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Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon’s Review

Endymion by Penhaligon's Review 1

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Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon’s Review
If you loved the original Endymion but find it lacking in kick, then you would probably be a fan of the Endymion Concentré. It takes away some of the ingredients present in the former, such as coffee, but this is not such a loss to us considering how well the leather was highlighted. It has a lovely smell that is masculine but also comforting. We think that the spices add an interesting touch to the leading accord, and so do the florals. It can be hard to find, but once you get ahold of it, it will impress you with its staying power.
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We find this to be more intense and floral than the original
Performs great, especially during winter
Florals complement the leathery suede and spices
Comes with moderate projection
Can be hard to find and cannot be bought cheap
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There is no mistaking that the Endymion Concentré is based on the original Endymion. They are both Penhaligon’s releases and both fragrances marketed to men, but they could be used by women with little problem. Spicy notes and leather take center stage on the scent. It lists the following as its accords: sage, bergamot, lavender, suede, geranium, incense, leather and nutmeg.

Endymion by Penhaligon's Review 2

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