20 of the Best And Most Awesome Designer Cufflinks for Men in 2018

Designer Cufflinks for Men

Cufflinks have come a long way in the fashion sense. It’s only really these past centuries that the cufflinks have become a fashion item, because any year before that, it was more a necessity than an accessory. You’re in luck because this time, fashion houses, designers, and fashion experts in general consider it a luxury item, which means the rest of the world accepts it as such too.

Whatever your style is, these are the one accessory that gets everyone thinking you know what you’re doing when you dress up in a nice suit. Collect your own stash to use for any formal occasion.

  1. TATEOSSIAN Rose Gold-Plated Geode Cufflinks

TATEOSSIAN Rose Gold-Plated Geode Cufflinks

Price: US$555.00 
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Geode in the Greek language means “the shape of the earth” and that’s what these Tateossian cufflinks were inspired by. The unique rocks are set on individual cases made of rose-gold metal and the smooth surface where the rock is broken in half show a mixture of smooth and textured minerals composition in black, white, and dark brown.

  1. BEGÜM KHAN embellished cocktail glass cufflinks

BEGÜM KHAN embellished cocktail glass cufflinks

Price: US$524.00 
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These cocktail glass cufflinks show a lot of personality for such a small accessory. You may not be allowed to have a bit of liquid courage with you all the time, and it’s especially unprofessional if you’re in the office, but these cufflinks will at least remind you of your instant confidence when you wear them and it’s a conversation starter during cocktail hour.

  1. DUNHILL Sterling Silver Mother-Of-Pearl Cufflinks

DUNHILL Sterling Silver Mother-Of-Pearl Cufflinks

Price: US$475.00 
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Pearls are not only a woman’s accessory; these cufflinks will show you how it changes the game for men’s suits in the same way. A white pearlescent button is set on a polished circular sterling silver case. It’s perfect for weddings and other formal events as such.

  1. NORTHSKULL Polaris cufflinks

NORTHSKULL Polaris cufflinks

Price: US$197.00 
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These unisex Polaris cufflinks are made with the intent and ability to attract men and women alike. The accessory itself is made with silver-plated brass and studded with crystals surrounding a geometric triangle shape in the middle. The thing with cufflinks is that they’re subtle, but when spotted, can compel people with your style.

  1. GUCCI Sterling Silver Cufflinks

GUCCI Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Price: US$300.00 
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Gucci‘s interlocked G symbol is way up there on the logomania craze. It’s the logo to finish all logos and is one of the most popular, if not the most popular one. This one is made with sterling silver in Italy, which sources the of the most high-quality fashion pieces. The edges are embossed with a texturized surface to increase chances of being noticed on your cuffs.

  1. KASUN LONDON Stake cufflinks

KASUN LONDON Stake cufflinks

Price: US$380.00 
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Studs are a common embellishment on accessories and clothes, but they almost never stand alone, if not for cufflinks. We’ve yet to see a designer who executes studs on suits without making them look like an excess on the formalwear, but be ahead of the game with Kasun London‘s Stake cufflinks featuring gold-plated studs made of sterling silver.

  1. TRIANON 18-Karat White Gold, Citrine And Lolite Cufflinks

TRIANON 18-Karat White Gold, Citrine And Lolite Cufflinks

Price: US$5,500.00
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Following the norm can get boring a lot of the times. Dressing in suits can be tedious when they rarely allow for variety, but as with mismatched socks, these cufflinks will allow you to wear them three ways, all either matched or mismatched, through the citrine and the lolite crystals inlaid on both ends.

  1. FENDI engraved cufflinks

FENDI engraved cufflinks

Price: US$300.00 
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Fendi’s monogrammed logo finds its way on their pieces in creative ways. On these cufflinks, they’re disguised on the engraved stripes on a rectangular silver-coated brass plate. Should you wear a formal white shirt with these cufflinks, pick one with pleats. Not only would the silver metal make an accent against the white cuffs but the engravings would also match the lines of the pleats.

  1. John Hardy Classic Chain Sterling Silver Enamel Square Cufflinks with Transparent Blue Enamel

John Hardy Classic Chain Sterling Silver Enamel Square Cufflinks with Transparent Blue Enamel

Price: US$450.00 
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Circular cufflinks are too redolent of buttons already attached on modern formal shirts. If you had a choice, and you do if you decide on using cufflinks, why go for something that you can find in the most common shirts almost anyone can buy? These square John Hardy cufflinks are definitely far from what you’ll usually see. The chain-patterned silver metal edges frame the electric blue enamel of the inner square.

  1. DSQUARED2 square cufflinks

DSQUARED2 square cufflinks

Price: US$205.00 
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When it comes to menswear, Dsquared2 is a brand near the forefront of the best but as these cufflinks would prove, they’re not only answering to street style aesthetics but also formal looks. The square shape contradict the simplicity of the silver-toned brass cufflinks, as the engraved D2 logo fashions the logomania trend.

