Diptyque New Valentine’s Day Collection is a 2019 Must-Have

Diptyque New Valentine's Day Collection is a 2019 Must-Have - Featured Image

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If you haven’t shaken off the holiday hangover, you better hurry up. The Day of Hearts is upcoming, and many of our favorite brands are launching their Valentine Collections. Why would it concern you? Well, as lovely as the traditional roses and chocolates can be, there are many creative ways nowadays to show love—and for us beauty junkies, items that we can actually use and last us for weeks, months, or years are definitely better that flowers that will wilt after days or chocolates that we can eat in a minute.

Luckily, beauty brands started a whole new trend of releasing their own versions of “flowers & chocolates”, those that last longer, and could be more appreciated by beauty lovers. Case in point, Diptyque. Our favorite brand for amazing candles has just recently released its New Roses Valentine’s Day 2019 Collection.

The Roses Collection

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 1

If you’ve ever used (and got addicted) to any Diptyque candle, you know anything that the brand comes out with is going to be phenomenal. That’s exactly what the Roses Collection is, a phenomenal collection that features a beautiful set of limited-edition candles, scents, and even beauty items. As early as now, it’s wonderful to think about wearing a fragrant perfume and lighting a candle to enjoy the Valentine’s Day with your special someone, right? And if it isn’t time to do those yet, you’re free to admire the beautiful packaging on the collection’s pieces, as they were designed by Jeanne Detallante, a French illustrator, who incorporated a romantic aura to them.


We’ve seen Diptyque’s candles on social media feeds of celebrities and other personalities—we all can’t help it, they are just that social-media worthy. This year, we’re blessed with a new look and fresh limited-edition rose-inspired scents from the brand’s candles, aptly representing the celebration of Valentines. There are two candles in this collection, one “lightly peppery” and “delicate” blue candle called the Centifolia and one “velvety” and “intense” candle called Damascaena. They are also available in a Small Candles Set, which allows you try both scents without committing to having full-sizes.

Centifolia Candle ($72)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 2

Damascaena Candle ($72)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 3

Small Candles Set ($76)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 4


For the non-candle lovers and perfume addicts, don’t worry, Diptyque didn’t forget you. The Valentine’s Day collection was added with scents that you can spritz onto yourself or add into a room, to indulge in limited-edition fragrance that only Diptyque can offer. The Roses Scented Drawer Liners can be your new favorite drawer/room scent, while the Eau Rose Eau De Toilette with a lovely packaging will definitely be your new go-to perfume.

Roses Scented Drawer Liners ($65)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 5

Eau Rose Eau De Toilette ($65)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 6


Obviously, Diptyque didn’t stop with a candle-and-perfume set, as they took the Roses Collection one step further by adding two beauty items in it. The Eau Rose Hair Mist, Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion, and Rose-Infused Face Oil will both have you decked out in rose scents, added with the luxe vibe of their beautiful packaging.

Eau Rose Hair Mist ($52)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 7

Eau Rose Hand and Body Lotion ($55)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 8

Rose-Infused Face Oil ($70)

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 10

We don’t know about you, but after seeing Diptyque’s Valentine’s Collection, we are more than excited to celebrate the Day of Hearts. Can February 14 come any sooner?

Diptyque's New Valentine's Collection 11

Image credits: Diptyque.

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