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Dior Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear Collection Review


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Dior Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear Collection Review
We're simply tired. Tired of the gimmicks, tired of the lack of creativity, and tired of the over-reliance on the "New Look" silhouette. It's been years since Chiuri captivated fashion fans with her creations, and that was when she was still at Valentino. Her Fall 2019 show for Dior was the epitome of pedestrian "high fashion" with a capital P!
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As per usual, Maria Grazia Chiuri focused on feminism in her latest Dior Fall 2019 line. And as per usual, it was another pedestrian attempt at ramming the age-old Dior “New Look” into our throats. Though it’s the silhouette’s nickname, there’s nothing new about what was presented this season at all. And in the hands of Chiuri, it’s become even more boring than previously imagined. We find it ironic that for a woman heading a global luxury brand—one of the very first to do so—and honing in the feminist narrative as central to her tenure, she put out a highly mediocre collection that neither highlighted her own talents nor the beauty of powerful women. There’s little to no difference between what was presented here to what’s offered in stores like Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and the like. And for a label like Dior to have such offensively plain pieces sent down on their runway had us completely appalled. Say what you will about Dior and the many men who’ve headed the house before Chiuri, you can’t deny that they’ve always upheld women to a higher standard. Here, Chiuri was just regurgitating the styles of the past and what’s worn on the street today and passing them off as “high fashion.” She’s better than that and she and the industry know it. The moment she finally steps up to the plate is the moment the world will truly know that a powerful woman has finally headed the house of Dior. Unfortunately, that moment hasn’t come yet!

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