  1. PRADA Robot Silver Crystal Cufflinks

PRADA Robot Silver Crystal Cufflinks

Price: US$380.00 
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If you’re tech-obsessed yourself, allow your guilty pleasure to come through the holes of your cufflinks with Prada‘s infamous robot motif. Unlike their usual sweetheart hardware details, this intricately-sculpted robot is made of silver with a light-catching crystal at the center of its body. Introvert businessmen will delight in having this to have a backup when the conversation starts to die.

  1. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN signet cufflinks

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN signet cufflinks

Price: US$395.00 
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There’s something classy about the old-fashioned and these vintage-looking signet cufflinks from Alexander McQueen exude exactly that: class. It owes the antique aesthetic to the aging gold and silver tones on the brass material. The gold forms the edged case of the cufflinks as the silver coin-like inner circle is engraved with a coat of arms design and the brand logo enclosing it in a circle.

  1. TATEOSSIAN Playing Cards Enamelled Rhodium-Plated Cufflinks

TATEOSSIAN Playing Cards Enamelled Rhodium-Plated Cufflinks

Price: US$295.00 
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Whether you believe in luck or not, there’s no harm in wearing these Playing Cards cufflinks that can possibly bring you the good kind, what with the royal flush darting out from the opening deck. If not the luck, these cufflinks will boost people’s first impressions to your favor which is always handy for networking events or life in general.

  1. PAUL SMITH circle cufflinks

PAUL SMITH circle cufflinks

Price: US$105.00 
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Wearing this rainbow-colored circle cufflinks from Paul Smith at this particular history-making period couldn’t be more timely. If you’re a supporter of all kinds of people, this is a good way to show you’re in on the cultural moment we’re having, especially for the queer ones. At the very least, this is a nice pop of color to the ever-monochromatic suits.

  1. BOTTEGA VENETA Sterling Silver Lapis Cufflinks

BOTTEGA VENETA Sterling Silver Lapis Cufflinks

Price: US$650.00 
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While many fashion houses go with the flow of the trends, Bottega Veneta is in a world all of their own. They stay true to their classy and classic designs, like these Lapis cufflinks. It takes the name of lapis stones as one is featured on the sterling silver oval cases. The stones take the fascinating color of the galaxy, looking black from afar but upon closer inspection, actually has hints of blue and violet.

  1. VERSACE Medusa cufflinks

VERSACE Medusa cufflinks

Price: US$325.00
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Geometric shapes may as well be your next best alternatives to the more common circle or square-shaped cufflinks. This Versace pair is in a flattering hexagonal plate with the brand’s Medusa head motif sticking out from it. The cufflinks are thick and the edges are engraved with their vector pattern, so as to be more noticeable.

  1. FOUNDWELL Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Cufflinks

FOUNDWELL Georg Jensen Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Price: US$795.00 
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Georg Jensen was a master silversmith of his time and Foundwell has made the perfect tribute for him in these Georg Jensen cufflinks, a symbol of luxury and a piece of his craft. Geometric triangles are carved in a perfect lined arrangement on these sterling silver rectangular panels and its long length will definitely make a mark on your cuffs for everyone to notice.

  1. FENDI Karlito cufflinks

FENDI Karlito cufflinks

Price: US$550.00 
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If you’re the life of the party, there’s no hiding your fun personality no matter how well you clean up for a formal night. Fendi‘s Karlito cufflinks will show your kooky character with a character that matches yours. It has a tie and sunglasses and funky hair that shows your wild side even if your actual appearance shows otherwise.

  1. BURBERRY Checked Gold-Tone Cufflinks

BURBERRY Checked Gold-Tone Cufflinks

Price: US$195.00 
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When has Burberry ever been not fancy? These gold cufflinks, small as they are, show how the fashion house never ceases to make a luxurious person out of you, even if your style is the epitome of street. Their checkered pattern is not lost on these cufflinks, only their usual casual colors. Everything is gold, the color that best suits the elegance of the brand.

  1. FOUNDWELL 1920s Art Deco Enamelled Sterling Silver Cufflinks

FOUNDWELL 1920s Art Deco Enamelled Sterling Silver Cufflinks

Price: US$795.00 
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These 1920s Art Deco style cufflinks completely capture the vibe of the time with its black and white pattern on the octagon-shaped sterling silver. The colored enamels are carefully embossed on the pattern, making it set smoothly on the surface.

We’re expecting there won’t be an expiry date to cufflinks as a fashion piece. The thing with them is you get them once and you have them for life and they don’t ever go out of style. If we mean anything by those, it’s that these cufflinks are a lifetime investment you won’t be regretting.

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