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Best-selling Fashion Designer Accessories for Girls (2 to 12 years) in 2018

Top 6 Very Cute Fashionable Sunglasses for Girls (2 to 12 years)

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

Envisioning your girl to have that overall stunning fashionista look? Well, you have to get every part of it down—from the huge pieces up to the smallest detail. It could be an easy mistake to just focus on a gorgeous top, or a fab pair of leggings, or even a lovely layering piece. But a true stylish parent would know that accessories can be a deal-breaker when it comes to fashion.

Here are our top choices of cute, endearing and definitely fashionable accessories to capture the colorful and fun personality of your daughter:

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  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS oversized star sunglasses

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS oversized star sunglasses

Price: US$172.00
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Starting off with a fun piece, these Stella McCartney sunglasses let kids be kids. Designed with blue mirrored lenses in quirky star shapes, these sunglasses will certainly complement your daughter’s cuteness and playfulness.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS round frame sunglasses

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS round frame sunglasses

Price: US$91.00
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Moving on into a more sophisticated design, these artsy-looking sunglasses will give a high-fashion vibe to your kid. How adorable is the paint-splash design along the top and the arms of this piece? Spot the grownup feature of the item: the gradient effect of the dark lenses. An added point on our fashion scorecard for being adorable!

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS flat top sunglasses

 STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS flat top sunglasses

Price: US$153.00
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Here is where the cool, trendy and modern look of your kid will be taken to the next level. The bold and vibrant yellow hue of these sunglasses symbolizes the bright personality of kids, perfectly balanced by the black facade and chain-like trim design. Pop these bad boys inside the equally stylish pouch to bring it everywhere.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS cat eye sunglasses

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS cat eye sunglasses

Price: US$153.00
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 Kids can get away with over-the-top designs and bright color palettes. These oversized sunglasses prove that, with their exaggerated cat-eye design and the blue-green hue that reminds us of cotton candy. We love Stella McCartney‘s choice of a hot-pink protective case for this piece, a true testament that crazy color combinations are just adorable when it comes to the little ones.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Swan sunglasses


Price: US$147.00
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A full-blown embodiment of kids’ life of fun and play, these swan sunglasses are surely gonna be loved by your little princess. With a quirky look and mismatched colors, the swans’ cute and playful effect can speak for itself. Oh, what fun is it to be a kid again!

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS square frame sunglasses

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS square frame sunglasses

Price: US$85.00
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Last but not the least, is a classy piece that oozes with femininity. This is surely an accessory that your daughter can wear with any style in her really young age until her fashion sense fully matures with her, as she turns into a stylish, lovely woman. These sunglasses balanced both cute and refined looks in its design, making this piece workable for both casual and formal wear.

Glasses and Frames

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS two-tone oval eyeglasses

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS two-tone oval eyeglasses

Price: US$140.00
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We’ll start classy with Stella McCartney‘s two-tone oval eyeglasses that are way, way far from what everyone used to own in the ’90s! The sleek effect of the transparent design makes this piece fit for the young ones, especially girls who need a pair that can easily match their fun, colorful and quirky wardrobe.

  1. Yves Saint Laurent Yves 1 Eyeglasses-0086 Dark Havana

Yves Saint Laurent Yves 1 Eyeglasses-0086 Dark Havana

Price: US$129.99
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Yves Saint Laurent has a cool take on the thick frame that might be frowned upon before, yet has gained a popular status nowadays. The rectangular frame flatters most face shapes, drawing people’s attention to the dreamy eyes of your daughter.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS colour block glasses

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS colour block glasses

Price: US$140.00
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Another Stella McCartney piece would capture your daughter’s heart with its cute color combination. The Salmon Pink front frame is a fresh hue that can match practically any look that she decides, while the yellow temples or arms is a shocking pop of color that completes the playful look of the piece without overpowering the entire dainty design.

  1. LILLY PULITZER Eyeglasses LARA Plum


Price: US$84.00
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With purple being  the color of the year 2018, this ‘Lara Plum’ eyewear from Lilly Pulitzer is a trendy piece that will surely make your girl up-to-date with fashion. It gives off a more smart look with the combination of  black with the plum, while adding a hint of playfulness with the printed temples of the piece. Both stylish and versatile.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS round frame eyeglasses

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS round frame eyeglasses

Price: US$140.00
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Another cute design emerged from the creative brain of Stella McCartney, giving your daughter a cool and fun piece that will make her standout. These eyeglasses has a red frame that looks like the red jelly beans or the red lollipop no one can ever resist. A contrasting neon green pouch comes with it, another plus points to the cuteness of this designer package.

