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Don’t you just love skipping winter in your cold snowy hometown and just fly to a tropical paradise for just even a few weeks? Coz it is definitely NOT winter season in other parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to feel the heat of the sun and sand in your toes and come all tanned and refreshed from your getaway? Of course, YES! But things do not always happen the way we dream it to be. There are deadlines to beat and travel is not just possible at the moment. But you can always opt to fill your tub with some hot water, add your favorite bath salts, put some mood music on and sip some wine while you enjoy a relaxing hot bath in your own home to keep the winter blues away.

And of course, don that elegant Eres swimsuit that you just cannot wait to wear. There’s nothing more comforting than to be able to indulge in a little self-care at least once in a while. And what better way to do it but of course, Eres style!

Bridging the gap in swimwear demand

Eres Swimwear

It all started in 1968 in Paris. The Eres brand was conceptualized when Irene Leroux took over her parents’ sports shop and met a client from Brazil who bought several swimsuits during her stay in Paris. Swimwear at those times were only available during summer and of standard quality and style that Irene Leroux decided to bridge that particular gap. She then decided to concentrate in the specialized production and marketing of luxury quality swimwear as well as make them available all year long. Eres was the first brand ever to offer swimwear all seasons as well as sell bikini tops and bottoms separately. Thus, providing clients with lots of options in terms of style and sizes. It was then the new beginning of the modern swimwear era.

Expertise and endless innovation in every detail

Eres Fashion

Eres has two lines of swimwear called Peau Douce and Parachute. Peau Douce fabric sculpts to the natural curve of the body like soft skin and complements any body type. While the Parachute is said to wick away water and moisture which makes the fabric dry really fast. The company also prides itself in its superior tailoring as well as its in-house development of fabric colors.

Eres also came up with its first lingerie collection with the use of innovative fabrics that enhance the feminine shape without the stays and underwires, but with superior support. It enhanced tulle fabric into something that’s very light and molds into the skin. Their Jersey Lumiere is at its most supreme form too, almost transparent and feels like a second skin are used in the its lingerie collection.

The Eres spirit & remarkable style

ERES Fashion

One thing stands out from the brand’s swimwear and lingerie collections. Every swimwear and lingerie has an unparalleled touch of timelessness and minimalism—a complete opposite of what other brands’ offer: provocative and sensual pieces. And this is what sets Eres apart. The brand is focused on creating clean and classy pieces that speak superior elegance.

Eres eventually expanded its lines into beachwear and homewear to complement its swimwear and lingerie collection, while remaining true to its spirit of emphasizing the natural femininity of the body.

Timeless Eres lingerie

Eres Lingerie

Wouldn’t it be just perfect if you are wearing an Eres lingerie underneath your designer dress? A gorgeous dress should always be paired with the perfect underwear for the ultimate boost in confidence and femininity. Eres describes its unique style as timeless but not classic, fancy but not provocative and feminist but not arrogant. And the brand is almost a legend—it continuously provides women with the best swimsuits and lingerie—for almost 50 years, and still counting.

Eres’ soft cup triangle bra and matching stretch cotton panties are one of the most loved and favorite pair of lingerie from the brand. The bra itself is made of the finest soft stretch tulle that is described as light-as-air. Its triangle cut provides the bust a natural lift, even without the use of underwires and heavy padding. Women absolutely love it for the nonrestrictive feeling it gives—which all women know, is honestly a real big deal.

Intimates that make you feel free and confident

Eres Lingerie 2

It is totally refreshing and enlivening for women to feel light and free when undergarments have been too constricting in the past. Aside from using the finest stretch tulle fabric there is, the collection also comes in Eres’ trademark fabric called Lumiere—which lends a transparent effect and second-skin feel to the brand’s lingerie. This feature do not only liberate women from constantly feeling discomfort with their noticeable and restrictive undergarments, but also let them enjoy their beauty and sensuality without barriers.

And of course, Eres lingerie collection comes in every hue imaginable. How so? The brand itself develop its own colors for its own innovative fabrics. But aside from the hue, there are also a lot of options available to choose from in terms of style, cut, fabric and color. So, women of every age, shape and style can just pick whatever suits them best.

They say that once you’ve got to wear the best undergarments, there is no going back. Eres has got you covered in that area perfectly, and you need not to look further to find the finest undergarments. The label upped their game in all aspects of lingerie design, and one thing that can never be taken from its style if the sophistication and class that each piece exudes—which even the best imitator cannot compete with. Even It Girl Sofia Richie has been spotted wearing the Eres soft cup triangle bra and matching panty in white for Flaunt magazine.

Continuing its tradition of passion, research and fancy designs

Eres Lingerie 3

What separates Eres from other brands is way it was able continually maintain and show women’s femininity with its clean and minimalist cut and designs without being too sensual and provocative. Eres was able to keep elegance and class in all its products through and through.

Eres has been dubbed as the “Coco Chanel” of swimsuits and lingerie. The company has been known to make the best little black swimsuit ever, which is real evident in its innovation in terms of fabric and style. The passion, research and technology that the brand put in every little detail is pretty obvious. Who knows that there can be so much more to improve and expect from such basic swimwear and underwear? It is absolutely one brand that knows the ins-and-outs of its crafts…and some more.

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