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Fashion is not all about details, vibrant colors and prints. An irresistibly beautiful and elegant aspect of fashion is its relaxed and laid back angle. In this world of too much, a splurge of freshness can be found in lucidity and rawness. In modern day fashion, elegance is very definite. Nowadays, elegance is defined as clean, minimal and comfortable. Gone are the days that head turning shapes and eye captivating color palettes are very in. In the modern fashion system, fashion staples are those that are plain but not boring, quiet but very interesting and calm but very expressive. In the contemporary fashion scene, style discipline is achieved through toning down unnecessary details and designs. Today, minimal is fresh, sassy and very classy.

The Row is all about toned down designs, elegant fabrics and relaxed but expressive pieces. For this luxury label, being classy need not be excessive. Sometimes too much detail can invoke the true essence of style. Too much styling sends over an ambiguous message to the audience. For this line, women will be dressed with class without having to style too much. A woman herself is beautiful enough and need not have complicated and complex clothing. What a woman needs is just a little splurge of a modernized take on the classics. And this is The Row is all about.

The Row’s Humble Beginnings

It was in 2006 that Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen founded an American luxury label in New York City. Everything started when Ashley Olsen had a small-time project in 2005 of creating her very own version of a perfect T-Shirt. She challenged herself to design and execute a T-Shirt that will fit all ages and all types of body shapes. Ashley Olsen succeeded in designing and executing such and altogether with her sister, Mary Kate Olsen, they are determined to establish a brand that was inspired by a prominent English brand, Savile Row. The Row’s founders introduced their brand with a 7 piece collection and they instantly caught the attention of Barneys New York. Barneys New York bought their first collection and then and there, their success was consistent. Despite the sisters’ very high profile image, they did not use their popularity to market their fashion products. They did not take advantage of their names and wanted to build a brand that is warmly welcomed by the industry because of their quality. They said that they want their clothes to speak for themselves. Indeed, their creations need not the support of their prominent name.

It is in the very heart of The Row to create clothing for women that will help them boost their confidence and enforce their strength. In this modern era wherein women embody strength, power and resilience, The Row wanted to provide something that will make women their very own version of femininely strong. The brand wanted to show that in this modern world, women can be fierce but a woman is still innocent and raw.

For just a few years, the brand’s success has been very apparent. In 2008, The Row released its very own look book wherein Lauren Hutton modelled for them. Lauren Hutton became a huge part during the pioneering years of the brand. She became the brand’s ambassador for years. In 2012, the brand won a very prestigious award in the fashion industry which is the Womenswear Designer of the Year Award given by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. In 2011, they opened a boutique in one of the most popular fashion capitols of the world, Paris. It was also in this year that they launched a menswear collection. This step of expansion took the brand to a whole new level. A few years after, The Row also opened its Los Angeles boutique. Collection by collection, the brand is getting more and more in-demand. TV personalities, fashion icons, world-class artists and influential individuals personally appreciated the beauty of the brand’s style. Some of The Row’s fans are Gigi Hagid, Michelle Obama, Jessica Biel, Julianne More, Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone and a lot more. In every runway they stomped, they never fail to keep the crowd charmed with their perfect incorporation of class on simplicity. Right now, this is a brand that is trusted by the entire fashion industry with their complete range of fashion items including ready to wear clothing, bags, footwear eyewear and other accessories for both men and women. Portraying a sense of elegance on a toned down timeless style is the fashion house’s main objective.

Year by year, The Row is recognized as a promising luxury label. They are always nominated in the yearly Council of Fashion Designers of America awards. In just a short span of time, this premium label achieved too much. The sisters did not fail in establishing a world-class luxury brand that always prioritizes design, quality and perfect fit.


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