  1. Hugo Boss Orange 0001 (0003) Matte Black 53mm

Hugo Boss Orange 0001 (0003) Matte Black 53mm

Price: US$275.00
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A more serious-looking piece is sometimes what your growing girl needs, especially when she starts to become conscious of nearing her adolescent years. These Hugo Boss eyeglasses are the perfect sleek rectangular shaped eyeglasses that she could wear daily to school, properly balancing looking smart and stylish.

  1. GIORGIO ARMANI Eyeglasses AR 7023 5017 Black 54MM

GIORGIO ARMANI Eyeglasses AR 7023 5017 Black 54MM

Price: US$189.99
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Last on this list is from Giorgio Armani, another black piece with as beautiful cat-eye shape. While it was made from lightweight plastic material, the label ensured its durability with the steel hinges connecting the temples to the frame front. It will keep your girl fashionably comfortable with her reading glasses.

Knitted Hats And Beanies

  1. Gucci Kids Hat

Gucci Kids Hat
Price: US$155.00
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Have a piece of luxury atop your little lady’s head when you opt for this Gucci Kids beanie. Ultra-comfortable and extra chunky, this hat is made of a hundred percent wool that is as heavenly as the ivory color that it comes in (also available in midnight blue if you want something as beautiful as the night sky). It is done in a cable knit fashion with a pom pom detail to boot. And as with all other Gucci possessions you want to show off, it has the iconic striped panel on the back to tell the world that your girl goes with the plushiest.

  1. Monnalisa pom pom hat

Monnalisa pom pom hat
Price: US$106.00
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Add some color into your little girl’s collection with this Monnalisa hat in bright yellow, complete with two cutesy pom poms and a monogram below one of them. The knitted hat that is as luminous as the shining sun is made out of soft and breathable wool that’s sure to be comfy to the head. If yellow is not quite the color you have in mind, the same style is also available in rich red, or navy and black, if you’d rather have darker tones.

  1. Burberry Kids PPM Cable Knit Hat

Burberry Kids PPM Cable Knit Hat
Price: US$135.99
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Make your girl ultra hip despite the weather with this Burberry Kids knit hat. If you want something that is not only stylish, as chunky and cable knit beanies are regarded this year, but also functional, then this is among your best bets. The beanie fits the head well and provides sufficient protection to the ears. We’re sure your child will love pulling the beanie down to her ears for the opulent feel of the combined wool and cashmere.

  1. Baby Dior sequinned ear beanie

Baby Dior sequinned ear beanie
Price: US$321.00
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Your little girl will, without a doubt, look extra adorable with this pink wool beanie from Baby Dior. If the light pink is not enough to send you into a warm, fuzzy feeling, then the sequined ears surely will. Baby Dior puts the accents on just the right positions, as would a brand as highly esteemed as Dior would do.

  1. Moncler Girls’ Berreto Virgin Wool Logo Beanie Hat with Fur Pompom

Moncler Girls' Berreto Virgin Wool Logo Beanie Hat with Fur Pompom
Price: US$205.00
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We totally understand the urge for a parent to get the cutest, quirkiest choices among the bunch that’s sure to melt  hearts along the way. But sometimes, opting for something that doesn’t call too much attention to itself works perfectly fine too. With clothes and accessories appropriate for the colder climate, you can expect nothing less from the brand that proudly traces its roots in the French Alps. The thick, knit beanie with a fluffy white pom pom at the top will look classy even when it is laid back.

  1. Gucci Kids bee print beanie

Gucci Kids bee print beanie
Price: US$125.00
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Let everyone think that your little girl knows her brands by donning this lovely from Gucci Kids. This beanie has the Italian fashion house’s signature bee print all over, so for the fully immersed, this is an unmistakable luxury item. The brand known for its fashion-forwardness does not shortchange you with the impeccably woven beanie in downy wool.

