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Duke Cannon’s Men’s WWII Era Big Brick of Soap Review

Duke Cannon’s Men’s WWII Era Big Brick of Soap

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Duke Cannon’s Men’s WWII Era Big Brick of Soap Review
An ode to the rough cut soaps that the GI’s used during the Korean war, Duke Cannon’s Men’s WWII Era Big Ass Brick of Soap weighs 10oz., three times the size of most bar soaps in the market. The different scents of the WWII Era line are very masculine yet mild and were only really prominent when lathering, which can either be a good or a bad thing. The soap itself is pretty basic, as it lathers normally and whilst it can be on the drying side, it leaves the skin in a neutral condition. We were disappointed to find that the oats in the soap didn’t provide any exfoliation whatsoever and would prefer it if the soap didn’t include them. The main selling point of this soap is really the size and packaging, which are both quite novel. We don't enjoy how the size of this soap is almost too big to hold, but we do appreciate how long lasting it is. This would be great if shared amongst a large family or y’know, an army, and makes for a fun, yet usable novelty gift.
Value for Money
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Long lasting
Mild manly scent
Well designed packaging
Lather is all right
Oats do not exfoliate and are totally unnecessary
Difficult to hold such a large block of soap
Scent disappears soon after application

The Duke Cannon’s Men’s WWII Era Big Brick of Soap is a glycerin based soap mixed with military inspired fragrances and oat kernel meal. We reckon this product would work well with any skin type.

“Smells Like” Four Different Scent Variations:

  • Accomplishment – for a woodsy fragrance
  • Naval Supremacy – for a refreshing ocean scent
  • Productivity – for an invigorating mint
  • Victory – for a freshly cut grass smell

Product Dimensions:

5 x 1.6 x 2.8 inches

Duke Cannon’s Men’s WWII Era Big Brick of Soap 1Duke Cannon’s Men’s WWII Era Big Brick of Soap 2

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