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Each one of us has a different personal style when it comes to fashion. In the modern fashion scene, styling has become an extension of personalities. Expression and character have been extended to how we dress up and portray ourselves. Preppy type, classic hoarded, basic junky, street tad or just the random trend follower – no matter which of these you prefer, a splash of color and vibrancy in your wardrobe is a great asset to have. And when we speak of bright and loud fashion pieces, no other luxury brand can outtake Sweden’s pride, Acne Studios.

Acne Studios is a big name in contemporary styling with their cannot-be-missed snazzy designs. Combining fashion, architecture, photography and culture, Acne Studios work around their true inspiration:pure artistry. Acne Studios’ style is strictly modern, but still inspired by the peppiness of the Swedish culture. And their creative director, Jonny Johansson, always respects the nobleness of art that is effortlessly shown through his work.

This brand invaded the global fashion industry its irresistible signature full-of-life-yet-polished designs. Come to think of it, how can preppy look cool and polished? Only Acne Studios can achieve that,not only with their expertise in designing and tailoring,but also with their background in art.

But how did this brand came to be? Have you ever wondered why it was labelled ‘Acne Studios’?

Well, you are not the only one who found their label odd. ‘Acne’ was in fact an acronym for formerly ‘Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises’ which was changed to ‘Ambition to Create Novel Expressions’. It was founded in 1996 at Stockholm, Sweden by Creative Director Jonny Johansson, who has extreme fondness in culture, photography, architecture and art in general.

As an advocate of art, Johansson started in other fields of art before he pursued his calling for fashion.Having such a solid background in the arts, he then created a fashion brand that created an influential mark in the fashion scene. Aside from his love and passion for arts, one of his secrets to successis discipline. He was disciplined and committed to make ready-to-wear clothing, accessories and footwear that are incredibly fascinating. He was able to set a standard in fashion discipline that made the global industry drool over his creation.

Ever since Acne Studios’ day one, it is apparent that it has a vision to create a respected fashion house, one that is not only a reputable source of high quality and greatly designed pieces. It was a brand that envisioned production of stage presentations and collaborations that will showcase their products and at the same time, show the world their proficiency in creating art. Instead of traditional advertising and marketing strategies, Acne Studios prefer to publish their own called “Acne Paper”. This magazine tackles about the disciplines of the variances of art mainly in fashion, in cooperation of their collaborated brands. In each issue of the Acne Paper, the knowledge and skills in art of the brand’s creative director are flaunted extravagantly.

Acne Studios was founded not so far long ago, yet their success is very rapid. For just about two decades, their name already hit the global market hard. Their pieces became favorites of trendsetters and influential individuals internationally.

However, the story behind their success is not as fast and easy as it sounds. They went a long way to reach their current spot. A year after Acne Studios was founded, the brand was recognized by the most prestigious high fashion publications, Vogue Paris and Wallpaper. Acne Studios caught the attention of these high fashion papers because of their genuine style despite their humble beginnings. They gave away 100 pairs of uniquely designed jeans to their friends and family. Those jeans have captivated the attention of many because of their raw but still very polished design.

Afterwards, Acne Studios have spread their unique style and influence to an endless list of major cities around the globe. Their feature in these papers sky-rocketed them to stardom. Success has been Acne Studio’s friend since then.

As time goes by, Acne Studios continues to keep the market in awe, not only with their fashion pieces for men and women, but also with their continuous release of remarkable publications. In 2012, they collaborated with a renowned photographer Lord Snowdon to issue a book called ‘Snowdon Blue’. Through this, Acne Paper played a huge part in making the brand flourish.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios is a known high fashion brand with very contemporaneous and vibrant designs that are reflective of great art. They are one of the brands that always update their style with what’s new without sacrificing their core designs and signature style. And despite being up-to-date with the latest trend, the brand still incorporate details that are uniquely theirs, which leads to a stronger brand backbone. Acne Studios always makes sure that they improve, innovate and move forward carrying with them the originality and creativity that made people love them.

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a trend setter, a style blogger, or just a plain seeker of fashionable items, I hope you’ll agree that knowing a brief history and background about Acne Studios further piqued your interest about both the past and future of the designer brand.If you have been following this brand’s collections, or even if you are just searching for new high-end brands to adore, Acne Studios is sure worth your every penny.

You can guarantee that aside from the proven and tested quality of their products, they keep style at bay. And if you are an environment preservation supporter, you will love this brand more because they produce their items only with environment-friendly materials and technology. Lastly, Acne Studios craftsmanship, expertise and unique products are nothing short of magnificent—you just gotta have them.


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