Gloves And Mittens

  1. Gucci Kids gloves with signature tricolour stripes

Gucci Kids gloves with signature tricolour stripes
Price: US$110.00
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Wrap your little girl’s hands in a fashion-forward piece of luxury with these Gucci Kids gloves. They are pretty straightforward, without any other embellishments aside from the tricolor stripes that make people note that they are of a certain class, putting forward the first-class wool used to make the gloves. They’re real pretty too, as they would be on your kid’s hands—truly nothing less from the Italian luxury brand.

  1. Spyder Kids spider embroidery gloves

Spyder Kids spider embroidery gloves
Price: US$110.00
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These are the perfect, lovely pair for the child who keeps active anyway, despite the weather. When doing fun winter activities, one runs the risk of of being sick because it can feel really frosty. Tackle the potential issue head-on by giving your little one these snug polyester gloves that will keep her hands cozy and toasty. If your girl is a lover of pink and all its shades and tints, then these will be a visual treat for her, too. It doesn’t hurt that the attention-grabbing color is easy to spot, so the chances of losing one of the pair are slimmer.

  1. Moncler Kids classic stripe gloves

Moncler Kids classic stripe gloves
Price: US$125.00
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Careful, your child may begin a wonderful friendship with wool if you give her these classic gloves from Moncler Kids. While they are made to make her hands comfortably warm, the gloves still allow her much freedom to move her digits. The ribbed cuff will not feel too restricting on your child’s wrists… quite the opposite, actually.

  1. Monnalisa MONNALISA 7710141959 0001 Cotton

Price: US$170.00
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Now, this may not be something you would choose to provide heavy duty protection to your little lady’s hands, but for other functions and perhaps for aesthetic purposes, these are fantastic gloves. These polyester gloves are in a pristine white, and if that sounds plenty fancy, there’s more: the length of the pair is decorated with sequins. Your kid’s hands would not feel too frumpy, too, as they give way for some hand dexterity relatively better than the others.

  1. Spyder Kids Astrid Ski mittens

Spyder Kids Astrid Ski mittens
Price: US$110.00
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Spyder Kids Astrid Ski mittens are like tiny blankets that will spoil your daughter’s hands. They will keep them warmer the whole time your daughter has them on, which is particularly helpful if she does not enjoy the cold that can be at times brutal. The elasticated cuffs on these Spyder Kids allow for a snugger fit. And if we’re talking praises for the pair, we cannot ignore the design; The all-black gloves look very lavish.

Designer Scarves

  1.  Baby Dior embroidered scarf

Baby Dior embroidered scarf
Price: US$333.00
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Baby Dior is a good place to start—it’s simple, but what it lacks in adornment, it more than makes up with its elegance. Your kid will enjoy the smoothness of silk, and you will delight in how many clothes the grey blend scarf can accentuate.

  1. Gucci Kids Sl Loved

Gucci Kids Sl Loved

Price: US$270.00
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Make your little girl’s outfit as interesting as the colors of the rainbow with Gucci. This square, cotton scarf will allow her to stand out when the weather is gloomy or her ensemble needs a colorful refresh.

  1. Emilio Pucci Junior kaleidoscope-print scarf

Emilio Pucci Junior kaleidoscope-print scarf

Price: US$92.00
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Inject some visual treat to your kid’s scarf with a kaleidoscope print, as what’s done by Emilio Pucci. The geometric prints are both interesting and sophisticated, and the scarf will make for a warming accessory which it partly owes to its colors.

  1. Gucci Kids Sl Sammy

Gucci Kids Sl Sammy

Price: US$170.00
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Go chic with another lovely scarf from Gucci, this time in a charming color of purple. It is a square, wool scarf that will look splendid draped around her neck. You don’t have to worry about her complaining too, it surely is a lovely and comfy gift to give her.

  1. Simonetta diamond weave scarf

Simonetta diamond weave scarf

Price: US$65.00
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If you’re one to dip your toe by trying safer options, then go with a classic-looking, neutral woven scarf, such as this one from Simonetta. It will feel divine, owing to the virgin wool and cashmere, for your baby girl’s skin.

  1. Burberry Kids Stripe Dot Print Scarf

Burberry Kids Stripe Dot Print Scarf

Price: US$215.00
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Polka dots and stripes would give a modern touch to your girl’s attire, even if they have been around for a long, long time. Burberry’s piece can upgrade her getup single-handedly, so it’s more than worthy of a consideration.

