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Dior Makeup Addict Lacquer Plump Lacquered Ink Review

Dior Makeup Addict Lacquer Plump Lacquered Ink Review
Product Description
Dior tried to put together the best qualities of liquid lipsticks and lip stains in one product, the Addict Lacquer Plump Lacquered Ink. The attempt was only somewhat successful. What this formula has is great pigmentation, and the ability to leave color on the lips, even when the actual color has faded away. But the formula’s trade-off is that it never fully, truly sets, thus making it wear out way too quickly. A good try, but it’s not quite there.
Ease of Application
Wear Time
Value for Money
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Cute packaging
Bright, brilliant colors
Stains the lips
Never feels fully set
Wears off too quickly

In terms of categorizing the Addict Lacquer Plump Lacquered Ink by the House of Dior, we felt the closest thing we could compare it to was a lip stain. Yes, we know it says “lip ink,” but it essentially seems more like a vividly-colored, high-shine lip stain, which is both a strength and a weakness for this product.

The first thing one will notice about this product is just how luxe the packaging looks. In true Dior fashion, the bullet-type lip is sleek and beautiful, and definitely an item that’s nice to have in your makeup kit or vanity. Color-wise, as we mentioned, the product is similar to a lip stain. In this case, that means it does leave a lasting tint on the lips, even after the actual product has worn off. But the product is also similar to a much more intensely colored lipstick or lip gloss, in that initially, the colors are intense and opaque, so it’s almost like getting two different products in one.

The formula definitely has issues to wrest with, though. The primary concern is that the product never feels like it ever fully sets on the lips; it’s constantly wet-feeling. This wouldn’t be an issue if it didn’t lead to any other problems, but this issue does domino. Because it never truly dries, the actual product tends to transfer very easily, and that problem snowballs into a lack of good wear time. In general, the product just doesn’t wear as long as one would think it should, and because of that, it’s frustrating to wear on a regular basis.

For the most part, the Lacquer Plump Lacquered Ink is not a horrible product. But for the price you pay, we feel that one just has to jump through too many hoops just to get to wear this properly.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types.

Other Information

  • The Dior Makeup Addict Lacquer Plump Lacquered Ink comes in seventeen brightly-colored shades.

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