, with the brand name that seeks for your attention on the ribbed cuffs, as well as comfort from its elastic waistband and stretchable material.

  1. Armani Junior stonewashed jeans

Armani Junior stonewashed jeans

Price: US$83.00
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Rare are items that appear worn and faded yet are still sought out; jeans are among those exceptions. Stonewashed jeans that first became famous in the 70s can make for an edgy look. You can give your baby his very own with these Armani stonewashed jeans for kids, that also has an elasticated waistband and a five-pocket design.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids Five-Pocket Trousers

Dolce & Gabbana Kids Five-Pocket Trousers

Price: US$275.00
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Denim jeans have always been in for their classy, casual look, but lately we’ve seen the rise of distressed jeans that give the pair an edge. Want to try ripped jeans on your kid without going overboard? You can go for this D&G piece that has a slightly faded appearance and light scraping. It is designed to fit well, and if it doesn’t, you’re provided with belt loops.

  1. Levi’s Baby Boys’ Pull-On Jeans

Levi's Baby Boys' Pull-On Jeans

Price: US$38.00
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Another distressed jeans on the list is this one from Levi’s, arguably the best known manufacturer of jeans. The brand has your kid’s mobility in mind. With its brushed stretch denim, this pull-on pants will not restrict your baby boy’s movement one bit.

  1. Boss Kids straight leg jeans

Boss Kids straight leg jeans

Price: US$66.00
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Blue jeans are iconic. They are a timeless, manly look for the little man in your life. Opt for the trusted and very stylish Boss brand, a seamless straight leg pair. Give your child the trusted fashion choice of generations now past.


  1. Burberry Kids Skylar

Burberry Kids Skylar

Price: US$244.99
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There is more to this snowsuit than its navy blue color that draws you in. It is well-padded to protect your child from the cold, it has two side snap pockets for storage of whatever your child may need, it comes with a front zipper to fully enclose your kid inside its comfort, and it has detachable mitten cuffs and feet for easier access to the limbs should you need it. This puffer is made of 100% cotton.

  1. Boss Kids contrast trim snowsuit

Boss Kids contrast trim snowsuit

Price: US$168.00
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Boss Kids uses sailor colors for this stylish snowsuit, giving an effect of playfulness and ease despite being completely clothed for protection from the cold. Classic-looking, the snowsuit comes with a hood, ribbed cuffs, and removable feet and mittens.

  1. Moncler Kids trimmed hood belted snowsuit

Moncler Kids trimmed hood belted snowsuit

Price: US$615.00
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Moncler Kids’ snowsuit looks futuristic and stylish at the same time. The metallic belt makes for a unique look and the fur-trimmed hood in addition to the white apparel all gives off a vibe of a VIP—definitely luxurious clothing. It is also functional as the belt ensures it fits just right and that the lower extremities are adequately covered.

  1. Il Gufo hooded padded snowsuit

Il Gufo hooded padded snowsuit

Price: US$301.00
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Another navy-colored snowsuit on the list, Il Gufo’s is equally stylish as the previous items. Your baby boy will be safely enclosed in this one, with a front zipper closure made more securely fastened by three buttons in front. There are also two front pockets for more compartment. The limbs are amply covered by the suit.

  1. Moncler Kids padded snowsuit

Moncler Kids padded snowsuit

Price: US$560.00
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The second of two entries for Moncler Kids, this is another suit that looks futuristic, possibly due to the choice of colors. The metallic silver evokes an image of an astronaut, an image that may be adorable for everyone who sees it. Your baby boy will be safe and warm inside this as it is well-padded and securely fastened through zippers and press studs.

  1. Ralph Lauren Baby Boys Feather Down Snowsuit French Navy Blue Green

Ralph Lauren Baby Boys Feather Down Snowsuit French Navy Blue Green

Price: US$135.00
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Ralph Lauren’s feather down snowsuit may be in cool colors navy blue and green but it can keep your baby’s temperature within normal range. With this full zip and snap down suit you can expect your baby boy to feel cozy while giving enough space for freedom to move around. There are pockets in front secured by snap fasteners. A logo of of the designer label is embroidered on the chest.

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