  1. Monnalisa floral printed scarf

Monnalisa floral printed scarf

Price: US$115.00
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This Monnalisa scarf can effortlessly cut in a romantic vibe on your daughter’s wardrobe. Beautiful in color, vintage in design, and chic overall, this light pink silk scarf will be a constant companion to the little lady for chilly days to come.

Shoulder Bags

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Jazz Heart shoulder bag

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS Jazz Heart shoulder bag

Price: US$125.00
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We start with Stella McCartney‘s (broken) heart shoulder bag that is straight-up beautiful with its charming silhouette and stitched edges design. The design might represent a sad experience for adults, but for the little cute girls, people can’t help but just go “aww”.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS seashell shoulder bag

STELLA MCCARTNEY KIDS seashell shoulder bag

Price: US$103.00
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We add another piece from Stella McCartney simply because we can’t resist not doing so! Can you see how beautiful this piece looks? It’s like a precious treasure from the sea, not only because of its shell shape, but the sparkly glitter detailing on it.

  1. GUCCI KIDS Children’s check bow GG messenger

GUCCI KIDS Children's check bow GG messenger

Price: US$830.00
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Of course we wouldn’t snub the fashion powerhouse, Gucci, on this list. Adding the label’s unique spin on their timeless interlocking G leather design, we see a checked ribbon as the central detail of this shoulder bag. Of course it wouldn’t be in a regular or tiny size–it’s an enormous ribbon that almost covers the entire bag.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Girls’ Metallic Leather DG Top-Handle Shoulder Bag

Dolce & Gabbana Girls' Metallic Leather DG Top-Handle Shoulder Bag

Price: US$695.00
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This Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag would not only be the envy of other kids, but women as well! Sprinkling this piece with the elegance and utter beauty that the label always aims for, it is one item that mommies would try to borrow from their daughters to use themselves. But we can’t blame them, the gold leather, colorful crystals and gold chain are a totally gorgeous combination.

  1. ELISABETTA FRANCHI LA MIA BAMBINA fluffy cat charm bag


Price: US$250.00
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Elisabetta Franchi mixed the girlish likes of young girls and the classiness of a grown up shoulder bag in this piece. Just a right amount of quirkiness through the fluffy charm and cat head detail at the front flap was added to the tasteful nude peach leather and front clasp for a well-balanced piece.

  1. MONNALISA butterfly embellished shoulder bag

MONNALISA butterfly embellished shoulder bag

Price: US$283.00
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If the level of adorableness is measured by how classy a little girl would look wearing the shoulder bag, Monnalisa‘s bag will be on the runner up, if not the winner. The crystal embellishments forming into butterflies are really something, they reflect the luxurious quality of pieces your girl deserves.

  1. EMILIO PUCCI JUNIOR embellished Pucci bag

EMILIO PUCCI JUNIOR embellished Pucci bag

Price: US$497.00
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We added Emilio Pucci‘s Pucci bag because of its stunning faux crystals that spell out the name of the label. Not only do they add glamour to the seemingly simple white leather background, they bring out the beauty of the multi-colored letters. A classy yet versatile bag your princess can use for any occasion.

  1. Stella McCartney Kids Cady Ice Cream Cone Bag

Stella McCartney Kids Cady Ice Cream Cone Bag

Price: US$143.00
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What kid would ever say no to a bag that looks like an ice cream? Definitely not yours, huh? We thought so too. Stella McCartney made sure to capture hearts of little ladies through this beyond adorable piece, which has a surprisingly spacious interior.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS heart love shoulder bag

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS heart love shoulder bag

Price: US$475.00
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A second ‘heart’ to in this list, this Dolce & Gabbana bag in nowhere near the ‘heartbreak’ connotation in the first one. This has a lusciously pink ‘love’ applique with the signature DG branding, and a pretty red color that will easily match your daughter’s outfits.

  1. EMILIO PUCCI JUNIOR wavy print shoulder bag

EMILIO PUCCI JUNIOR wavy print shoulder bag

Price: US$406.00
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A proper end to this list should involve bright colors and stylish design. Emilio Pucci Junior took the last spot with this artsy piece made even more interesting by the bright choices of hues to add to the design. It can easily be used during any weekend activity or a fun cool day with her friends.

