A woman couldn’t have enough sparkle in her body. Sometimes, dressing up can be boring but a single piece of jewellery could just save the day. No matter what it is you are wearing, with pieces of accentuating and appealing jewelleries, you are definitely good to go. Every piece of jewellery is very close to a woman’s heart. They are very personal and they tell a story about the person who’s wearing it. As what Ivanka Trump stated, “Jewelry is incredibly feminine, and reflects the grace and beauty of a women’s style like nothing else.” These pieces of accessories serve a woman more than clothes, shoes, bags, etc. does. Jewelleries symbolized beauty, charm, willpower and strength, very similar with the essence of a woman.

Yeprem is the brand that created a global hype because of their supremacy in making refined, polished and classy jewelleries. Each piece Yeprem makes possesses the traditional charm of white diamonds with a little incorporation of contemporary experimental shapes and cuts. Yeprem’s creations are often branded as “a dramatic extension of a woman’s beauty”. Each piece leaves an impression. The jewellery that Yeprem brings out there is a force to be reckoned with. They are just damn irresistible.

Yeprem enjoys a very respectable position in the industry of jewellery making. They are one of the most sought after brands in the whole world. When we speak of Yeprem, we speak of supremacy. This label is widely known by the richest of richest, international artists, world-wide TV sensations and globally renowned multimedia personalities. Their credibility right now in making jewellery is something that everyone knows about.

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Yeprem’s Founding Background

Founded in 1964, the industry celebrated the birth of an outstanding source of breath-taking jewelleries, Yeprem. During that year, the market was in awe with the pristine yet unpredictable designing and the expertise in the craft of the people behind this jewellery label. This brand was founded by Yeprem Chakardemian, an Armenian decent who was born in Lebanese. He established his own jewellery brand in pursuit of his fascination of jewelleries. He was inspired by a piece of golden bracelet that his mother passed on to him. His mother was very clear when she told her son, Yeprem, that this piece of jewelry will give him and his family a bright future. Yeprem and his family’s love for jewelleries were very strong that cultivated his passion for designing and making jewelleries. Since he was young, he already had a dream of becoming a globally appreciated jewellery maker. From the very beginning, Yeprem already have a distinctive style in designing his work.

Through time, this prestigious brand became more popular in the global scene. Their intricate jewelleries captured the attention of the global market. They became known in creating pieces that any woman would like to wear. Their jewelleries are more than just accessories, they possess the vibrancy of each of any woman’s personalities and the femininity of a woman’s sensuality. Yeprem’s pieces strongly bonded with every woman’s soul. This made them an internationally recognized jewellery brand.

Yeprem’s 50th Founding Anniversary

As Yeprem celebrated its 50th anniversary last 2014, the brand became bigger than ever. Succeeded by the second generation of the Chakardemian family, the brand revolutionize into a more modern and more creative powerhouse. The successors of this jewellery line brought out the best of the brand’s identity. Instantly, Yeprem became an international trendsetter worn by many big stars including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Fergie. Influential individuals and royalties are spotted wearing Yeprem’s pieces in red carpet events and royal gatherings. Yeprem has been featured in many magazines and they hold exhibitions in countries across the globe. There is no question as to its reputation in bringing the market amazingly styled piece of modern sparkles for women. Their leading position is backed-up by the international awards they garnered. In the year 2013, they were awarded the AJA Design Talent of the Year-Baselworld. In 2015, they also got the People’s Choice Award in the Las Vegas Couture category. These awards certify Yeprem’s excellence in producing jewelleries that makes every woman feel beautiful at the same time empowered.

From the classic earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets to the modish ear cuffs and other ultra chic hand jewels, you will be in awe with everything that Yeprem makes. Each of their items possesses the shpw stopping wow factor that will impress you just at first glance. This luxury jewellery label always ascertains that the designs of each of their item are unique and has no other resemblances. The successor of Yeprem, the daughter of the founder herself, guarantees everyone that she will continue the balance of movement, femininity and class that her father always believed in when it comes to making jewelleries. This is the reason why each of Yeprem’s creations has the movement that gave each of them life.

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