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Eros Flame by Versace Review

Eros Flame by Versace Review 1

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

Eros Flame by Versace Review
Heed our advice—you do not need Versace’s Eros Flame in your collection. Even if you loved the original fragrance, you’re better off sticking with Eros because the Eros Flame is very similar, rendering the flanker superfluous. As with before, we find this to be strong and synthetic, although we are also picking slight differences in the accords used. Despite being a Versace release, this smells cheap and uncomplicated to us, despite the trail it may leave in the room.
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We think that this is a scent you wear if you want to earn attention
Performance is good
Not that different from the original Eros
Will fill a room but not in a way that would earn compliments
Smells cheap and is very synthetic

Eros Flame is Versace’s follow-up to the 2012 masculine fragrance Eros, supposedly going for a more passionate, fiery kind of connection between a strong man who would wear it and his chosen partner. To do this, perfumer Olivier Pescheux included citrusy accords, rosemary, black pepper, geranium, rose, pepperwood, vanilla and tonka into the composition. The ad campaign, shot by photographer Steven Meisel, had Salomon Diaz and Gigi Hadid represent Cupid and Psyche, respectively, one of Roman mythology’s most celebrated romances. The scent is available in 30, 50, 100 and 200 ml bottles as well as part of a body care collection.

Eros Flame by Versace Review 2

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