Designer Towels

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS floral tile print towel

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS floral tile print towel

Price: US$200.00
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If the combination of orange, blue and green hues is not enough to catch your girl’s gaze, then the repetitive floral print in this Dolce & Gabbana Kids‘ towel will definitely do it. With its adaptable design and durable fabric, we’re sure your baby girl can even use this for her sleepovers 5-10 years from now.

  1. VILEBREQUIN KIDS fringed beach towel

VILEBREQUIN KIDS fringed beach towel

Price: US$129.00
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The simplicity of this towel by Vilebrequin Kids is what worn our hearts. Just the calming and soothing baby pink color of the piece, plus the subtle turtle details all over the fabric will make your princess giggle in amusement for this towel. Bonus part: it has fringes on the edges, too!

  1. FENDI KIDS Bag Bugs towel

FENDI KIDS Bag Bugs towel

Price: US$300.00
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Fendi always goes the extra mile in their designs, even for those intended for the little ones. Not only does this towel feel extra smooth on your kid’s skin, but it depicts the playfulness of every bath time for your energetic daughter. She will instantly love the quirky print on this piece, befriending the ‘bag bugs’ all over it instead of running away in horror (and as an escape for bath time, too!).

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS floral print towel

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS floral print towel

Price: US$268.00
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Another Dolce & Gabbana towel gives your daughter the classy feel of having a colorfully designed bath accessory. Filled with gorgeous images of butterflies and flowers in vases, this towel was completed with the frame-like edges with contrasting blue and yellow hues.

  1. KENZO KIDS tiger shaped towel


KENZO KIDS tiger shaped towel

Price: US$89.00
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What completes this list is an extraordinary piece from the stylish Kenzo Kids, a brand known for their adorable pieces for little humans. This description is fully encapsulated in this not-your-ordinary towel, as this piece doesn’t follow the standard rectangular towel shape. It follows the theme of its tiger print, depicting a tiger-shaped silhouette that will definitely pique the creative mind of your little girl.

Designer Backpacks

  1.  DSQUARED2 badges backpack

DSQUARED2 badges backpack

Price: US$361.00
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DSQUARED2 knows just how to showcase luxury in a less ostentatious way. Make a very hip kid out of your daughter with a backpack that matches her: a denim sack with enough compartments to pack her things and cool, unique badges as decoration.

  1. Chiara Ferragni Kids wink glitter backpack

Chiara Ferragni Kids wink glitter backpack

Price: US$465.00
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If your kid needs some glitter, then do it tastefully with Chiara Ferragni Kids. This shimmering bag is both cute and quirky, giving a wink to your daughter’s peers that she will meet on her way to the classroom.

  1. Stella McCartney Kids Blair Denim Backpack with Bow

Stella McCartney Kids Blair Denim Backpack with Bow

Price: US$143.00
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Go denim on denim with this adorable bag from Stella McCartney Kids. The bag is simple and casual yet reeks of class… Just a way of saying that you don’t have to go overboard to have a cute backpack that your daughter will love to bring with her.

  1. Gucci Kids Children’s GG Sylvie bow backpack

Gucci Kids Children's GG Sylvie bow backpack

Price: US$930.00
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If you want to give your lovely daughter a piece of luxury that is functional and age-appropriate, then give her this charming Gucci bag abound with the fashion house’s logo and tricolored ribbons. The adjustable straps are also adorned with big red hearts that will be eye-catching on your little lady’s shoulders.

  1. Fendi Kids Piro-Chan backpack

Fendi Kids Piro-Chan backpack

Price: US$515.00
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Have a chance to get for your girl a piece of the hit Fendirumi mascot with this cute backpack in a lovely combination of pink and purple from Fendi Kids. Your daughter will be the subject of envy for having on her back the other half of the mascot couple that took the fashion world by storm.

  1. Monnalisa bow detail backpack

Monnalisa bow detail backpack

Price: US$300.00
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Start your kid’s love for minimalist pieces by giving her this elegant Monnalisa bag in black leather. The color, partnered with the gold-tone hardware, makes for a bag grown-ups would probably prefer more, but the bow in textured leather added by Monnalisa is a real girly addition.

  1. Moncler Kids quilted backpack

Moncler Kids quilted backpack

Price: US$615.00
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Moncler Kids gives you this option that would not hurt your little girl and doesn’t compromise her style. When your daughter has a lot of stuff to carry on her backpack, the last thing she should be complaining about are her aching shoulders.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Kids printed backpack

Dolce & Gabbana Kids printed backpack

Price: US$457.00
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Keep one of Dolce & Gabbana‘s signature patterns on a bag, such as this backpack for girls. Give your child an everyday bag with a splash of color and dependable pockets she could rely on to keep her things safe.

Designer Caps

  1. Mini rodini Alaska Ear Cap

mini rodini Alaska Ear Cap

Price: US$34.80
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When it comes to traveling, specifically nature adventures, it’s wise to cover up not only from the neck down but most importantly, the head. This Alaska Ear cap has a waterproof exterior and fleece lining. It will surely protect against the cold, the rain, or just general foreign elements.

  1. DSQUARED2 KIDS denim logo patch cap

DSQUARED2 KIDS denim logo patch cap

Price: US$124.00
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Who never owned a denim cap? Probably no one. It’s a staple headpiece for almost anything, and it matches any jeans that all kids have a good supply of. This one from Dsquared2 Kids enables some denim-on-denim looks that’s not the traditional jacket and jeans.

  1. DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS floral print cap

DOLCE & GABBANA KIDS floral print cap

Price: US$143.00
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This Dolce & Gabbana cap exhibits how even sporty accessories can be girly with the right floral print. Surely there will be some things about fashion that you and your girly girl wouldn’t see eye to eye on, but if you want her to wear a boyish cap, let it be something that’s up to her standards. We’ll bet this cap will be on her head the moment she sees it.

  1. Moncler Kids’ Twill Baseball Cap w/ Contrast Piping

Moncler Kids' Twill Baseball Cap with Contrast Piping

Price: US$80.00
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Some girls are into dance; some girls are into sports. If your kid is more of the latter, this Moncler Kids baseball cap will be right up her alley. White caps are just as classic as the white sneakers, and for a sporty gal, it’s one of the essentials for a true sports fan and enthusiast.

  1. Givenchy Kids’ Logo Flat-Bill Hat, Black

Givenchy Kids' Logo Flat-Bill Hat, Black

Price: US$250.00
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Despite its gangster and hip hop aesthetic — meaning totally not girly — snapbacks look so cute on little girls. For some reason, its tomboyish look adds an attractive contrast to lacy dresses and blouses. This will send a message to people you pass that your little girl is a tough one, a little powerhouse in life and in fashion.

  1. Gucci Kids Hat 411771KQWW0

Gucci Kids Hat 411771KQWW0 (Little Kids, Big Kids)

Price: US$195.00
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Gucci‘s unmistakable signature pattern adds a luxurious touch to all accessories, apparently, as this Gucci cap complements any outfit the same way that their signature hand bags do. The elegant pattern is toned down with a red visor for some additional pop of color.

Hair Bands

  1. SIMONETTA bow embellished hair band

SIMONETTA bow embellished hair band

Price: US$69.00
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Hair bands aren’t always so easy. Sometimes, the slicked back effect it does just makes her head look flat and certainly not pretty. This Simonetta hair band will cover it up with soft white bows on top to draw attention away from the hair.

  1. HUCKLEBONES LONDON metallic bow hairband

HUCKLEBONES LONDON metallic bow hairband

Price: US$25.00
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We might have figured it out eventually, but we have Minnie Mouse to thank for making the bow head bands such a big hit everywhere. This Hucklebones London hair band is a nod to Minnie’s but the metallic gold bow makes it more ladylike, for your tweenager. Make sure you get it before you head to Disneyland.

  1. Bari Lynn Girls’ Rhinestone & Fox Fur Pompom Headband, Coral

Bari Lynn Girls' Rhinestone & Fox Fur Pompom Headband, Coral

Price: US$35.00
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You’ve seen pompoms on every handbag, keychain, clothes, earrings, and even phone cases, but those aren’t the only ones pompoms can be used as decorations for. This fox fur pink pompom doubles as an added accessory to keep your little girl’s hair in place to help the thin rhinestone-embellished headband.

  1. MISSONI KIDS rose detail hair band

MISSONI KIDS rose detail hair band

Price: US$103.00
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Glittering roses are one of those things you’d never think you’d need, but this Missoni Kids headband demonstrates how much it is so subtly luscious. With the thick band, it resembles that of Snow White‘s head band, only with roses instead of a ribbon. With this, you can pull off a Disney princess’ hair style after all.

  1. Bari Lynn Girls’ Satin Headband w/ Crystal & Pearlescent Beads

Bari Lynn Girls' Satin Headband with Crystal & Pearlescent Beads

Price: US$95.00
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A crown doesn’t have to always be made of diamonds. Maybe that kind belongs to the mom as the queen of the house, but for the princess in the family, this crystal and pearl headband is more suitable. The band is covered in satin both to match the aesthetic and to protect the backs of her ears from hurting after a few hours of wear.

  1. DAVID CHARLES KIDS metallic chain and pearl headband

DAVID CHARLES KIDS metallic chain and pearl headband

Price: US$63.00
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From pure white crystals, pearls are paired with a thicker black band and gold chain to exude a more sophisticated elegance. When your girl grows bigger, she’s not anymore aiming for cute but a more mature and refined look. These colors are the right combination for what she wants to go for, but with the pearls, it’s still appropriate for her, someone who’s no longer a kid but not yet a full adult.

  1. FENDI KIDS cherry print headband

FENDI KIDS cherry print headband

Price: US$100.00
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Sometimes, the ends of headbands can become such a pain at the back of the ears. This Fendi Kids cherry print hair band is a soft elasticated cotton for a more comfortable fit around the head that also goes all the way to the nape. Both ends are finished with a knot or a ribbon, depending on whether you want dressy or minimal. As a bonus, moms can also borrow this and wear them as we’ve seen on bloggers.


  1. Gucci Kids Belt 432707B960N

Gucci Kids Belt 432707B960N

Price: US$235.00
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Women collect Gucci’s belts for great reasons: they are chic, versatile and oh-so-luxurious. It’s so obvious why we put this piece on top of the list; it is a belt that would suffice as the only belt in your little darling’s accessory closet. Just the shine of the double-G logo silver-tone hardware against the smooth black leather lets us know that it is a divine accessory.

  1. Burberry Kids’ Leather Check-Trim Belt

Burberry Kids' Leather Check-Trim Belt

Price: US$130.00
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Another classic piece from a classy brand, this Burberry belt showcases the timeless beauty of the brand’s signature check detail. This belt defies time and age–it will be stylish no matter how many years will come, and your daughter can stylishly wear it from pre-school, to kindergarten, to middle school, and maybe until junior high, if it still fits her.

  1. DOUUOD KIDS Polluce belt

DOUUOD KIDS Polluce belt

Price: US$60.00
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 One rule about belts is that they should add a nice detail to your overall look. Different belts work for different styles, and Douuod Kid‘s Polluce Belt is the perfect one for your princess’ favorite dresses. It’s polka dot print and bow detail at the back just makes this piece blend in with those dreamy and fairytale-like clothes.

  1. ELISABETTA FRANCHI LA MIA BAMBINA chain multiple charms belt

ELISABETTA FRANCHI LA MIA BAMBINA chain multiple charms belt

Price: US$212.00
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Gold jewelries don’t really match-up with little kids, as they prefer colorful and fun earrings, necklaces and bangles. But with this Elisabetta Franchi La Mia Bambina belt, you can get away with adorning your little one with gold without overdoing it. Just the cute little charms of this piece balances out the grown-up look of the gold-tone chain.

  1. Gucci Kids’ Leather Belt w/ Double G Buckle

Gucci Kids' Leather Belt w Double G Buckle

Price: US$250.00
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We can’t help but add another Gucci belt on this list. Just look at the mesmerizing pink hue of this piece, isn’t it captivating? It is just the accessory your pink-loving daughter is dying to have, and we’re sure you’ll both love matching it with the hundreds of pink items she has in the wardrobe. Follow the usual chic lady style and make your girl wear this with a tucked shirt under jeans to flaunt the polished gold ‘GG’ hardware.

  1. ROBERTO CAVALLI KIDS logo buckle belt

ROBERTO CAVALLI KIDS logo buckle belt

Price: US$174.00
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We started with a classic, and we’ll end with another one. Just by hearing ‘Roberto Cavalli‘, you know that whatever item it is, it would be tastefully fashionable and elegant. Out proof: this beautiful white belt that surely would make your daughter feel like a modern-day princess. The combination of patent leather’s shine and the the gold-tone logo hardware’s polished look wraps up the regal vibe of this accessory.

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